Chapter 70 New disciple, Yamato

“Why are you here? It was obviously not there before!”

“That word is “Squad”! In other words, this is Li Fan’s fourth gymnasium?”

“But, when was this guy built here?”

Although he was puzzled, Yamato took Sadi chan to the door of the gym.

“Hey, is there anyone inside?” Yamato knocked on the door and shouted inside.

As soon as the voice fell, the edge of the door opened automatically, revealing the Li Fan inside.

“This is really not long after the gymnasium has just been built, and there are customers coming.” Li Fan smiled and glanced at Yamato, then turned his gaze to Sadi chan in Yamato’s hands.
Female jailer.”

“By the way, what’s the matter with you?” Li Fan looked at Yamato and asked.

“It’s really you!” Yamato’s eyes widened slightly.

“It’s great, although I don’t know when you built a gym here.”

“But since it was built next to my house, let me be an apprentice.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely confess you.
I can still do it if I respect the teacher.”

Yamato’s eyes were shining, and Li Fan even suspected that this guy would fall on him if there was a person in his hand.

“Leave aside the matter of accepting disciples, let’s talk about the woman in your hands.” Li Fan pointed to Sadi chan, “This woman’s breath is going to be broken.”

“You intend to save her, is it okay if you die?”

Hearing Li Fan’s words, Yamato remembered that there was a seriously injured man in his hand.

I quickly bypassed Li Fan, walked into the gym, and put Sadi chan on the long table aside.

After tearing off little Sadie’s coat, which didn’t take a few steps, the white skin and bright red wounds were immediately exposed to Yamato.

“This wound!” Looking at the wound in front of him, Yamato frowned.

Hey, it looks like it’s hopeless.

“You can only admit that you are unlucky, I don’t have the ability to heal you.”

“If you can speak, leave your last words.”

Yamato sighed.

“It’s not that it can’t be cured.” Li Fan stepped to Sadi chan’s side, and covered Sadi chan’s wound with his hand shining with a green light.

Under Healing Jutsu’s treatment, Sadi chan’s injury began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Hey! It’s amazing!” Seeing Sadi chan’s fatal injury, he recovered in just a few seconds.
Yamato couldn’t help but looked at Li Fan in shock, “Do you still have this ability? Is this your Devil Fruit ability?”

“No.” Li Fan retracted his hand, “It’s just a cure for ninjutsu.

“Ninjutsu!” Yamato’s eyes flashed, “Can I learn this too?”

Because of the influence of Wano culture, Yamato is very interested in the legendary ninja.

Now seeing Li Fan’s healing ninjutsu, Yamato naturally has the idea of ​​learning.

“Forget it.” Li Fan glanced at Yamato.
“You are more suitable for martial arts than ninjutsu.”

“Besides, the marines, who are already sober, get up and don’t lie down on my table.

This sentence is for Sadi chan to hear.

Li Fan, who is keenly aware, can clearly perceive Sadi chan’s gaze hidden in his hair.

“Um, thank you for saving me.

Sadi chan supported the table with one hand, and pressed his wound with the other, and said gratefully to Yamato and Li Fan.

“You don’t need to say thank you.” Li Fan waved his hand, “If you want to thank you, thank this guy who brought you here.”

“Yes, you have to be grateful to me.” Yamato patted Sadi chan on the shoulder and said naturally, “From now on, you will follow me.

Seeing Yamato’s appearance, Sadi chan was a little embarrassed.

“By the way, will you accept me as a disciple!” Suddenly, Yamato turned his head and looked at Li Fan.

Compared with Sadi chan’s matter, letting Li Fan accept his apprentice is the most important thing.

Aside, Sadi chan also looked at Li Fan curiously.

I just saw Li Fan talk about the admission of disciples in the gym.
Sadi chan didn’t expect that he would come to another gym in Li Fan in a blink of an eye.

‘If I can be taught by Li Fan, will I be able to avenge that Shiryu?’

Thinking of the pain of being pierced by a sword, Sadi chan wanted to kill Shiryu with a thousand swords.

