Chapter 52 Li Fan, appeared!

According to Smoker’s idea, Marine scum was killed, and Nojiko didn’t need to be wanted.

But this kind of thing, he, Colonel Marine, can’t be the master.

For everything, Marine Marshal Sengoku is required to make the decision himself, especially when it comes to Li Fan.

Sengoku felt a headache.
According to Smoker, the blue-haired girl obviously ate Shock Fruit.

Now that Whitebeard is not dead, the extra Shock Fruit must come from Li Fan.

Will let Li Fan hand over Shock Fruit, this woman may be Li Fan’s more important person.

If Nojiko is wanted for a group of Marine scum, and Li Fan is unhappy, then it is really not a good deal for Marine.

“This Colonel Nezumi will really cause me trouble.”

Sengoku sighed.
Originally, Marine planned to approach Li Fan in a friendly way, so as to discuss the transaction of teleporting scrolls and other items.

But Colonel Nezumi made it more difficult to live, how can Sengoku not be bored.

“Smoker, the remaining Marine, you will continue to question afterwards.”

“Nami’s side, you try to get in touch.”

“See if you can find out where Li Fan is.”

“As for the blue-haired woman, I’m not wanted for the time being.”

Hearing that, Smoker nodded, which was also what he thought.

Just when Smoker was about to hang up the phone worm, an exclamation suddenly reached Smoker’s ears.

“What’s the matter, Tashigi?” Smoker looked at Tashigi who was exclaiming beside him with an unhappy expression.

“Colonel Smoker, Li… Li Fan! Li Fan is there!”

“What, Li Fan!?” Smoker looked in the direction of Tashigi’s fingers, and he saw Li Fan as expected.

At this moment, Li Fan was sitting on the edge of the warship, watching them with interest.

“Smoker, let me talk to him.” Sengoku’s slightly excited voice came from the phone worm.

“Yes, Marshal Sengoku.” Smoker replied and walked to Li Fan with the phone worm.

“If you have anything to ask, just ask.
I’m in a good mood at this time.” Li Fan smiled.

Confirming that it was Li Fan’s voice, Sengoku solemnly said: “Li Fan, first of all congratulations to you for becoming the world’s number one swordsman, we…”

“You don’t need to say anything polite.” Li Fan shook his head, “Forget it, I’ll just say it.”

“The rewards I get, I only intend to give to people I recognize.”

“If you Marine really want it, you can grab it.”

“We are Marine, not pirates.” Sengoku said.

“Hey, is this really the case?” Li Fan’s mouth curled up.
“If it weren’t for me to have enough power, the teleporting scroll that can reach the final island, you might have already robbed me.”

“If I don’t have the power, I’m afraid you will treat me like Ohara and Nico Robin.”

“Obviously Nico Robin didn’t destroy your Marine warship, but you offered her a reward, didn’t you?”

“For things like Nico Robin, you Marine should have done other things.”

Sengoku’s eyes widened when he heard Li Fan’s words.

How would he know? ! Sengoku didn’t know, but he heard Li Fan’s distrust of Marine.

“That’s it, Sengoku.” Li Fan stood up from the ship’s edge, “I think I’ve made it clear enough.”

“Rather than bothering to win rewards from me, it’s better to prepare for the [Sword List] afterwards.”

“At least, the things that Gold List sent out are real.”

The reason for showing up was not only due to interest, but also Li Fan wanted to confirm whether Marine wanted to get his own reward.

Although Colonel Nezumi has said such things, his words are not highly speculative.

After learning about Sengoku’s idea, Li Fan didn’t have any interest in continuing to talk.

Sengoku: “Wait, Li Fan, do you plan to use the teleport scroll to go to the final island, or do you plan to give it to the pirate?”

“Marshal Sengoku, Li Fan has left.” Smoker said.

“Huh?! Did he go to Cocoyashi Village?”

“I don’t know, Marshal Sengoku, I didn’t see how he left.”

“That’s it, I know.
You take that Marine back to Logue town first.
I will arrange for the situation in Cocoyashi Village.”

Smoker is not Li Fan’s opponent, and continuing to let him explore Li Fan may cause Marine to lose a good Marine.

Instead of that, it’s better to let Smoker go back.

After hanging up the phone, Sengoku fell into thinking.

“Tsuru, what do you think of this Li Fan?” After a while, Sengoku raised his head to look at Crane and asked.

“A person who is very confident in his own power.” Tsuru put down his teacup and said, “However, self-confidence is normal at his level of strength.”

“Then do you think we still need to send someone to Cocoyashi Village to inquire.
Li Fan is probably there now.”

“I don’t think it is necessary.
Even if Li Fan appears in Cocoyashi Village, when our people go, maybe he has already left.” He shook his head, “Even if Li Fan is willing to hand over the teleportation scroll.
So, maybe there will be similar rewards in the future.
Li Fan is right.
Rather than focusing too much on Li Fan, we should pay more attention to the gold list and those pirates who get rewards.
Li Fan after all is not a wanted man, and it stands to reason that Marine has no right to ask him to do anything.”

“Of course I know this.
It’s just what he has in his hand… Hey!” Sengoku sighed deeply, “Forget it, do it according to your idea.
It’s just that there may be something new.
Those with the Shock Fruit ability may need to pay more attention.”

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