Chapter 77 Nico Robin who stopped halfway

[Shanks: Deprivation card, isn’t this the advanced version of the learning card that the female Marine got before.]

[Vista: But this thing is much more dangerous than learning some cards.
Once you defeat the opponent, you will directly take the opponent’s abilities as your own.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Although the deprivation card is good, it also depends on whether the Five Elders can defeat the opponent.
Speaking of it, I haven’t seen Five Elders make a move.]

Mary Geoise, in the office of Five Elders.

“Do you want to use it?” The blond-haired Five Elders glanced at Ito Taro.

“Yeah! Let’s see who the opponent is.” With the sword Five Elders, Ito Taro nodded and used the [Deprivation Card].

–The time is determined, now; the opponent is determined, Li Fan.

–After ten seconds, it will be teleported to where Li Fan is.
Please be prepared.

【Golden Lion Shiki: Puff haha, I really laughed at me.
Who was not good for that guy’s draw, he even drew Li Fan.】

[Whitebeard Newgate: Although I haven’t seen Five Elders take action, but Five Elders’ power cannot surpass Li Fan, this time the reward was in vain.]

[Vista: Dad is right, Marine and the people of World Government are really pitiful, and the rewards finally won can’t really work.]

[Rayleigh: I can’t say that either.
Didn’t the female Marine convince Li Fan to accept her as a disciple? Maybe that woman has already set off for Li Fan’s gym.]

[Charlotte Smoothie: Unfortunately, I can’t know the exact location of Li Fan Gymnasium.]

Wano, the island of ghosts.

Seeing everyone’s messages, Yamato’s mouth turned up involuntarily.

“Hey, these guys don’t know the specific location of Li Fan, but I have become a disciple of Li Fan, and I really have better luck.
What do you think, Sadi chan,

Aside, Sadi chan licked his lips and said with a smile: “Yamato, if you call Li Fan that way, it might make him angry and kiss him.
Didn’t he ask you to call him teacher?”

After a period of familiarity, Sadi chan has recovered the tone he used to speak in Impel down.

“Hmph, that guy hasn’t taught me anything yet.
After he officially teaches me, it’s not too late for me to call him a teacher.

Yamato waved his hand and didn’t care at all what Sadi chan said.

Sadi chan smiled slightly and looked up at the gold list.

At this time, Ito Taro was already standing not far from the gym.

It was still the same blizzard, but the difference was that a group of soldiers fell near the gymnasium.

‘That guy, is it Wapol?’

Looking at one of the fat guys, Ito Taro frowned, and then walked towards the gate of the gymnasium.

After defeating Li Fan, Ito Taro naturally had no such thoughts.

At the moment he learned that his opponent was Li Fan’s team, Ito Taro had no plans to defeat his opponent and deprive him of his ability.

Similar to Gion, he also plans to chat with Li Fan.

It would be even better if Li Fan can support the World Government.

As Ito Taro approaches the gym, the realistic pictures on the gold list are constantly approaching the gym.

When Taro Ito stood in front of the gym, a female voice in the gym was heard by everyone in the world at the same time.

“So, I hope that His Excellency Li Fan will be responsible to me and take in me, a homeless woman.”

Hearing this female voice, Ito Taro frowned and stepped into the gym.

“…Nico Robin, why are you here?!”

Seeing the woman sitting across from Li Fan, Ito Taro’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help pressing his hand on the handle of his knife.

“Ah, it’s really dangerous in the eyes.” Nico Robin glanced at Ito Taro, “But, are you really sure you want to use force here in Li Fan?”

Hearing this, Ito Taro looked at Li Fan and found that Li Fan was looking at him with a smile on his face.

Due to the strength of Li Fan, Taro Ito removed his hand from the hilt and walked quickly not far from Li Fan and Nico Robin.

“(Good job) Nico Robin, why are you here father.”

Ito Taro asked.

When I saw Nico Robin, Taro Ito suddenly had a bad feeling.

Nico Robin, who knows ancient words, has always been the target of World Government.
If the woman in front of him is related to Li Fan, it may be an extremely bad situation for them.

Nico Robin smiled and ignored Ito Taro, but looked at Li Fan and said:

“You haven’t answered me yet, Lord Li Fan.”

“I don’t know, do I have the honor to be one of your disciples?”

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