“Before I accept you, I have to ask you some questions.”

Li Fan put his arms around his chest, his eyes tightened, Yamato asked:

“After you gain power from me, what are you going to do with it?”

“Well, well, I still want Wano to start the country.” Yamato nodded and said.

“I understand the situation of Wano.
If you want Wano to establish a country, it means you have to defeat Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi.” Li Fan said, “So, are you going to be hostile to Beasts Pirates and Kurozumi Orochi?”

“Huh, if the bastard dad and Kurozumi are going to stop me, I will beat them off.” Yamato squeezed his fist.
“It just so happens that you have the skills to defeat the bastard dad.
Through your training, I will also You must get that kind of power.”

Aside, Sadi chan who heard Li Fan and Yamato exclaimed, pointed to Yamato and said:

“You, you are Kaido’s daughter?!”

“Huh? Didn’t I say it?” Yamato glanced at Sadi chan, “Don’t worry, I’m not in the same group with that guy.”

Aside, Li Fan watched Yamato lost his thoughts.

“If Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi are defeated, this Yamato may be recognized by the people of Wanokuni, so as to achieve the system’s “recovery” requirements.”

After a little thought, Li Fan made a decision in his mind.

“Okay, I will accept you for the time being.” With a wave of his hand, a disciple’s brand appeared in Li Fan’s hand.

“Put your blood on it, and you are my official disciple.”

“Awesome.” Without hesitation, Yamato immediately dripped his blood on the brand..

I took over the brand again, and information about Yamato appeared on the back of the brand.

[Disciple’s name: Yamato] [Age: 26 years old] [Training direction: warrior]

‘Warrior? It’s in line with Yamato’s conditions.

Li Fan nodded secretly, and sent the name tag to the disciple column.

At the same time, Yamato’s brand appeared on the disciples column of other gyms.

This change was immediately caught by Nami and Nojiko.

“Now, Li Fan, when do we start exercising.”

Yamato looked at Li Fan expectantly.

“Don’t worry, let’s start after the awards of the gold list are distributed.” Li Fan said as he stretched out his hand and buckled the handcuffs on Yamato’s hand.

“Since you have become my disciple, you don’t need this stuff anymore.

As soon as the voice fell, Li Fan’s Haki broke through the handcuffs and threw it out of the gym.


With a loud noise, the handcuffs that had been far away from the gym directly exploded a huge hole in the ground.

“Blast?!” Sadi chan looked at Yamato in surprise, “Why do you wear such handcuffs?”

“Damn it, that bastard old man!” Yamato’s eyes widened and her face was full of horror.
“A bomb was actually installed in the handcuffs.
That guy really intends to kill me.”

“Asshole Kaido, you won’t be my father from today.”

“I have to beat you, just wait and see for me.”

Seeing Yamato so excited, Li Fan raised his hand and patted her shoulder.

“It’s good to have momentum, but don’t be too impulsive.”

“In addition, you are here to help me watch the gymnasium, and after the Gold List incident is over, I will start training for you.”

“Now, I need to leave.”

After speaking, Li Fan’s figure returned to the Drum Kingdom Gymnasium.

There, because the position was exposed, Wapol was leading the team to guard at this time.

Li Fan naturally did not intend to accept Wapol as a disciple.
In order to prevent him from doing something to the gym, Li Fan had to go back and do something.

“Disappeared.” Sadi chan blinked, staring blankly at where Li Fan stood before.

“Well, I will definitely come back.” Yamato sat in a chair casually, “Speaking of which, what do you think of my proposal just now?”

“Would you like to follow me?”

“I am now the half master here.
If you agree to follow me, I can let you stay here.”

“After hearing this, Sadi chan pursed his mouth, and Shiryu’s face reappeared in his mind.

“I will stay.” Sadi chan nodded heavily.

“That’s right, we will be a family in the future, haha.” Yamato patted Sadi chan on the shoulder and laughed.

Sadi chan smiled slightly and cast his eyes on the disciple column by the wall.

“Is there any way to let Li Fan also guide me?”

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