Chapter 66 Momousagi: I’m not here to fight

“Hey, it’s just to find a kid who sneaks in.
Does it take so long?!”

Unhappy Kaido directly fanned the pirate to the wall with a palm.

“A bunch of useless guys.” Kaido took a sip of wine and continued to set his sights on the gold list.

[Charlotte Linlin: Having said that, why is Li Fan’s gymnasium different from where it was before? The gym is the same, but there is no such snow mountain in the previous place.]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: No, this is not the gym I saw before.
There is a “three” in the upper right corner of the gym.]

[Vista: “Three”? Hawkeye, what do you mean?]

[Shanks: After being reminded by Hawkeye, I also remembered it.
The gymnasium where Mihawk went before has the word “一” in the upper right corner.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: I see, Li Fan has more than one gymnasium.
This should be Li Fan’s third gymnasium.
So, now Li Fan is not on the island before, but here.]

In the Drum Kingdom, Gion looked around in a circle, and when he looked in the opposite direction of the gym, his gaze was obviously stagnant.

‘This is the Kingdom of Drums!’ Looking at the town in the distance, Gion was surprised.

Drum Kingdom is one of the participating countries of the world’s zhengfu.
Although Gion has not been here in person, he still has a certain understanding of this country.

With just a glance, she understood her position.

‘So, Li Fan’s gym is in the Drum Kingdom.’

‘Although it’s not the same island before, I finally found a specific location.’

Of course, West Cocoyashi Village is also Marine’s focus, after all, Li Fan has appeared there.

Only because of the previous incident of Colonel Nezumi, Nami has a bad impression of Marine, so Marine plans to go to Cocoyashi Village to try to find Li Fan, and invite Nami and the rumored blue-haired woman to enter Marine.

Gion turned around, her eyes were fixed, and he looked straight at the gymnasium, to be precise, at the entrance of the gymnasium, Li Fan who looked at her with interest.

Even if you don’t read the messages on the gold list, Gion can understand the difference between the gym in front of you and the previous ones on the gold list.

Li Fan, Marine’s think tank, has already fully analyzed it.
His gymnasium has naturally not been ignored by Marine.

Gion, who participated in this analysis meeting, noticed the “three” in the upper right corner of the gym as soon as he came here.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he walked towards Li Fan with a gentle smile.

Win Li Fan? The moment he knew his opponent was Li Fan, Gion had no such thoughts.

What she has to do now is to understand Li Fan as much as possible and make Li Fan have a better impression of Marine.

At the same time, the waters near the Drum Kingdom.

A beautiful lady wearing a cowboy hat is driving towards Alabasta on a giant sea turtle.

‘That place is… the Kingdom of Drums.’

Looking at the gold list, a wise light flashed in the eyes of the woman named Nico Robin.

After a little hesitation, Nico Robin patted the turtle under his seat.

Immediately, the turtle turned around and swam towards the drum kingdom.

“Hello, Lord Li Fan.” Standing in front of the door, Gion greeted politely, “Sorry, I disturbed you this time, but I didn’t mean it.”

“Well, I know.” Li Fan turned around, walked inside the gym, and beckoned to Gion, “Because of the gold list.”

“I personally got some good rewards from the gold list.
In that case, it’s not bad to follow the gold list a little bit.”

“Let’s make a quick fight, I’m still waiting for the gold list to issue my reward this time.”

At the same time as the voice fell, Li Fan was already standing in the center of the gymnasium.

In between, he with one hand on his hips, looking at Gion casually, without a sword in his hand.

At a glance, Li Fan was full of weaknesses, but Gion didn’t dare to care.

“I have seen Lord Li Fan’s swordsmanship.
I have no chance of winning.” Gion shook his head slightly.
“It’s a rare opportunity to meet His Excellency Li Fan.
Why don’t we have a good chat?”

Originally, Gion wanted to apologize to Li Fan for the incident of Colonel Nezumi.

But the gold list is broadcast live all over the world after all.
If the matter of Colonel Nezumi is told in this way, it will have a further impact on Marine’s reputation.

After thinking about it, Gion felt that it would be better to simply chat with Li Fan.

“By the way, Your Excellency Li Fan, I noticed the word “three” written on the outside of your gym.”

“In other words, you are not a gym.”

In order to prevent Li Fan from rejecting, Gion said quickly, while sweeping his eyes around.

When I saw the disciple column, Gion’s eyes clearly lit up.

“Your Excellency Li Fan, the ones on it are the names of your two disciples.”

“A strong person like Your Excellency Li Fan will accept Princess Nami and Vivi as his disciples.
The two of them must have extraordinary talents.”

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