Chapter 79 Real power, sling Five Elders

“How does this guy know that World Government controls Uranus?!

Im, who was in the central garden of Mary Geoise, frowned.

[Vista: This is big news, World Government actually controls Uranus?]

[Rayleigh: Strange, why does Li Fan know this?~]
[Charlotte Linlin: Anyway, that Five Elders seems to annoy Li Fan.
Hee hee hee, I don’t know if Li Fan will leave him in the gym forever.]

“Li Fan, you really want to be an enemy of the world!?” Feeling the faint suffocation emanating from Li Fan’s body, Ito Taro’s hands couldn’t help being covered.

“Enemy with the world? Heh, you seem to look too high on yourself.” Li Fan shook his head, “If you can really represent the world, how could there be Four Emperors and Revolutionary armies in this world.”

“You have eliminated them long ago.”

“Forget it, talking to you, it feels really boring, let’s send you back.”

As he said, Li Fan’s hands were sealed, and Chakra’s fluctuations spilled out from around his body.

“Wood Style, Wood Dragon Technique!”

When Ito Taro guarded Li Fan in front of him, a small wooden dragon suddenly appeared from the plank under his feet and quickly locked Ito Taro.

In the next moment, Wood Dragon directly dragged Ito Taro out of the gym with his own body, and in the process became bigger and bigger.

By the time he came outside the gymnasium, Wood Dragon’s body was already tens of meters long, and only the end of its tail completely locked Ito Taro.

“How is it possible, my Armament Haki!?”

Ito Taro wanted to use Haki’s power to get out of trouble, but found that after he used Armament Haki, it flowed uncontrollably to the wood dragon’s body.

“This wooden dragon can absorb Haki?!”

At this moment, Ito Taro’s horrified voice reached everyone’s ears through the gold list.

“Give up, Five Elders, and then go back to where you should be.” Li Fan’s voice came from the gym to Five Elders’ ears, “The more you use Haki, the more you will become a wooden dragon nourishment.”

“Is it ironic, Five Elders.”

“The big talk is so powerful, but even a little ninjutsu of mine can’t get out of trouble.”

[Charlotte Linlin: That’s right, it’s so ridiculous, but it was done by Li Fan with just one move.
It’s ridiculous.]

[Rayleigh: Although Li Fan said it is a little ninjutsu, it depends on the user.
If you use this ninjutsu for another person, it may not be so powerful.]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Ninjutsu, it’s really a strange power.
I thought it was the power of wood fruit.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Haha, the Five Elders of World Government are nothing great, and they are not beaten by Li Fan.]

[Momousagi Gion: Your Excellency Li Fan, please calm down! Please don’t do anything to His Excellency Five Elders.

At this time, Momousagi Gion was extremely nervous, for fear that Li Fan would accidentally kill Five Elders.

At that time, Li Fan will definitely be wanted by the World Government.

In that case, let alone Li Fan accepting her as a disciple, and seeing Li Fan again, maybe she still has to fight Li Fan.

“Damn it, let me go!” Seeing that he could not get out of trouble anyway, Ito Taro’s forehead popped a lot of tic-tac-toe.

Under such circumstances, Ito Taro couldn’t let go of his face if he let him admit defeat in front of the whole world.

“Li Fan, put me down, while it’s still not too late.”

“As long as you hand over Nico Robin and promise to join the World Government and cultivate talents for us, we will give you supreme rights.”

“Otherwise, you will only be wanted.
Not only you, but your disciples, and everyone related to you, will be okay!”

After speaking, Wooden Dragon’s body suddenly locked tight.

Ito Taro’s body was immediately twisted into a twist, and a lot of blood gushed out from his body.

“Fool.” Li Fan, who was no longer interested in listening to Taro Ito, shook his head and waved away the wooden dragon.

Ito Taro, who lost his support, immediately fell from the air and hit the ground heavily.

“Threatening me, even threatening people related to me.”

“It seems that I have been a superior person for a long time, and I have thrown away my mind.”

Li Fan muttered to himself, and his hands quickly formed seals.

“Wood Style-Flowers and Trees Realm Coming!”

As soon as the voice fell, a huge vine plant rose through the thick snow layer centered on the location where Ito Taro fell.

In a blink of an eye, it covered an area of ​​ten li.

The scene that was full of wind and snow just now turned into a small forest in an instant.

This is not over yet, on the vines, huge red flowers slowly formed, which looked so beautiful and weird.

