Chapter 7 A nameless person Issho

“Luffy boy, will he fight Golden Lion in the future?”

“Could it be that he will become Marine in the future?”

“Still a powerful Marine?!”

Looking at the gold list, Garp looked surprised.

“Garp, what’s the matter with you?” Sengoku glanced at his old friend strangely.

“Hey, Sengoku, that’s my grandson, how about it? My grandson is so good that he can fight the Golden Lion Shiki.” Garp rubbed his nose and looked at Sengoku braggingly.

“Hey, it turned out to be your grandson.” Hearing Garp’s statement, Sengoku was also interested.
“Yes, it looks like your grandson has a good talent.
He should be about the same age now.
Bring him to Marine.
Let Zephyr take him personally.”

“Huh?! What do you mean, do you think I can’t teach people?” Garp looked at Sengoku dissatisfied.

“Um, no, I just think you are so busy, let Zephyr help and teach together.
Anyway, Zephyr now specializes in training new people.” Sengoku said, casting a look at Zephyr on the side.

“It looks like a good seed indeed, if you want Garp, I can accept him as an apprentice.” Zephyr said.

“Hey, since Zephyr has said so, then I will bring him over later.” Garp nodded, “By the way, how could Luffy meet the Hawkeye guy, Gion, you can help me ask.”

Gion nodded, and with a thought, her message appeared on the gold list.

[Momousagi Gion: Hawkeye, why is Luffy by your side.]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: I came across it by accident.]

[Momousagi Gion: In that case, can you bring Luffy to Navy Headquarters?]

“No… isn’t it? I’m going to catch Luffy now, no!”

Seeing this message, Usopp screamed in horror, and even Zoro’s eyes on Mihawk were full of alert.

Not far away, Krieg was ready to run away.

If Luffy and Zoro have not grown up yet, he still has hope of defeating them.

Then Nami was a mountain he couldn’t cross.
If it weren’t for his boat that had been split into two by Mihawk, he would have driven the boat off now.

Now that Marine asked Mihawk to take Luffy back, Krieg couldn’t help showing a look of surprise.

If Mihawk takes Luffy and Luffy’s companions back, it means that he doesn’t have to fight Nami.

However, things will not be as good as Krieg imagined.

[Hawkeye Mihawk: Take care of it yourself, this is not my job.]

Mihawk promptly rejected Marine.

He is very fond of Zoro and Luffy, he doesn’t want to let Luffy and the group fall into Marine’s hands so quickly.

Although he didn’t know why Marine called for him to take Luffy to Navy Headquarters.

‘Maybe, the identity of this Luffy is not that simple.’ Thought Mihawk.

“This Mihawk is unreliable when it is critical.” Garp squeezed his fist, “It seems that I should go there myself.”

Garp doesn’t know yet.
Luffy has become a pirate.
If he knew it, he wouldn’t have imagined that Luffy would become Marine Vice Admiral.

As for Admiral, he does not want Luffy to become a Marine Admiral that will be restricted by the World Government.

“Huh… it’s safe.” Seeing that Hawkeye didn’t mean to catch Luffy, Usopp breathed a sigh of relief.

——[Swordsmanship List], No.
12, [Lion: Thousand Slice Valley], user, Golden Lion Shiki.

—— The upgraded version of Slash Wave is more lethal than Slash Wave.
It kicks out multiple sword energy that can cut through the huge thick waters like a mountain.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Haha, it’s still me, but this Luffy seems to be really good in the future, and it was able to make me use this trick.
But having said that, I am quite curious about why Rayleigh will fight the monkey with Kizaru in the future.]

[Rayleigh: It is indeed a problem.
Could it be that Marine is here to catch me?]

[Redhair Shanks: Deputy Captain Rayleigh, do you want to come to my boat for a few days?]

[Rayleigh: Forget it, I’m not old enough to need protection from juniors.
If Marine really comes, I’ll just beat them directly.]

[Red-hair Shanks: As expected, Deputy Captain Rayleigh is domineering.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Hey, hey, you say that, I’m very shameless.]

[Rayleigh: You are ten years old now, and your strength has dropped a lot.
If you really fight with me, you might lose miserably.]

[Issho: Is something like this really predictable in the future? What will the future look like?]

[Momousagi Gion: You can speak at this time, but the ranking has not been announced yet.
It is a great swordsman who can reach this level.]

While speaking, Gion couldn’t help but sigh, that there is actually such an unknown but powerful person as Issho on this sea.

You know, even her Momousagi Gion has already announced the ranking early.

——[Swordsmanship Ranking], No.
11, [Gravity Knife·Big Tiger], user, Issho.

——Storing gravity on the knife, slashing it out, and at the same time releasing huge horizontal gravity to the orbit of the knife, crushing and destroying everything in front of you.

[Issho: The swordsmanship under the wing appears, so will it play the scenes of the past or the scenes of the future?]

At this time, all the famous people on the sea who used swords turned their eyes to the sky.

They were all curious about the unknown swordsman.

Soon, Issho appeared on the gold list.

He was wearing a Marine cloak with justice, his eyes closed tightly, and the knife in his hand glowed with purple light.

Standing opposite him was a man with a black hat and an iron rod in hand.

On his body, a raging flame is burning.

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