Chapter 75 Roger: Hello, Marine!

“I haven’t seen you for many years, Captain Roger.” Shanks stood up straight and walked to Roger.
“Welcome back to the real world.”

“The real world?” Roger touched his stubble.
“Speaking of it, it seems that a mechanical voice just told me that this is the world in the world.”

“Speaking of which, you called me.”

“According to that voice, I can rely on you to fight.
So, did you ask me to come and fight for you?”

“Wait, your face, you guy, is it Shanks!?”

Roger’s eyes widened, unspeakable surprise in his heart.

It’s just because the Shanks in front of him is so similar to the former trainee pirate.

“It’s me.” Shanks nodded.
“I call you over, not because I want you to help me fight, I just want to talk to you.”

“By the way, let me introduce them.
These are the partners I’m looking for.
They are my important family members.”

With that, Shanks pointed to the Red Hair Pirates members behind him.

In front of the once most respected captain, even though Shanks is now one of the Four Emperors, he does not have the slightest arrogance.

“It turned out to be you, Shanks, you really have grown up.
Well, your partner is also very good, very good, very good.” Roger raised his hand to pat Shanks on the shoulder, but only saw himself His arms passed through Shanks’ body.

“Uh, I almost forgot, I’m dead.” Roger laughed and grabbed his hair.
“Speaking of which, Shanks, where is the straw hat I gave you?”

“That straw hat, I gave a newcomer with great potential.” Thinking of Luffy, Shanks couldn’t help smiling.
“That Luffy really looks like you.”

“By the way, Luffy is Garp’s grandson, and he is now a pirate at sea.”

“Maybe it won’t take long to come to New World.”

Roger raised his eyebrows: “It turned out to be the grandson of the guy Garp, haha, it’s so funny, the grandson of a Marine hero turns out to be a pirate.”

“Shanks, it’s your reason.
If Garp finds you, he will definitely give you a taste of his iron fist.

East Blue, upon hearing Roger’s unobstructed words, Garp would like to come to Shanks now and teach Shanks and Roger a lesson.

“In other words, what is the reason for you to be able to pull me back from the underworld.”

“Is it Devil Fruit that I haven’t heard of?”

Roger asked strangely.

“It’s not the power of Devil Fruit.” Shanks shook his head.
“It’s the power of the gold list.
As for the gold list, it is.”

Soon, Shanks explained the power of the gold list to Roger quickly and concisely.

Of course, the information about Ace was also told to Roger.

“Golden List, there is such an interesting thing in this world.” Roger looked up to the sky and saw a golden curtain that stretched for thousands of miles.

Above, there is a message refreshing quickly.

[Rayleigh: Actually, it was really summoned.
I haven’t seen this face for many years.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Roger, a nostalgic face.]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Gold list, even such a thing can be done.
It’s a pity that Roger is now a soul, and he can only fight by attaching to Shanks.]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Long time no see, Roger, it’s just a pity that your body can’t have a drink with me now.]

[Vista: One Piece Roger, I really want to see him now, although it’s just a soul…]

Luffy: “Is that one One Piece? It turned out that he passed my hat to Shanks.

Ace:” ”

Sabo: “Ace’s biological father.”

“That bastard Shanks actually summoned Roger.” Sengoku gritted his teeth, no one could see the anger in his eyes.

“Be prepared, Sengoku, this world is going to be messed up again.” Crane sighed.

Even though Roger is just a dead spirit and can only exist for one day, the moment the world saw the legendary One Piece Roger reappear, it was enough to make the world crazy.

Even if Roger can’t fight, the intelligence he holds about the Ultimate Island is enough to attract the world.

“Haha, some old faces leave messages on the gold list.”

“It’s just a pity that I can’t seem to speak on the gold list.

“Hey, Rayleigh, everyone, can you see me?”

“Everyone has had a good time these years.”

“And Sengoku, Garp, you guys haven’t retired yet.”

“Are you happy to meet old friends, Marines!”

“I’m back again, hahaha! Although it’s only temporary.”

“I don’t know, this gold list will have the ability to revive me.
Without a physical body, I can’t even drink wine.”

“Hey, how come my picture is gone.”

Just as he was about to wave at the old partner across from the gold list, the gold list live broadcast suddenly disappeared, and Roger was a little confused.

“Probably the gold list is going to announce the rewards of the next people.” Shanks said to Roger while leaving a message on the gold list.

“Speaking of which, the [Sword Ranking] was shot at No.
7 by Whitebeard’s [Murakumogiri].

“I don’t know what reward he will get.”

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