Chapter 76 Whitebeard: I didn’t expect it, I also became younger

–【Sword List】, congratulations to Whitebeard Newgate for winning the reward 【20 years of Youth】.

–After use, it can increase the life span of 20 years.

【Rayleigh: Hahaha, it seems that I am not the only one who has the opportunity to become younger.
Is Whitebeard 20 years younger? If Whitebeard in this state lays down on top of the war, he will not be defeated so easily.]

Rayleigh remembers clearly the battle between Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates on the Unknown Island many years ago.

That battle lasted three days and three nights, and the battle between Whitebeard and Roger even changed the sky.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Whitebeard 20 years ago, this is a hard guy.]

Moby Dick.

“Great, daddy, hurry up and eat.” Ace shouted happily.

Marco: “Yes, father, with this, you can recover a lot of the hidden injuries.”

As the ship doctor of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco is the person who knows Whitebeard’s injuries best.

Because of big and small battles and age, Whitebeard’s body has become increasingly unable to support the high-intensity use of Shock Fruit.

Once the limit is exceeded, it will leave an unrecoverable hidden wound on Whitebeard.

Now that Whitebeard has a chance to become younger, Marco is quite happy.

Whitebeard nodded, not pretending, and directly ate his life.

Now that the sea has changed dramatically, Whitebeard knows that only by becoming stronger can he protect his family.

After eating the pill, the wrinkles on Whitebeard’s face were reduced visible to the naked eye.

Whitebeard raised his hand and took off the turban on his head.
What was scattered was no longer pale hair, but golden hair.

“Hey, it’s really good to be young.”

Feeling the abundance of power in his body, Whitebeard let go and laughed.

At the same time, the members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group also offered their sincere blessings.

In the waters of Wano, using the newly acquired power, Teach forcibly snatched a ship going to sea.
Seeing Whitebeard’s younger face, his face instantly became gloomy.

Even the joy of gaining power seems to have been diluted a lot.

“Whitebeard has become stronger.
If it is Whitebeard of this age, even if you gain the power of Dark Fruit, you can’t get the power of Shock Fruit from his hands.”

Beside Teach, Shiryu, who went to sea with him, spoke.

“Hmph, so what, as long as the gold list is still there, it is possible to gain power to surpass Whitebeard and even surpass Li Fan.”

Teach snorted.

“Speed ​​up the voyage, otherwise Kaido will catch up.”

“Well, temporary captain.” Shiryu shrugged and shook his ship award with Whitebeard.

Cocoyashi Village, in the gym.

Nojiko looked at Whitebeard with embarrassment.

“Really, Teacher Li Fan also let me surpass this guy.”

“Now his power has become stronger, how can I reach his level.”

Nojiko said in a high and low voice.

“Don’t worry, Nojiko.” Nami patted Nojiko on the shoulder and gave her a confident thumbs up.
“As long as you become a disciple of Teacher Li Fan, you can use the resources of the gymnasium.”

“At that time, you will grow up quickly, just like me.”

With that said, Nami patted his chest heavily.

Nojiko moved her eyes down and glanced at the place where Nami was jumping.

“Well, in some ways, you have indeed grown very well.”

“Huh?” Feeling Nojiko’s gaze, Nami lowered his head and glanced at herself, “Hehe, Nojiko, you can’t help it, this is talent.”

“Even if you use the time training module, you will not be able to beat me in figure two years later.”

Hearing this, Nojiko shook his head.

“Although I didn’t have this plan, but listening to you, I don’t want to lose.”

“Now, let me measure you well first.”

When the words were over, Nojiko suddenly rushed to Nami.

Navy Headquarters, Marine Marshal Sengoku felt that his head was about to explode.

First, Golden Lion recovered from his injury, and now even Whitebeard’s strength has also been effectively recovered.

This kind of situation, let the world’s Marine see, will inevitably be hit hard.

When the pirates saw it, they would be even more embarrassed.

At this time, Sengoku couldn’t help feeling deeply embarrassed that Marine did not have enough good weapons.

‘I just hope that Gion can successfully become Li Fan’s disciple.

‘In this way, at least Gion’s strength can be effectively grown.”

At the same time, Sengoku continued to set his sights on the gold list.

At this time, the gold list just showed the next reward.

–【Sword List】No.
6, Congratulations to Five Elders Ito Taro for getting the 【Deprivation Card】.

Use [Deprivation Card] to challenge people in the past, present or future.

-Challenge victory, you can deprive the opponent of all abilities.

–Excuse me, is it a challenge!

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