Chapter 71 Blackbeard Teach special session

– [Sword List] No.
12, congratulations to Teach for obtaining [Observation Haki Random Advance Card].

-Once used, Observation Haki will be randomly upgraded by one level; those who have not awakened Observation Haki will awaken the primary Observation Haki after using it.

‘Observation Haki!’ Teach’s eyes lit up and he used the card he got without hesitation.

A refreshing feeling poured into Teach’s mind.
At the same time, Teach’s Observation Haki spilled out to the surrounding uncontrollably.

The coverage area is getting bigger and bigger, and in a blink of an eye it surpassed the limit of the area covered by Teach’s previous Observation Haki.

‘Really improved!’ Teach opened his eyes slightly, and this feeling is to glance at future!

Teach hit Observation Haki on a swordsman.
He hadn’t done anything yet, but Teach had seen his future for a short time.

“I actually learned this degree of Observation Haki!’

At this time, Teach just wanted to laugh out loud.

‘Hey, that guy is Shiryu!

‘He was teleported to Wano randomly!’

Observation Haki of Teach “sees” Wano looking for his samurai, but also “sees” Shiryu acting secretly in the dark.

‘Interesting, maybe this is our fate, Shiryu.’

–【Sword List】No.
11, congratulations to Teach for getting 【Armament Haki Random Advance Card】.

–After using it, Armament Haki will be randomly upgraded by a level; people who have not awakened Armament Haki will automatically awaken the primary Armament Haki after using it.

“Use!” Having experienced the upgrade of Observation Haki, Teach couldn’t help wondering how much Armament Haki would be upgraded.

[Vista: This Teach, actually got such a reward, Damn it, I hope this guy won’t have too much luck.]

[Rayleigh: A card that allows Observation Haki and Armament Haki to be promoted randomly.
This is a real good thing.]

Rayleigh, who has good knowledge on Observation Haki and Armament Haki, naturally knows how terrible it is to raise the level of these two Haki.

The average person may be stuck at the elementary Haki level for the rest of their lives and cannot progress.

Only those who are truly gifted can reach a higher level on a certain Haki.

But now, Teach actually has the reward of allowing Observation Haki and Armament Haki to advance together, Rayleigh has to sigh Teach’s luck.

[Shanks: This guy, it will become more tricky, but I don’t know what level this guy has reached.]

Shanks frowned tightly on an unnamed island in New World.

Although there is a live broadcast of the gold list, it is impossible to know how far Teach’s Observation Haki is just by watching it from a distance.

As for Teach not knowing Haki, he can only awaken the idea of ​​junior Haki, Shanks has never had it.

At this moment, Shanks saw Teach suddenly raise his finger to the sky.

Just as Shanks was puzzled, a dark shadow suddenly enveloped Teach.


An invisible wave rushed out of Teach’s hands, hit the black shadow that hit him, and directly rushed into the sky.

“This is, Armament Haki!” Shanks stood up.

“Thieves hahaha, Beasts Pirates, are you burning embers?”

“You are late.
Now it is very difficult even to hold me.”

Teach retracted his fist and shouted while watching King who stabilized in the air with a big smile.

“Damn it’s Teach, don’t think you can go out even when you come to Wano!

Using the power of Devil Fruit, King, who turned into a flame pterodactyl, spread its wings and rushed towards Teach.

A red light flashed in Teach’s eyes, King hadn’t done anything yet, but Teach had already seen the afterimage of King attacking from the right.

“Here!” Teach clenched his fists, and thick Armament Haki gathered on his right hand.

Then he slammed his fist to the right.

At the same time, King suddenly changed direction and flew towards Teach from the right.

However, to his horror, a black fist suddenly appeared in front of him.


There was a muffled noise! ​​King flew out again.

Unlike Gang オ, Teach directly used ten percent of his power this time.

Yan’s sharp dragon mouth was directly dented by Teach’s fist.

“Thief hahaha, this is my new power!” Teach laughed and ignored the dizzy Jhin, changing direction and ran towards Shiryu’s position.

Now that they met, Teach wanted to pull Shiryu into his group like the future.

Even if there is no Dark Fruit, Teach believes that with his current strength, it is enough for Shiryu to join him.

“Kata Kuri, the Observation Haki of Teach, isn’t it?” On Cake Island, Smoothie looked at Kata Kuri, who was standing next to him, who was also one of the four stars.

The punch that Teach blasted King just now made Smoothie faintly see the figure of Kata Kuri.

“Well, that guy’s Observation Haki has reached my level.”

Kata Kuri nodded, his face a little dignified.

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