Chapter 67 I won’t wait for you specially

Hearing what Gion said, Li Fan couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

“You want to ask, why should I accept the two of them as disciples?” Li Fan spread his hands and said indifferently, “It’s okay to tell you, they just happened to come to my gym, and I had a good impression of them, so I accepted them.”

“As for talent, to be honest, your talent is much better than the two of them.”

“But talent is not that important to my disciples.”

Seeing that Li Fan was interested in talking, and revealed some information as soon as he came, Gion was relieved, and the smile on his face became even brighter.

“It is an honor to be praised by His Excellency Li Fan.”

“Listening to Lord Li Fan, it seems that the disciples do not have good talents, and you have the confidence to teach them to be excellent and powerful.”

Nami, an unknown swordsman ten days ago, was able to suppress Mihawk on the [Swordsmanship List].

Vivi defeated Crocodile using the mysterious water ninjutsu.

For the strength of these two individuals, Nami and Vivi, Gion is extremely recognized.

Thinking that they were all taught by Li Fan, Gion had to admire Li Fan’s ability to be a teacher.

“By the way, since Miss Nami and Princess Vivi were accepted as disciples by you because they came to your gym.”

“Then what do you think of me? I don’t know if I have this opportunity who can study under the hands of His Excellency Li Fan?”

Gion said with a smile on his face.

[Whitebeard Newgate: This female Marine, really dare to think that she wants to become a disciple of Li Fan first.]

[Rayleigh: Hahaha, understandable.
With Li Fan’s swordsmanship, even I want to learn.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hmph, I bet that Li Fan will not accept Gion as a disciple.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Don’t talk so early, Golden Lion.
You also heard Li Fan say that Nami and Vivi were accepted as disciples because they happened to find Li Fan’s gym, and Gion’s talent is better than both of them.
Maybe Li Fan would really choose.
Gion inherited his own swordsmanship.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Cunning Marine, a person with a good talent for swordsmanship, there are many of my children, no matter how they turn to Gion.]

[Kizaru: But you don’t know the location of Li Fan Gymnasium.]

Because of Gion’s sudden words, Shanks and other big pirates couldn’t help but concentrate.

I thought that Li Fan would directly defeat Gion and send Gion back to Marine.

Unexpectedly, this Gion knew that she was not an opponent of Li Fan, so she chose to chat with God, and now she plans to become a disciple of Li Fan.

Thinking of Gion really becoming a disciple of Li Fan, Shanks and others couldn’t help feeling a headache.

Especially Kaido, thinking that if Gion had learned the return of ten thousand swords, Kaido felt that he might not dare to go to Navy Headquarters alone and choose to “suicide”.

“You female Marine, it’s really interesting.” Li Fan looked at Gion unexpectedly, “Well, indeed, you have a good talent and very polite.”

“Although it is Marine, it is not impossible to accept you as a disciple.”

“Then, Li Fan, I…” Gion walked towards Li Fan excitedly, and was about to bow.

“Wait.” Li Fan reached out with a finger and pointed in front of Gion, preventing him from bowing.

“I haven’t finished speaking.” Li Fan smiled, and walked to the disciple column by the wall.

“You saw it just now.
The word “three” is written on this gym.”

“The gymnasium that Nami entered by mistake says “one”; the gymnasium that Vivi enters says “two”.”

“I, Li Fan, only accept one disciple in a gym.”

“You are the first person to come to this third gymnasium, and my perception of you is fairly pass.”

“But unfortunately, you came here through the gold list.”

“If you find it yourself and come here, I might accept you.”

“But let’s forget it through the transmission of the gold list.”

“Would you like me to accept you after you find me yourself, isn’t it more sincere?”

Hearing Li Fan’s words, Gion’s eyes lit up.

Originally, I just talked casually.
I planned to use this as a topic to learn more about Li Fan.

Unexpectedly, Li Fan actually had the idea of ​​accepting her as a disciple.

Although she didn’t accept her now, since she knew this was the Drum Kingdom, it was enough to come here immediately afterwards.

Gion nodded, and when she wanted to say something, Li Fan suddenly swung his right hand, and a sword suddenly hit Gion’s brow.

“That’s it.
If you don’t want to fight me, give up.”

“It’s fine for the chat to stop here.”

Li Fan smiled.

“Okay.” Hearing this, Gion raised his hands, “I admit defeat.”

——The challenge fails.
After 10 seconds, Gion will return to the original place.

“Your Excellency Li Fan, please wait for me, I will come right away.” Gion said with a smile.

“Then you have to hurry up.” Li Fan put the sword on his shoulder, “After all, I won’t wait for you specially.”

“Huh?! Your Excellency Li Fan, you mean…” After speaking, Gion’s figure turned into a white light and left the gym.

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