Chapter 5 Three consecutive Nami, Marine can’t sit still

On the gold list, the screen turns.

At night, in a dense forest, Nami’s body was lowered, and a faint heat was exhaled from his mouth.

Opposite her is a monster with a human head and a spider body.

“Thunder’s Breath·One-shaped Thunderbolt Flash·Six Consecutives!”

With a sharp shout, Nami’s body rushed forward with a thunder.

The figure is so fast that even Zoro can only faintly see some afterimages.

Facing the attack, the spider on the opposite side of Nami suddenly used the silk to fly up, and at the same time sprayed venom towards Nami.

At this time, Nami stepped on the ground again, and his body changed 90 degrees in the opposite direction.

After a total of six thunders, golden lightning suddenly passed through the body of the spider monster.

Nami’s figure accompanied by a golden thunder shines with a strange beauty under the background of the full moon.

Sanji: “As expected to be Miss Nami, she is so beautiful and amazing sword skills!! I don’t know how many times it is more powerful than a certain green algae head.”

Zoro: “Asshole chef, I must kill you!”

[Red-hair Shanks: Since he has been on the list twice in a row, this girl swordsman is indeed very powerful, but I don’t know if you can tell us who is Li Fan who is occupying the ranking with you, Ms.

[Nami: That is my swordsmanship teacher.
He is a very powerful person.
I don’t think his swordsmanship is lower than anyone else.]

After leaving a message, Nami looked nervously at Mihawk, the world’s number one swordsman, not far away.

At this moment, he also happened to look at Nami.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Li Fan, if you are really such a powerful player, you really want to see your swordsmanship.
It’s just a pity that the picture played is not your picture, but Nami’s picture.]

[Red-hair Shanks: Although this kind of swordsmanship is really amazing, but if you only master this kind of technology, you won’t be able to defeat Hawkeye, Li Fan, what do you think.]

Seeing Shanks’ words, Li Fan smiled slightly, and didn’t have the idea to explain.

‘When the list continues to be announced, after you have witnessed my strongest swordsmanship, you should think about it.

[Aunt Charlotte Linlin: It seems that this Li Fan is a coward, doesn’t he even dare to speak?]

[Nami: You are not allowed to say bad things about the teacher, Charlotte Linlin!]

[Aunt Charlotte Linlin: Little girl, are you too long for your life?]

[Momousagi Gion: Charlotte Linlin, are you threatening civilians in front of us?]

The gold list is for the whole world.
If Marine does not stand up and speak at this time, Gion feels that the word justice behind him will be ashamed.

[Red-haired Shanks: Okay, guys, give me a face, don’t make any noise, let’s continue to watch the list.]

[Aunt Charlotte Linlin: Your face counts as a fart!]

[Redhair Shanks:…]

——[Swordsmanship List], No.
48, [Thunder Breath·One Type Thunderbolt·Fast Speed], users, Li Fan, Nami.

——The ultimate flash of a thunderbolt, the fastest flash.
Greatly improve the speed and slashing power, but it consumes a lot of money.
At the same time, because of the heavy burden on the feet, continuous use is extremely difficult.

In the screen of Gold List, Nami faces a humanoid monster, which turns into a bolt of lightning and rushes past the monster.

After a few seconds, the monster’s body broke into two.

Seeing this scene, Zoro’s eyes directly widened.

At that moment, he hadn’t seen Nami’s figure clearly.

If he fights with Nami and Nami uses this trick against him, Zoro believes that he has only one way to defeat.

[Kizaru Borsalino: It’s really scary.
With this trick, I seem to see myself kicking at the speed of light.]

[Vista: This trick is indeed very powerful.
If you don’t use Observation Haki, it’s hard to see clearly if you just look at it with the naked eye.]

[Momousagi Gion: With such a fierce sword skill, Ms.
Nami, I don’t know if you have any intention to join Marine.
I can arrange for you and me on a warship, and I can help you practice.]

[Rayleigh: Hahaha, Marine really likes to solicit people.
So is Zoro just now, and so is Nami now.
Maybe, others are pirates.]

[Momousagi Gion: The old people of the last era should shut up.]

[Rayleigh: Haha, really interesting woman.]

Looking at Marine’s message on the gold list, Nami gritted his teeth and finally did not say anything to let Marine help deal with the Cocoyashi Village issue.

She is worried that doing so will directly cause Arlong’s dissatisfaction and revenge.

And for so many years, Marine has not liberated Cocoyashi Village, so Nami does not trust Marine very much.

At this moment, the sea area where the Kokosia Village is located, the gathering place of Arlong pirate group, and the inside of Arlong park.

Looking at Nami’s figure that appeared on the screen three times in a row, the eyes of Arlong and other murloc pirates were extremely gloomy.

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