Chapter 80 Hawkeye, hand in the resurrection scroll

Drum Kingdom, inside Li Fan’s gym.

“Don’t you say something, Miss Nico Robin.

After putting Ito Taro’s sword into his Babylonian treasury, Li Fan smiled and said.

“I still said that, Lord Li Fan.” Nico Robin smiled, “Because your disciple killed Crocodile, I have nowhere to go, so I hope you can take me in.”

“If you can make me your disciple, that would be even better.”

Hearing this, Li Fan shrugged and said:

“Because of your relationship, now I may be troubled by people from World Government and Marine in the world.”

“Now that I still accept you as a disciple, don’t I suffer a lot.

“That said, but wasn’t it you who made the shot in the end?” Nico Robin smiled, “You could have handed me over to the World government, right? In this way, you can even have a good relationship with the world government.”

“If World Government says anything, I have to do it, I’m too embarrassed.” Li Fan shook his head.

Originally, Li Fan only wanted to expel Ito Taro, but did not intend to kill him.

However, being threatened by a single person and being so domineering, Li Fan naturally changed his mind.

“Isn’t it just right now, Li Fan.” Nico Robin said, “Since you have offended the World Government, taking in a wanted person like me is not so unacceptable, right?”

Li Fan raised his head, and gave Nico Robin a look: “Others apprentice, either for revenge or for strength.”

“It’s not bad for you.
Just because my disciple destroyed the Baroque workplace, he said that he had nowhere to go, and let me as a teacher take responsibility.”

“Besides, your purpose seems to be quite simple.

Hearing that, Nico Robin smiled slightly and didn’t say much.

“Forget it, since I found this place, I will accept you.

“However, no matter what your purpose is, I hope you don’t do things that hurt your fellow students.”

“Otherwise, I will find you and take back what I gave you.”

While talking, Li Fan handed the disciple’s name tag to Nico Robin and taught her how to use it.

“Then, please give me some advice from now on, Teacher Li Fan!”

After Nico Robin handed the brand to Li Fan, he walked to Li Fan’s side obediently and poured a cup of tea for him.

Li Fan nodded to it and turned the name tag behind.

[Disciple’s name: Nico Robin] [Age: 28 years old] [Born: Ohara] [Training direction: Ninja]

‘Ninja?’ Seeing the words on the name tag, Li Fan frowned slightly.

“Do you want Nico Robin to be trained as a ninja?”

It was different from the time when Vivi was cultivated, because there were Chakra seeds at that time, Li Fan was able to help him awaken Chakra.

But now, Li Fan does not have this power.

“What’s wrong, Teacher Li Fan?”

From the side, Nico Robin asked.

“You seem to be troubled?

“Nothing.” Li Fan threw the name tag on the disciple column by the wall, “I was just thinking about how to train you.”

“That’s it.
Nico Robin nodded, not saying anything.

Seeing Li Fan cast his gaze on the gold list outside the gym, Nico Robin smiled, put his hand on Li Fan’s shoulders, and gently massaged it.

Li Fan glanced at Nico Robin, then set his sights on the gold list again.

*Hopefully, Gold List can have another Chakra seed.

Although Nico Robin was trained as a ninja, Li Fan is not impossible.

But compared to physique, Li Fan felt that using ninjutsu like Vivi might be more suitable for Nico Robin’s fighting style.

–[Sword List] No.
5, congratulations to Mihawk Hawkeye for winning the [Elementary Resurrection Scroll].

–Use [Elementary Resurrection Scroll] to resurrect a dead person with your own power as a sacrifice.

Once the dead are resurrected, their strength will drop by one class.

–Note: Those who use the scrolls will have their strength reduced by one level; if the use of the scrolls is not strong enough, the resurrection will fail and they will be wiped out.

[Hawkeye Mihawk:…]

[Golden Lion Shiki: What did I see? There are still props that can be resurrected in this world? Wait, now that Summoning Roger’s undead can be found, it seems reasonable to have resurrected props.]

[Zoro: An item that can be resurrected!!]

Zoro’s eyes widened.
If he could resurrect his friend Guina, even if he regressed his strength, Zoro would be willing.

[Nami: That’s amazing, I think I want this!]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Now, Hawkeye, can you sell your scroll to Marine? Marshal Sengoku hopes to use this scroll to resurrect the five Elders who have just died.]

[Charlotte Ling: Hmph, you Marine really want to be beautiful.
Such precious props, why do you ask Hawkeye to give it to you?]

[Rayleigh: As far as I know, Shichibukai and you are only a cooperative relationship, and there is no obligation to give you your rewards.
In other words, with this thing, he should be able to revive Roger.
Haha, Roger, you can see what I said, you might be able to come into this world again in the future.
Although the power will be downgraded, but in
Just practice.]

“Captain Roger, that’s great.” Shanks looked at Roger excitedly.

At this moment, even the well-informed Roger had an exaggerated expression on his face.

“Hahaha, I really served this gold list.” Roger patted his forehead.
“With this thing, maybe not many people will be willing to fight to find One Piece’s treasure.”

“But resurrection? If it is possible, I really want to be resurrected.”

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