Chapter 62 Ryūjin Jakka, the strongest inflammation

On the top of the gold list, Li Fan is holding the cannibal sword that is completely solved.

Around his body, surrounded by flames like a strong sun.

The blazing temperature seemed to burst through the screen at any time, directly falling on the person watching.

Those who are not strong enough even had to cover their eyes with their hands.

Or simply lowered his head.

“Sakazuki, are you sure your magma can burn Li Fan to the end?”

Aokiji glanced at the silent Akainu.

Since the presentation of Zanpakutō-Ryūjin Jakka on the gold list, Sakazuki’s face has become extremely ugly.

You know, he just confidently said that he would kill Li Fan under his own magma.

But now, Li Fan is directly covered with hot flames, and there is no uncomfortable expression on his face.

This made Sakazuki wonder whether the temperature of his magma could make Li Fan feel hot.

After all, the No.
2 Zanpakutō can make an island disappear with one blow.

The first Ryūjin Jakka should be stronger.

Even though, Gold List did not introduce the temperature of the flames released by Ryūjin Jakka.

[Rayleigh: Zanpakutō, the strongest and oldest of the flame system, is really Haki’s narrative.
I always feel that the flame can directly evaporate the sea water.]

[Shanks: The top three are Zanpakutō, and these knives obviously belong to the same series.
Since Ryūjin Jakka is the strongest and oldest Zanpakutō of the flame type, there should be other flame type Zanpakutō.
In other words, there are other Zanpakutō in this world, just like that Zangetsu!]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Gu la la la la la la, it looks like this.
Everyone thinks that the best sword is the supreme sharp sword twelve skills.
It now appears that there is a more powerful Zanpakutō series on top of the Supreme sword Twelve Skills.
Maybe Li Fan got three Zanpakutō by chance.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Don’t forget, there are seven ninja swords, although not as good as Zanpakutō, but looking at Samehada’s appearance, the seven ninja swords are not much worse than the supreme swords.]

[Charlotte Linlin: There should be an ownerless Zanpakutō in this world, Rayleigh, you have been to the final island, isn’t there Zanpakutō there?]

[Rayleigh: Ha ha, I can’t say that.
If you want to know, go to Raftel, the ultimate island.]

“Marshal Sengoku, I think these pirates are right.
There should still be Zanpakutō in this world.” Gion turned to look at Sengoku, “Perhaps, we should send more people to search for the whereabouts of these Zanpakutō.”

“Yeah!” Sengoku nodded, “There are definitely more than four Zanpakutō.
Ninja swords are not to be mentioned for the time being.
Although they are special, they are not impossible to deal with.”

“But Zanpakutō’s threat is too great.”

“Fortunately, that Hawkeye didn’t get Zangetsu at the time.
Otherwise, Marine might not be able to control that guy.”

Although I don’t know the strength of Zangetsu after the solution, after watching Zanpakutō’s presentation by Li Fan, Sengoku feels that even if Zangetsu is weak, it is not that weak.

“Although Ninja does not need to pay too much attention, that Vivi needs more attention.”

“If you can, it’s also a good choice to pull it into Marine.”

“Ninjutsu that can control water flow, if Marine learns, will definitely bring us great progress.”

Tsuru said.

“A la la, what Vice Admiral said makes sense, but does this Vivi really have the ability to guide others?”

Aokiji grabbed his hair and said.

“It would be best if Li Fan can guide him.
But for now, let’s get in touch with Vivi first.” Sengoku took the conversation and said.

——【Sword List】The announcement is complete, and now rewards are given to the players on the list.
The 63rd to the 16th will each receive 1 to 38 Pills.

——After using the Pill, the training effect doubles within 24 hours.

[Zoro: Huh? ! 63rd to 16th, not including my 15th?]

[Momousagi Gion: Could it be said that this excellent award is not from 1 to 10, nor from 1 to 5, but from the 15th place?]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Oh, if this is the case, you can also get excellent rewards in Gion.]

“Is it true, there is really a chance!” Teach, who was hiding in a secret place, opened his eyes wide.

Originally, he wanted to leave Wano as soon as possible.

But before he went far, there were a large number of samurai searching for his place on the street.

Later, people from Beasts Pirates participated in the search.

In desperation, Teach could only postpone his departure from Wano.
After all, the coast of Wano must have been guarded.

Impel down, Shiryu’s squinted eyes flashed a light.

Because there is a picture of him and Teach together in the future picture of the war above, the detention of him is becoming stricter now.

Seeing that he seemed to have a chance to be rewarded now, Shiryu’s mouth turned up involuntarily.

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