Chapter 50 Sophistry Marine

“Nami, Marine is here.”

Inside the gym, Li Fan looked at Nami and others who were chatting.

“Marine?” Hearing Li Fan’s words, a red light flashed in Nami’s eyes, and Observation Haki swept across the village.

Soon, Nami caught Smoker and others.

“Nojiko, Vivi, I will leave first.”

As soon as the voice fell, Nami’s figure had already rushed out of the gym.

Li Fan, let me help Miss Nami too.” Vivi stood up and said.

“No, those Marines and Nami alone are enough to deal with.” Li Fan shook his head, “Compared with Nami, you should have more important things to do.”

“The more important thing… do you mean?”

“Well, it’s Alabasta’s business.” Li Fan nodded, “After several days of training, your actual combat experience is enough.”

“It stands to reason that defeating Crocodile is not a problem.”

“So, I think you can start.”

“By the way, give this to you, your big knife Samehada is too obvious, usually seal it in the scroll.”

With that, Li Fan handed a scroll with the word “sealed” to Vivi’s hand.

Vivi nodded, took the scroll, and expertly Jieyin sealed the sword Samehada in.

After this period of practice, Vivi has a long-term understanding of ninjutsu, and the seal scroll is naturally recognized.

“I won’t send you off, Vivi.”

“I hope I can get good news from you soon.”

Patting Vivi on the shoulder, Li Fan directly sent Vivi back to the gym on Cactus Island.

“Thank you, Teacher Li Fan.”

Although Li Fan was not in front of him, Vivi bowed deeply to the wall, and then walked out of the gym to the coast.


“Hey, Teacher Li Fan, can Vivi really beat Crocodile of Seven Warlords of the Sea?”

After seeing Vivi disappear, Nojiko looked at Li Fan and asked.

Although it’s only been a few days, Nojiko has regarded Vivi as his good sister.

The opponent Vivi is about to face is the sand crocodile, one of the most famous pirates in the sea, not a small character like Arlong Pirates.

Therefore, Nojiko is worried that Vivi will be harmed.

Li Fan, or let Nami help Vivi later.”

“With Nami’s power, Vivi will be able to solve Alabasta’s problems more easily.”

Upon hearing this, Li Fan shook his head and said:

“Relax, Vivi’s power has grown tremendously, and it will never fail.”

“Rather, two days ago, Vivi had gained the power to defeat Crocodile.”

“And now, she has no chance of losing to him.”

Li Fan felt that maybe within a few days, the sea would be surprised by the power of Vivi.

“If you are so sure, there is nothing to worry about.”

Nojiko stood up and stretched out, showing her graceful posture in front of Li Fan.

“In that case, I can’t fall behind.”

Li Fan, please continue to exercise me.”

Li Fan nodded and walked towards Nojiko.


“I told you all, Nami is not here, she has gone to sea, so don’t ask anymore.”

“We don’t know any blue-haired woman.”

“Li Fan? How could a big man like him be on such a small island.”

“I don’t know anything, you Marines, if you want to arrest people, take us all away.”

“Anyway, you Marine and Arlong Pirates are the same, but you just changed into decent clothes.”

Genzo looked at Smoker and the others and said angrily.
He had no intention of answering Smoker’s questions.

“Colonel Smoker, please catch them all.”

“These guys are all associates of that Nami and the blue-haired woman.”

“Except for Nami who blocked us at the time, these guys also participated.”

The seaman of Colonel Nezumi pointed at Ajian and shouted.

“You guy, I knew I shouldn’t have saved you, let you die directly.”

Genzo looked at Marine angrily.

Smoker frowned, and didn’t arrest Genzo and the others because of the Marine’s words, but dissipated the white smoke that trapped Genzo and the villagers.

Such a move couldn’t help making Genzo a surprised look at Smoker.

“Colonel Smoker?” Marine looked at Smoker with some confusion, but found that Smoker was looking at himself gloomily.

“I ask you, why didn’t you follow the orders and stay in the branch honestly, instead of running here to find Nami and Li Fan?”

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