“What–? Then wouldn't he ……”


“Yes, he has been in the Hall of Punishment for the past month ……”


Jiang Xue seemed to think of something in general and added:


“By the way, before Commander Lou left, he said that if you are still willing to see him, he wants you to go and meet him ……
for one last time.”


Pei Nianyu suddenly felt mixed feelings.


In all honesty, Lou Yefeng has been with him for ten years, this is the only time he insisted on going against him, it is impossible to say that he is not annoyed.
But at this time, Pei Nianyu heard the words he left behind, so he naturally knew what it meant——


Lou Yefeng was probably prepared to die long ago, whether he was tortured to death by operating the secret method, or he was punished to death for committing the crime of disobedience after waking up.


Pei Nianyu couldn't help but feel tight in his chest:


“I'll go right away.
Where's He Qi? Tell him to meet me at the gate of San Kui Pavilion.”




Then he put on a cloak, refused the servants and attendants, and went out the door.


It was already late autumn, and the grass and trees in the courtyard were shaking and yellowing everywhere.
As soon as he stepped out of the courtyard of the bedchamber, he shivered at the cold wind that blew across the road.


However, in the next second, a surging breath suddenly flowed spontaneously in the meridians of his body, emitting a warm heat that immediately drove away the coldness around his body.


“This ……
is ……”


Pei Nianyu had never had the opportunity to practice martial arts because the Peach Blossom Gu had been deeply stored in the meridians, but he often heard shadow guards talk about practicing martial arts, so naturally he immediately guessed that it was the so-called internal force.


But the inner strength is so thick that it can withstand the cold and heat…
How has he ever practiced it?


——It can only be given to him by Lou Yefeng using that secret technique.


A few months ago, when Lou Yefeng told him about this method, he had vaguely sensed that Lou Yefeng wanted to sacrifice himself.


Pei Nianyu has been in the deep palace for a long time, and he is used to the cold and ruthless human nature, and has always been extremely disgusted with sacrificing the lives of innocent people.


That's why for so many years, he has been keeping a low profile, never taking part in the battle for the heir apparent, taking self-preservation first and not asking for more.
As for the end…
Those brothers killed each other, and the two brothers who had been hiding their strength took advantage of it, this was beyond what he could have predicted.


And now when it was his turn, he would not agree to such unwarranted sacrifice of innocent people.
If Lou Yefeng really traded his life for his own, then he might live in guilt for the rest of his life.


So this way to take a person's life to get a life, and what is the difference between stealing and robbery.


However, he knew that Lou Yefeng was always clear about the balance between master and servant, he thought that under his severe reprimand, Lou Yefeng would not deliberately confront him when he knew he was opposed, so he dispelled this idea.


However, he underestimated Lou Yefeng's determination.


He didn't expect that Lou Yefeng would do this without hesitation, knowing that his life would be endangered, that he would be charged with a crime of treason, and that he might break his friendship with his master……


Fortunately, Lou Yefeng was not dead.


But he who survived was imprisoned for suspected treason.


Thinking of this, Pei Nianyu's chest felt sore.
How could a person without martial arts be interrogated for a whole month in that torture hall?


What's more, although he is not very close to He Qi, he knows his character.
He Qi, as the deacon and deputy commander of the punishment hall, is extremely serious, and he never shows affection.
Now that Lou Yefeng fell into his hands…it may not be easy.


At the moment, he was carrying extremely deep inner strength, thinking like this, although he can't do light work, he walked very fast, and he arrived at San Kui Pavilion not long after.


San Kui pavilion is located in the back garden of the king's palace which is a very remote place and is a small desolate courtyard, and the Hall of Punishment is located in the ground floor of the San Kui pavilion.


Outside the hanging flower gate of San Kui Pavilion, He Qi was already waiting there.
After seeing Pei Nianyu, he half-kneeled and bowed to him:


“This subordinate sees the master, and congratulates the master for recovering.”


“Cut the crap, bring the key, I'm going to find Yefeng.”


He Qi pursed his lips and seemed to disapprove:


“Master, the smell of blood in the torture hall is very strong.
You just woke up and your body is weak.
I'm afraid you can't bear it.
Besides, Lou Yefeng has appeared as a serious criminal.
Master, it might be inappropriate for you to go alone.”


Pei Nianyu felt a pain in his heart, and sighed:


“Yefeng gave me all his internal energy, so there's nothing I can't resist.
Besides, he…he never harmed me, so you don't have to worry.”


He Qi said silently, “Is that so…”


He stopped insisting and handed the key to the master.


Pei Nianyu took the key and was about to go into the dungeon, but before going down, He Qi stopped him:


“Master…! This subordinate has something to say, I don't know whether to ask it or not.”




“Master,Commander…..Lou, why exactly did he 'plot' to kill you? My subordinates have been interrogating him for a month, nothing has come out ……”


He Qi interrogated him every day without any results, and it finally made him really curious.
What did Lou Yefeng do to his master that made him blame himself so much, but he didn't want to reveal a word?


He interrogated him for a month…


When Pei Nianyu heard the words, he breathed up and felt stuffy in his chest.
Seeing He Qi's serious face, he couldn't help it, and choked him casually:


“It's a secret, you don't need to know.”


Then he turned around and entered the execution hall.


He Qi: “………”

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