[Golden Lion Shiki: What kind of ability is this that changed the environment to create a forest?!]
[Whitebeard Newgate: Look at the movements of Li Fan’s hands just now, and they have wood-related abilities like the wooden dragon.
They should also be ninjutsu.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: This ability to change the environment is almost the same as Devil Fruit’s awakening.
But what does Li Fan want to do?]

[Charlotte Linlin: Can’t you see this yet, Marine! Just now, what Five Elders said made Li Fan obviously angry, and now he wants to punish Five Elders, hahaha.]

The power of Li Fan certainly made Charlotte Linlin and others interested, but it was their happiest thing to see Li Fan take action to punish Five Elders.

“Haha, Shanks, it’s great to be called out by you.”

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t see such a good show.”

Roger laughed loudly.

“You can be happy, Captain Roger.” Shanks smiled and nodded.

On the other side, Ito Taro managed to prop up his body and stood up from the ground.
What caught your eye was a weird vine plant.

“What’s this?!” Looking up close, Ito Taro only felt that the plants in front of him seemed to be alive.

As long as he moves, these plants seem to violently attack him.

This couldn’t help but Ito Taro pulled out his sword and held it tightly in his hand.


At this moment, a large red flower closer to Ito Taro opened a gap, and yellowish pollen began to spread outward.

This situation caused Ito Taro to take a big step back.

As if the forest was awakened by Ito Taro’s actions, the huge vines began to roll.

This made the injured Ito Taro even more nervous.

“Li Fan, what do you want to do?”

In the direction where Li Fan was, Ito Taro shouted loudly.

“It’s nothing, it’s just to help you complete the task given to you by the gold list.

Through the thick vines, Li Fan’s voice came to Ito Taro’s ears.

“Try to escape from this forest, Five Elders.”

“If you can escape from here, I will automatically admit defeat and let Gold List hand over my abilities to you.”

“At that time, even if I don’t hand over Nico Robin to you, you can still win it by your own ability.”

“But if you can’t escape here, just save your life.”

As soon as the words fell, the entire forest began to move violently, and the red flowers began to appear cracks, and more yellowish pollen spread into the air.

“These pollen are weird!” Ito Taro’s eyes widened, and without hesitation, he turned and fled to the distance.

He heard the murderous in Li Fan’s words.

If he continues to stay here, he will really be killed by Li Fan.

“You must escape here!” Ito Taro’s eyes condensed, and a large amount of Armament Haki was condensed by sword in his hand, and he slashed at the vine in front of him.


“How is it possible?!” Ito Taro’s eyes widened.

Obviously the plants in front of me, my own sword slashed up, but made a metal collision sound.

“Oops!” During the stunned period, Ito Taro realized that more and more pollen began to float around him.

In an instant, Observation Haki urged it to the extreme and ran out of the forest.

One minute later, the entire flower tree circle was covered by thick yellowish pollen.

Ito Taro, who had inhaled the pollen, couldn’t hold on anymore, and his tired body fell heavily on the ground.

The plants around him slowly covered him, pulling him into the ground in front of the world.

“Hahaha, this Li Fan is really funny.
He killed Five Elders directly in front of the world.” Roger clutched his chest and laughed, “I really want to see this man with my own eyes.”

Sengoku: “Now, it’s troublesome.”

Momousagi Gion: “…”

“This guy, how dare you!” The blond-haired Five Elders smashed the desk with a punch.
“This guy and his disciple must be wanted, none of them can be let go.”

“Let the people of the world know that anyone who has an affair with Li Fan is an enemy of World Government and Marine!”

[Golden Lion Shiki: This Li Fan will never make people feel boring.
World Government and marine are also interesting and tight.]

[Whitebeard Newgate: World Government is that he has set up an enemy for himself.]

[Shiryu: A group of people who are accustomed to domineering and giving orders, even in the face of power that can shake the world, they are still so domineering.]

[Shanks: Li Fan’s trick seems to be attacked by the pollen.
Just now, the Five Elders seemed to have only inhaled a little, and the whole person was no longer good.]

[Rayleigh: Pollen is powerful, but those vines are also quite lethal.
That Five Elders was completely trapped inside.]

“Fufufu, do you even dare to kill the person at the top of World Government? Now the few remaining people should have a headache.”

Doflamingo laughed loudly.

Doflamingo is quite happy to see Five Elders who dominate the World Government.

–The challenge failed and Ito Taro died.

–Unable to get rewards.

After the announcement, the screening ended.

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