Chapter 56 Thief Blackbeard

“Hey, Chlorella has a good Sword.”

“It’s just that swordsmanship is far worse than sword.”

Sanji spit out a smoke ring and said with regret.

“You guy, do you want to fight again?” Zoro slapped Usopp’s hand away and looked at Sanji impatiently.

“Hmph, if you want to fight, I can accompany you.” Sanji glanced at Zoro indifferently.

“Don’t fight anymore.” Usopp walked between Zoro and Sanji, looking embarrassed, “Everyone, get along well.”

“Humph.” Zoro snorted coldly and continued to focus on the gold list.

[Sword List] During the release of the list, Zoro didn’t pay much attention to Sanji.

The 14th place, the famous sword Konpira; the owner Momousagi Gion.

The thirteenth place, the name Sword Raiu; holder Shiryu.

There is not much sigh for these two being on the list.

But after the 12th place on the list, it surprised quite a few people.

——【Sword List】No.
12, Sandai Kitetsu; holder, Marshall · D · Teach.

——One of the twenty-one jobs of the Big Sword, the demon sword, Sandai Kitetsu.

Ace: “Hey, hey, why is Teach? When did this guy get such a famous Sword!”

Marco: “This guy, he can’t get Dark Fruit anymore, so do he want to get rewards through the gold list?”

Saatchi: “After leaving the Pirates for a few days, Teach was able to find Enma.
His obsession is really deep.”

[Momousagi Gion: This Teach, how did you get this Sword!]

[Tashigi: It’s a shame that such a famous sword was obtained by such a pirate.]

[Rayleigh: Not easy kid.]

[Shanks: Teach, you really are not a guy willing to confess his fate, now, you are setting your sights on the gold list.]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Teach, you are still pursuing power!]

“Damn it, did this Teach stole my Sword?” Wano, the Tengu Shan who had kept the Sandai Kitetsu, stood up angrily, “Damn it, I won’t let you go off.”

“Did this Teach stole Enma? Could the Sword I kept was also stolen by this guy.” Kozuki Hiyori frowned.

A long box was placed beside her.

It’s just that the famous sword Enma originally contained in the box has disappeared.

Somewhere in Wano, Teach hit the wall with a punch.

“Damn it, is it only the twelfth place?”

“Not in the top ten.
I took such a big risk to steal the Sword at Wano.
Wouldn’t it be meaningless?”

“I hope this Sword ranks higher.”

As he said, Teach cast his eyes on the Sword in his right hand-Enma.

After leaving the Whitebeard Pirates, Teach set his sights on Wano.

Saatchi ate Dark Fruit, and Li Fan’s Devil Fruit, Teach didn’t have the guts to snatch it.

After careful consideration, Teach felt that he could only rely on the [Sword List] predicted by the gold list.

Teach, who has been sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates for decades, naturally knows where the possibility of keeping a famous sword is the highest.

Therefore, he arrived at Wano as quickly as possible.

After some careful investigation, Teach stole Enma and Sandai Kitetsu into his hands.

Looking at Enma, Teach raised his head to look at the gold list to the sky.
At this time, the gold list happened to announce the eleventh place.

——[Sword List], No.
11, Enma; holder, Marshall · D · Teach.

——Big Sword Twenty-One Work, Demon Sword; This Sword will release the user’s Haki “Emission” without authorization.
Ordinary people will die because of being absorbed by Haki.

“How come, how could Kozuki Oden’s Sabre only ranked 11th! It was clearly only one noun to make it into the top ten, only one noun.”

Teach’s eyes widened, and a feeling of powerlessness suddenly surged in his heart.

[Whitebeard Newgate: Teach, you guy, you stole Kozuki’s Sword!]

[Shanks: Is Mr.
Kozuki’s Sword? Teach, you don’t deserve to own this Sword.]

[Rayleigh: I think you should return this Sword to its owner, Teach.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: It’s a pity, Teach, you are in the top ten with just one noun.
Haha, my two famous swords have not been on the list yet, that is to say, I may be able to get excellent rewards.]

Whether it is Whitebeard, Shanks or Rayleigh, the famous sword Enma is a very special existence.

Its former owner, Kozuki Oden, is their extremely important person.

How could they be happy to see that this Sword is now acquired by unbelievers like Teach.

“Huh! How could it be possible to go back.” Teach’s face was gloomy, “Even if there is only a physical training pill, I will get it.”

With a low sip, Teach quickly moved away with two swords.

He must leave Wano before the samurai or Beasts Pirates can find him.

At this moment, the tenth place in the [Sword List], which was followed by people’s attention, appeared.

——【Sword List】, 10th, Oto; holder, Golden Lion Shiki.

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