Chapter 6 Golden Lion: That is the future scene!

“Boss Arlong, do you think we should take some countermeasures.”

“Otherwise, if Nami comes back, we…”

A murloc pirate stepped forward and said to Arlong.

“Huh?! Do you think I am weaker than Nami?”

Arlong turned his head and looked at the murloc pirate with an unhappy expression.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was a partner, Arlong’s fist was now printed on the pirate’s face.

“No… No, I didn’t think so.”

Seeing Arlong’s extremely unhappy expression, Arlong Pirate hurried back a few steps, lowering his head not to look at Arlong.

“Arlong, we all need to do some preparation anyway.”

At this time, Kuroobi, a cadre of the Arlong Pirate Group, came over.

Compared to the murloc pirate just now, the stronger Kuroobi is more able to talk to Arlong.

“I have said this gold list, and rewards will be given to those on the list later.”

“From the current situation, Nami’s strength has been greatly increased, and may be even stronger after being rewarded.”

“Although it is certainly not stronger than us, the previous attitude towards Nami may not work anymore.”

“In order to keep Nami doing things for us, I think we should make good use of the humans in Cocoyashi Village.”

Kuroobi calmly analyzed.

“Um… you’re right.” After thinking a little bit, Arlong nodded, “Well, when Nami is about to return, we will get the people from Cocoyashi Village.”

“If Nami doesn’t listen to the order, we will kill until we kill Nami, hahaha…”

Hearing Arlong’s words, Arlong and his pirates burst into laughter.

On the other side, in Nami’s home.

Her sister Nojiko also looked at the gold list with shock.

“Genzo, you said, when did Nami become so powerful?” Nojiko looked at a man with a windmill hat beside him and asked.

“Didn’t Nami say that Li Fan was his swordsmanship teacher? She should have been taught by this Li Fan.” Jian said with a serious face, “Nojiko, maybe when Nami comes back, our place will change.”

“We can see this gold list, and Arlong, they must be able to see this gold list too.”

“I think we should make some preparations.”

Hearing that, Nojiko nodded high, and walked out of the house with Genzo, planning to meet with the villagers in Cocoyashi Village to discuss what happened after Nami returned.

During this period, the gold list continues to announce its rankings.

——[Swordsmanship List], No.
25, [Ama no Murakumo Swordsmanship], user, Borsalino.

——The long sword constructed by Borsalino using Sparkling fruit is extremely sharp, and any weapon can be broken when touched.

[Kizaru Borsalino: Hey, is my Ama no Murakumo Sword ranked so high? Fortunately, I have developed this trick, I hope to give me some useful rewards.]

[Rayleigh: It’s weird, is it me in the picture? When did I fight Kizaru?]

[Red-hair Shanks: I am also a little strange.
Looking at the situation in the screen, I thought Kizaru had trouble with you recently, and I was planning to ask if you need help.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: To be able to face the Rayleigh sword, this sky cloud sword is still a thing.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Oh, isn’t this the famous Golden Lion Shiki? I didn’t expect you to be on the list if you are not dead yet.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: With the old man’s swordsmanship, isn’t it normal to be on the list?]

[Rayleigh: It’s been a long time since I saw you, Shiki, after disappearing for so long, are you making a bad idea again?]

[Golden Lion Shiki: You don’t need to worry about that, Rayleigh, enjoy your retirement life, but looking at this picture, your retirement life doesn’t seem to be so peaceful.]

“Golden Lion, this guy actually showed up.” Sengoku frowned.

“The guy Golden Lion escaped from the Impel Down Prison and reappeared after so long.
He must have some idea.”

On the side, Garp walked to Sengoku and said:

“Golden Lion’s swordsmanship is very strong.
It’s not surprising to be on the list.”

“However, Sengoku, I think we should pay more attention to this thing.”

“Obviously Borsalino and Rayleigh have never had such a battle, why did such a picture appear on the gold list.”

Hearing Garp’s words, Sengoku once again set his sights on the gold list in the sky.

“It’s not clear yet, but it is broadcasted from the gold list, I always feel that it is not that simple.”

Sengoku just finished speaking, and there are new changes on the gold list again.

Sengoku and others immediately set their sights on the gold list.

On the gold list, one sword after another is on the list, and everyone on the list can’t help being proud.

At number 13, people in the world saw a very familiar name

——[Swordsmanship List], No.
13, [Slash Wave], user, Golden Lion Shiki.

——Kick a giant sword energy with the sword on your feet, powerful enough to cut through the sea for hundreds of kilometers!

[Golden Lion Shiki: Huh? ! Does the old man’s swordsmanship rank 13th, heh, not bad.]

For this ranking, Golden Lion does not regret it.

In itself, he does not rely solely on swordsmanship to fight, Devil Fruit’s ability is also part of its important strength.

Swordsmanship can be ranked 13th, which is pretty good.

On the gold list, the Golden Lion floating in the sky appeared.

He lifted his right leg and suddenly raised a foot towards the sea below.

The big sharp knife on the foot immediately aroused a sword gas that stretched for hundreds of meters.

The huge sea surface was directly divided.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hey, who is the kid in the straw hat? Why am I fighting with him in the picture?]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: This guy is called Luffy, and he’s near me now.
He should not have the power to fight you now.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: That’s weird.
There is no reason to get someone who is not related to me to demonstrate my sword skills.
Just take out the scenes of my battles with Garp and Sengoku in the past.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Wait, “Past…”, “Past?”, “Past!” Can it be said that this is the scene of the future? ! In the future, I will fight this straw hat boy called Luffy?!]

Future? !

Hearing Golden Lion’s analysis, everyone who watched the gold list immediately opened their eyes.

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