Chapter 49 Smoker to investigate

“Nami, I plan to take Vivi to exercise in a secret place.”

“Come with you too.”

Li Fan said.

“Well, of course.” Nami walked to Vivi with a smile on his face, “Vivi, we are all disciples of Teacher Li Fan, let’s have a good chat afterwards.”

“Uh, oh, ok… ok.”

After seeing the two know each other, Li Fan led them into the secret realm and began the next step of training.

In a blink of an eye, two days passed.

After communicating, Vivi and Nami gradually became acquainted.

As for Nojiko, she also started her practice under the guidance of Li Fan.

“Colonel Smoker, we are almost there.”

In the waters of Cocoyashi Village, Tashigi put down his telescope and reported to Smoker who was standing beside him.

“It’s already here.” Smoker frowned.
“Can’t you still contact Colonel Nezumi?”

“Can’t be reached.” Tashigi shook his head.
“Since the last phone call two days ago, I can’t contact him anymore.”

“Really, this guy, maybe he was killed.”

“Colonel Smoker, you mean, that Nami killed Colonel Nezumi?”

“Perhaps, but the specifics need to be investigated before we know.
Tashigi, let everyone prepare, we are going to log in.”

Hearing this, Tashigi nodded and ran to announce Smoker’s order.

A few minutes later, Marine headed by Smoker set foot on the land of Cocoyashi Village.

“This is?” Smoker squinted his eyes when he reached the surface where Nojiko had used Shock Fruit to smash it.

“Marine, what are you going to do here?” Just when Smoker was a little confused about the cracks on the ground.

Genzo brought a few villagers to them.

“You are the villagers of this village.”

“I’m Colonel Marine Smoker from Logue town.”

“Ordered to investigate Colonel Nezumi in the 16th Branch of East Blue.”

“But he disobeyed the order and came to this village without authorization, and then we couldn’t contact him.”

“Have you seen Colonel Nezumi?”

Smoker asked.

“This…” Genzo frowned and glanced at the villagers beside him.

The villagers secretly nodded to Genzo.

With a sigh, Genzo looked at Smoker and said:

“Nezumi colonel has been killed by us, and the other Marines are also dead.”

“If you want to be held accountable, take us away.”

Hearing what Genzo said, Smoker frowned.

“You said, you guys killed Marine?”

“Yes, that Colonel Nezumi is not a good person at all.” Genzo clenched his fists.
“As soon as he came here, he wanted to grab something, and he pointed a gun at us.
We were forced to kill them because of helplessness.”

“How is it possible? How could Marine do this.” Tashigi pursed his lips, trying to come up with the theory.

At this moment, a cry of exclamation came not far away.

“Don’t run, I won’t hurt you, I’m a doctor.”

Smoker and others followed the sound and found a marine dressed as Marine was quickly running towards here.

Behind him, a man dressed as a doctor is chasing vigorously.

“Marine?!” Seeing Smoker and others, Marine who was being chased brightened his eyes and ran over quickly.

Genzo and the others tried to stop them, but found that a layer of white smoke suddenly appeared around them trapping them.

It was this obstruction that allowed Marine to run smoothly in front of Smoker.

“Damn it!” Genzo roared, “Doctor, why did this guy ran out.”

“I… I didn’t pay attention.” Seeing this, the doctor had to stop, “I was busy treating other people just now.
This guy suddenly woke up and ran out without paying attention.”

Smoker glanced at Genzo and the others, who were looking anxious, and asked Marine who was breathing hard in front of him:

“Are you Marine of Colonel Nezumi?”

“Yes, sir.” Marine nodded heavily.

“What about Colonel Nezumi?”

“Reporter sir, I am not sure.
I only remember that a blue-haired woman suddenly appeared and attacked us.
That power was like the Shock Fruit used by Teach in the gold list.” As he said, Marine’s body trembled.
“When I woke up, I seemed to have heard the villagers say that only me, Marine, is still alive, and everyone else is dead.”

“Shock Fruit, a blue-haired woman?” Smoker’s face became serious.
“So it’s not that Nami.
Could it be that Li Fan handed Shock Fruit to another person?”

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