Chapter 82 In the future, I want to overthrow Shichibukai!?

–Congratulations to Dracule Mihawk for winning, now you can use 【Zangetsu】.

One, would you like to continue the second challenge to further unlock the [Zangetsu] name.

[Dracule Mihawk: Continue to challenge.]

–The time is determined, the future; the location is determined, Dresrosa; the opponent is determined, Issho.

–After 10 seconds, the transmission will start.

Sabo: “Oh, you deserve to be the former world’s No.
1 swordsman.
Even if I get Mera-mera Fruit, I can’t win.”

Koala: “Sabo’s words still have a lot of potential, and they will definitely be able to surpass Mihawk in the future.

Luffy: “Great, Sabo is really still alive, oooooooo!”

Ace: “I really want to see you, how have you been all these years.”

What Ace didn’t know was that Sabo and Koala were rushing to the waters of the Whitebeard Pirate Group by boat.

It won’t take long for them to meet each other.

[One smile: It turned out to be next.
It’s an honor to be able to fight the original No.
1 swordsman.]

[Dracule Mihawk: Is it the future Marine Admiral? Sorry, I’m going to use Zangetsu.
This is all to get the power to defeat Li Fan.]

[Shanks: Yao, is Mihawk planning to use Zangetsu directly this time.
Right, after all, it is the future Marine Admiral.
If you are not cautious, it will be very troublesome.
Maybe it will last a few days and nights.]

[Rayleigh: Zanpakutōー- Zangetsu, according to the Zanpakutō held by Li Fan, Zangetsu after Shikai should also have some special abilities.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: Since it is the future Marine Admiral, even if Hawkeye has the power of Zangetsu, it will not necessarily be able to win Issho.]

As Marine, Kizaru feels that he has to stand on the side of Issho,

[Charlotte Linlin: Just look at what kind of power this man might become Marine Admiral in the future.]

At this time, the countdown to the gold list ended, and Mihawk’s figure suddenly came to a new environment.

Doflamingo: “Huh?! That is the future me…”

[Issho: Shichibukai’s Heavenly Yaksha is standing next to me in the future.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: So, this battle is inside Dressrosa’s palace? But, why did you meet Heavenly Yaksha in the round of laughter?]

Future Issho smiled: “Although the old man is a newcomer in the world conscription, now that he has got the title of Marine Admiral, I naturally has things I wants to do.”

Doflamingo: “What do you mean?”

“That is, the Seven Warlords of the Sea system is completely abolished.” At this moment, Mirai’s face became extremely serious.
“If the pirate robbery incident happened in a certain place, if you don’t ask, don’t ask.
I am afraid that a dark country will be born like this country under the feet of the old man.”

Future Doflamingo frowned and said, “Marine, Four Emperors, Shichibukai, have you ever thought about the balance of the three powers?”

“Who knows.” Doflamingo smiled and didn’t care.
“If you don’t break it, who knows what the future will be like.
So, the old man of Heavenly Yaksha.”


Suddenly, the future Doflamingo kicked on the knife used to block Issho.

In the room, a huge storm suddenly rolled up.

Future Issho smiled: “If you do a lot of bad things, your items will be worth the money.

“Fufufu, I don’t think you want to be clear about this problem now, Fujitora Admiral.”

“Be calm and not restless, Brother Heavenly Yaksha, let’s live together peacefully now.” After Doflamingo retracted his leg in the future, he smiled and put away his sword.

As he walked back, he said:

“Now, I just want to protect your country.”

“As for how unbearable and stubborn diseases will emerge in this country in the future, because the old man is a blind man who cannot be seen, please rest assured.”

[Kizaru Borsalino: Fujitora? Is this the title of Admiral in the future.
However, the abandonment of Shichibukai’s system is really a loss for you to think of.]

[Issho: If I really become Marine Admiral, I will really respect such a system.]

[Dracule Mihawk: So, it is possible that my Shichibukai title will be cancelled in the future, which is really exciting.]

[Shanks: If this happens in the future, how about it, Hawkeye, do you want to come to me, haha.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: Huh ha ha ha, Shichibukai, if I can become my subordinate, it would be great.]

[Issho: I will call Dressrosa a bad country in the future.
Something very bad may have happened in this country.]

“…This blind man wants to overthrow Shichibukai’s system!?” Inside Dresrosa’s castle, Doflamingo clenched his fists, “No, I definitely can’t let this guy become Marine Admiral!”

Gecko Moria: “Hehehe, abolish the Seven Warlords of the Sea system, don’t let me meet you, Fujitora, otherwise I will definitely make you my zombie.”

Empress Hancock: “Huh, arrogant thoughts.”

Jinbei: “The title of Shichibukai, the old man still needs warehouse.”

Kuma: “…”

At this moment, because of the future clips, many Shichibukai are hostile to Issho.

If Issho become an Admiral, he may immediately encounter a cold reception from Shichibukai.

However, I just don’t care about Issho.

At this moment, the battle of Mihawk and Issho began.

Issho stick sword swiftly swinging, and a purple ripple spread directly to the sky.

Just when the world was in doubt, a meteorite dragging the flames in the sky slammed straight towards Mihawk.

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