Chapter 55 Zoro, you are on the list again!

After Huazhou was on the list, the Gold List successively announced numerous swords.

Some people on the list are happy, but some lament.

Happy people, because they can get rewards.

Those who lament are not high on the list, and feel that they are not getting good rewards.

You know, on the [Swordsmanship List], only the top ten have received excellent rewards.

“Tashigi, pay attention to your identity, calm down.” Smoker, who had returned to Logue town, looked at Tashigi speechlessly.

“But, there are a lot of famous swords on the [Swords List].” Tashigi’s eyes beamed.
“Although my sharp sword Shigure is also on the list, it is really far behind the top swords.”

“It’s just a pity that many swords are in the hands of the pirates.”

“Colonel Smoker, I will take back the famous swords from those pirates in the future.”

Hearing that, Smoker slapped his forehead with a slap.

“Okay, okay, I know, but you still don’t want to leave a message to introduce every famous sword that appears on the [Swords List].
The list has an introduction function.”

“Oh, all right.” Tashigi replied in a low voice.

Thinking about it, Tashigi felt a bit too excited.

Just when she warned herself to calm down, the [Swords List] announced the new famous sword again.
For a while, Tashigi immediately forgot Smoker’s warning and left a comment on the gold list with excitement.

This made Smoker sigh deeply.

——【Swords List】, No.
16, Qiushui; Holder, Brook.

——One of the twenty-one tools of the Great sword, Wano swordsman Ryoma’s sabre, known as Wano’s national treasure.

[Tashigi: Wow, it turned out to be Qiushui.
But why is the name of the sword bearer so strange, and it looks like a zombie?]

[Shanks: Brook, it should be the bone Brook on the previous list.
Brook, do you know anything?]

[Brook: Hehehehehe, I’m ashamed to say that Shimotsuki Ryuma is down in some way, because the shadow on Shimotsuki Ryuma is the shadow I lost.]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Shadow? So, Moria took away the shadow and placed it on Ryoma’s body.
That Moria would really pick a corpse.
I remember this Shimotsuki Ryuma is the legendary swordsman in Wano.]

[Rayleigh: That’s how it is, so the name of the holder is so strange.
However, zombies can also make the list.]

[Shanks: I’m even more curious about how Moria obtained Ryoma’s body.
I also know this Ryoma, that is Wano’s hero.
Qiushui is Wano’s national treasure.
If Wano’s sees it, maybe a powerful samurai will come out to find Moria in trouble, haha.]

The fact is also true, when you see Shimotsuki Ryuma in a zombie state and sword he holds in his hand.

Almost all the warriors in Wano were in a state of rage.

There are even some warriors preparing to go to sea, planning to take Ryoma and Qiushui back.

“Moria-sama, isn’t it a bit too good?” Absalom, the leader of the Moria Pirate Group and the Absalom capable of Transparent Fruit, looked at Moria with a little horror on Thriller Park Ship.

“We have stolen Ryoma’s body and Qiu Shui’s matter has been exposed.
If those samurai come to the door, what should we do?”

At the beginning, it was Absalom who used the fruit ability to steal Ryoma’s body.

If the samurai really came to the door, he would definitely not be able to get rid of the relationship.

“Hehehe! It’s okay, Absalom.” Moria’s mouth curled up.
“This is the Grand Line, and Wano is in the second half of New World.”

“Those samurai want to come here, but it is not an easy task.”

“Even if they do come, they are just providing some powerful shadows, hehehe.”

Even if the samurai is strong, Moria is extremely confident in his abilities.
He doesn’t think those samurai can pose any threat to him.

“As expected, Moria-sama, I feel relieved if you say that.” Absalom smiled.
“However, Sword list, that is, we can also get rewards, not bad.”

Ryoma is controlled by Moria, and the rewards issued will naturally fall into Moria’s hands.

——[Sword List], No.
15, Wado Ichimonji; holder, Roronoa Zoro.

——One of the twenty-one jobs of the Big sword, simple and plain, a hidden sword.

“Hey, Zoro, you are on the list.” Seeing the text on the gold list, Usopp slapped Zoro on the shoulder and shouted.

Usopp is naturally very happy for his companions to be on the list.
After all, that means rewards.

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