Chapter 69 Oops, Shiryu escaped

‘Randomly teleport scrolls! ’

‘This is really… a timely reward.’

Seeing the scroll that suddenly appeared in his hand, Shiryu’s mouth turned up involuntarily.

“Shiryu, hand over what you have!”

At this time, the warden of Impel down, Magellan came to the cell and looked at Shiryu with a serious face.

His body was already stained with the venom produced by the ability of the fruit.

As long as Shiryu moves slightly, Magellan will attack Shiryu without hesitation.

Shiryu smiled, and his gaze flicked a short distance away, holding his sword Sadi chan in Raiu.

‘It’s within three meters.
While his heart was facing, Shiryu raised his hand, slowly handed the scroll to Magellan, and said:

“Okay, leave this to you.”

“This thing is too random, if you teleport me to the Jedi, it would be bad.”

Magellan didn’t let his guard down just because of Shiryu’s words.

Magellan, who has worked with Shiryu for many years, knows Shiryu’s strength and character.
Even if his body is now locked by the chain on the wall, as long as one is not careful, Shiryu will cause trouble.

Magellan quickly reached out his hand, trying to take the random scroll from Shiryu’s hand.

At this moment, Shiryu pulled the scroll abruptly.

Ding Dong!

This is the sound of the chain hitting the ground.

After a burst of light, Shiryu disappeared in place, the chain that bound him lost its support and had to fall down.

At the same time, Magellan’s venom slammed into the wall, melting the heavy walls into potholes.

“Damn it, is it slow!” Magellan let out a low growl.

After seeing Shiryu pulling the scroll, Magellan had already launched an attack.

However, his opponent is Shiryu who has the strength of a great swordsman after all.
In terms of shooting speed, Shiryu is not slower than Magellan.

Within a second, Shiryu had escaped smoothly.

“Sadi chan! No good, Warden Magellan, Sadi chan is gone.”

Domino shouted in panic.

“What?!” Magellan quickly turned and looked behind him.

Sure enough, Sadi chan, who was holding the Shiryu Sabre [Raiu] just now, has disappeared.

“Oops, that guy Shiryu teleported away with Sadi chan!!”

Realizing what was happening, Magellan’s eyes rounded, and because of his anger, the venom on his body instantly formed a poisonous dragon.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, this Shiryu didn’t disappoint me.
He really used the random teleportation scroll to escape.
It’s just a pity that the gold list didn’t show where he escaped.]

[Rayleigh: This random teleportation scroll is capable of ignoring people’s wishes and forcibly teleporting the female jailer away.
To some extent, this is also an extremely dangerous item.]

Magellan didn’t see it clearly, but Rayleigh and others could see it clearly through the gold list.

The moment Shiryu opened the random teleportation scroll, the one who disappeared with him into a burst of white light was the Sadi chan holding the famous sword Raiu.

[Shanks: Hmm! Deputy Captain Rayleigh was right.
When facing an enemy, it would definitely be annoying if the opponent took out this scroll and took away the weaker companion.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, that female jailer, who told her to hold Shiryu’s knife.
For a swordsman, his own sword is very important.
Although I don’t know where Shiryu teleported to, as long as it is not the Jedi, this female jailer will definitely be killed.]

“Damn it!” Navy Headquarters, Sengoku clenched his fists and shouted to the messenger next to him, “Check Shiryu’s location immediately, and report it to me directly after finding it.
You must not let this guy mess in the ocean.”

A high-level former Impel down is still in the situation that the Gold List has already warned, if he really embarks on the road of pirates, Marine’s credibility may be reduced again.


“This… where is this place? What do you want to do?”

Somewhere in New World, Sadi chan hugged the Raiu and took a step back in panic.

In front of her is Shiryu with his hands in handcuffs.

As for the random teleportation scroll, it turned into light as early as the moment he used it.

“Oh, it looks like I was lucky, I didn’t teleport to a place that shouldn’t be teleported.”

When he arrived here, Shiryu’s Observation Haki had already covered the surroundings.
Here, he did not find Marine.

“Woman, return the sword to me, it’s not yours.” Shiryu said while walking towards Sadi chan.

“No, no, this swor can’t be handed to you.” Sadi chan gritted his teeth and drew the whip from his waist in front of him.

Although she knew she was not Shiryu’s opponent, her self-esteem prevented her from returning the sword to Shiryu directly.

“Really, I hate disobedient women.” Shiryu took a step forward, and his body instantly passed Sadi chan’s body.

When Sadi chan noticed, the original famous sword in her hand was no longer there.

“Uh, what… what is this!” Sadi chan was a little startled looking at the blade passing by in front of him.

The next moment, a sharp pain came to Sadi chan’s mind.

Along with it, there is a rapid loss of physical strength.

Shiryu drew out his sword, without even looking at Sadi chan who was lying on the ground, he walked away.

Teleport with Sadi chan, Shiryu is just to get back his saber.

In addition, the sword just now cut Sadi chan’s vitality, and he ignored her thoughts.

“Am I going to… die?” Feeling his heavier body and chaotic brain, Sadi chan tried to open his eyes.

“Damn it, I don’t want to die like this.”

“Obviously, I still have a lot to do, Damn it!”

A sorrow enveloped Sadi chan’s heart, and at this moment, a pair of feet appeared in front of Sadi chan.

Wano, the island of ghosts.

Yamato, who was imprisoned by Kaido, glanced at Sadi chan who was almost in a coma.

“It will be teleported here.”

“I don’t know, will Shiryu run into an old bastard.”

Yamato rubbed his smooth chin and muttered.

“This guy is Marine, which means it’s my enemy.”

“Let her fend for herself.”

With that, Yamato shook his head and wanted to leave.

After just two steps, Yamato turned back and carried Sadi chan towards the direction where he lived.

“It’s really troublesome, how could I encounter such a thing.”

Yamato grabbed his hair and walked home annoyed.

“You guy, if you haven’t died, you can even owe me a kindness.”

“So, your life will be mine in the future, and you will follow me to fulfill my dream in the future, and you can’t go back to be a Marine.”

As if to convince himself, Yamato kept talking to Sadi chan.

Sadi chan, who had not fainted completely, wanted to open his eyes when he heard the words in his ear.

But now, he doesn’t even have this strength anymore.

Shiryu’s sword pierced her heart and didn’t die on the spot.
Sadi chan’s system is already strong.

If you want to answer Yamato, you can’t do it at all.

“Huh! This is?!” Suddenly, Yamato’s tone suddenly rose, echoing in Sadi chan’s ears.

‘What did she see? ’Sadi chan thought suspiciously.

At this moment, Yamato was looking at the buildings beside his residence in surprise.

“This is… Li Fan’s gym?”

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