Chapter 51 Nami’s murderous, collapsed Marine

Facing Smoker’s deterrent gaze, Marine lowered his head.

At this time, he didn’t even have the courage to argue.

As for the real purpose of the Colonel Nezumi bringing them here, he even dare not.

“Colonel Nezumi and the others came here to let the teacher hand over the rewards from the gold list.”

“And also said that if we do not meet his requirements, we will be wanted.”

Suddenly, a clear voice came from behind the villagers.

“Nami, why are you here.”

“Nami, don’t worry, we won’t let Marine take you away.”

“If they dare to do it, I will fight them to death.”

The villagers turned around and looked at Nami excitedly and said.

“Okay, don’t worry, everyone.” Nami waved his hand, and flashed past the villagers and came to Smoker and others, “I am not the weak me before.”

“Relax, leave it to me here.”

Seeing Nami in front of them suddenly disappeared, and suddenly Nami’s voice came from behind, the villagers were taken aback.

Yes, Nami is no longer the little girl who needs our protection, she has grown up.

At this time, the villagers suddenly realized that perhaps they were worrying about Marine from beginning to end.

“Are you Nami?” Looking at Nami in front of him, a trace of doubt flashed in Smoker’s eyes.

In his impression, Nami should be younger and more immature.

Not only did Nami’s hair grow a lot, but his temperament became more mature.

“If what you are looking for is Nami who is fifth on the Golden List [Swordsmanship List], it is indeed me.”

“Or do you need me to show you my swordsmanship?”

Nami raised the Nichirin Blades in his hand and said with a smile on his face.

“No, you are indeed Nami.” Seeing the sword in Nami’s hand, Smoker immediately confirmed Nami’s identity.

“This Marine said that a blue-haired woman killed Colonel Nezumi and other Marines.”

“Do you know her identity?”

Hearing Smoker’s words, Nami smiled even more, pushing the sword ring with his thumb, and a cold light flashed from Nichirin Blades.

At the same time, a strong sword aura rushed towards Smoker and others.

For a moment, Smoker and Marine felt like they were in a storm.

Especially Marine of the Nezumi colonel, when Nami turned his attention to him.

He just felt that Nami’s sword had been clasped by his neck.

“No… don’t kill me.”

“It was Colonel Nezumi who ordered us, and we couldn’t help it either.”

“He and Arlong ran into each other, collected Arlong’s money, and concealed the affairs of this island.”

“Colonel Nezumi asked us to come here, just to get Li Fan’s reward, so that we will be overwhelmed.”

“Please let me go, I don’t want to die.”

Under pressure, Marine collapsed and directly told about the affairs of Colonel Nezumi and Arlong Pirates.

Hearing this, Smoker clenched his fists, holding back his anger and asking Colonel Nezumi what he had done when he came here two days ago.

Marine didn’t conceal anything, and told everything about it.

The first time I heard that Colonel Nezumi and Arlong traded with Nami and the villagers, they were naturally very annoyed.

“Hmph, you have heard what happened.”

“Sure enough, Marine is not a bunch of good things.”

“Leave here, you are not welcome here.”

Nichirin Blades was unsheathed, and Nami looked at Smoker and others with extreme anger.

Smoker took a deep look at Nami, grabbed the Marine lying on the ground, and walked towards his warship.

When encountering such a thing, he also has no face to stay here.

“Colonel Smoker, shall we leave here now?”

Tashigi followed Smoker’s footsteps.

“The death of Colonel Nezumi…”

“Stop talking, Tashigi.” Smoker exhaled a puff of white smoke.
“Marine’s face was lost to these guys.”

“What to do next, let Navy Headquarters decide to go.”

“Tashigi, give me the phone bug, I want to contact Marshal Sengoku.”

Because the matter concerns Li Fan, Smoker is now temporarily qualified to contact Sengoku directly.

Soon, the matter of Colonel Nezumi was reported to Sengoku’s ear by Smoker.

“Smoker, do you think what this Marine said is true?”

Sengoku’s gloomy voice was passed into Smoker’s ears through the phone worm.

“I’m afraid it’s true, otherwise it can’t explain why Navy Headquarters hasn’t known about the situation in Cocoyashi Village for ten years.”

“And in this way, it makes sense that Nezumi came to Cocoyashi Village against the order.”

“That guy must feel like he is being forced to do nothing.”

A pirate has been entrenched in the responsible sea area for ten years, and such a thing certainly doesn’t make sense.

Smoker felt that once he started investigating Colonel Nezumi, he would be able to interrogate him clearly in a few hours.

“Marshal Sengoku, that Nami hates Marine very much now.”

“What should I do now?”

“The blue-haired woman who killed Marine needs to be investigated and wanted.”

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