Chapter 54 Those on the list, starting from the 63rd place

“Uranus? Is it the Uranus of one of the three ancient weapons?” Crocodile stood up directly from his seat, “In other words, weapons like Uranus really exist? Then Pluton also exists!”

Doflamingo: “Fofufufufu… interesting, really interesting, the guys from Mary Geoise don’t know what it feels like looking at this.”

“This gold list specifically points to Uranus.
Could it be that it will also be dedicated to a list of war weapons in the future?” Mary Geoise, in the office of Five Elders, Five Elders with blond hair frowned.

“If this is the case, then it would be bad.” The bearded Five Elders eyes solemnly, “According to the past practice, the gold list will mark the identity of the holder.
If the world knows that Uranus is in our hands, It might cause a little trouble.”

“Huh, that’s just right.” Five Elders Ito Taro (original), who has a strong hairstyle and holds the First Generation ghost, said sharply, “Let those pirates know the power of our World Government, just to deter them.”

“Well! Ito’s words are not unreasonable.” The bearded Five Elders nodded, “Because of the appearance of the gold list, the pirates in the world are a bit too high-profile, and Mihawk is also, and refused to follow the call of the World Government.
Temporarily give his sword to us for safekeeping.
Perhaps it would be a good thing to let the world know more about our power.”

At the same time, in a garden in the center of Mary Geoise.

The woman named Im opened her eyes.

“Uranus, will Ancient Weapon also have a corresponding ranking.”

“I want to speed up the process of finding Pluton drawings and Poseidon.”

After murmured to himself, Im closed his eyes again, as if falling asleep.

[Kizaru Borsalino: Hey, people who were on the list in the past can also speak.
This is cheaper for me without a famous sword.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hmph, it’s useless to me.
The two famous swords of the old man will definitely be on the list.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Uranus, it’s the Ancient Weapon, hehe, hehe, if only I could know whose hands Uranus is in.]

[Momousagi Gion: You should give up such a dangerous idea, BIG.MOM, Ancient Weapon will not give you such a dangerous pirate.]

Just as Gion said, if Charlotte Linlin really intends to possess such a dangerous weapon, whether it is Marine or World Government, it will deploy enough manpower to recapture Ancient Weapon.

In addition to Marine, other large pirates might also take part in it, and at that time they will directly roll up a battle around Ancient Weapon.

After all, it is said that Ancient Weapon has the power to destroy the world.

[Rayleigh: Speaking of Ancient Weapon, there is a title that is the same as mine, maybe I will have a chance to get Pluton, hahaha, just kidding.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: This joke is not ridiculous at all.]

[Issho: Everyone, this time the ranking does not include Ancient Weapon, let’s pay attention to the current ranking.]

[Shanks: Oh, isn’t this the future Mr.
Marine Admiral? I haven’t heard from you recently.
Could it be that Marine didn’t find you?]

Seeing Issho appeared, the big pirates on the sea couldn’t help but condensed their eyes.

Shanks and others are still very concerned about the power of Issho, who may become the power of Marine Admiral in the future.

[Issho: I am just a wandering swordsman, not Marine.]

[Shanks: Really, hearing you say that, then I feel relieved a lot, hahaha.]

“Tsk, hateful Shanks.” Navy Headquarters, Sengoku smashed his mouth.
“That Issho is so hard to find.”

“There is no other way,” said Tsuru.
“The sea is huge.
It’s not easy to find someone.
If Issho don’t take the initiative to contact Marine, we can only find it slowly.”

Sengoku sighed, how could he not know what Tsuru said.

It’s just that there is a Marine with unlimited potential in front of me, but I can’t get it.
How can Sengoku let it go?

Shaking his head, Sengoku raised his head to look at the gold list.
Just then, the gold list began to change.

——【Sword List】, 63rd, Huazhou; Holder, Mr.11.

——All burned swords, one of 50 Top Swords, with flame-like lines on the blade.

At the same time as the words appeared, Mr.11’s appearance of Huazhou holding the famous sword was also announced on the gold list.

[Golden Lion Shiki: This time I started ranking directly from 63rd place.
According to the Golden List, there are only master soldiers on the list, which means that there are still many famous swords without masters.
Haha, if you can get all these swords in your hands, then you won’t be rewarded and you will be softened.]

In the world, there are 83 well-known swords alone.

The supreme sharp sword has twelve jobs, the big sharp sword has 21 jobs, and the good sharp sword has 50 jobs.

Now the ranking starts directly from 63, which means that there are at least 30 famous swords and no masters.

For a while, those who went out to sea to find the swords because of the notice of the [Sword List] 10 days ago, but couldn’t help but slam their feet and chests.

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