Tristian lay in the middle of a battle field. His hair was disheveled and his face was stained with dry blood. His armour had been discarded and the remains of a red vest and black pants clothed him, looking tattered and bloody. Beside him, a sword was stuck into the earth and his hands cradled a body close to him.

All around him was a sea of dead bodies. The red colour of blood stained the entire battle field. Heaps of dead bodies could be seen, swords stuck in their lifeless bodies. The sky looked furious, with grey clouds gathering sullenly. It seemed a storm would break out soon.

Tristian didn care about the scenario around him. The sky could open up and rain down fire. The earth could open up and pour out its rage. The world could end. Nothing compared to the pain he was feeling in his heart.

The woman he cradled close to him coughed out and blood sputtered from her mouth. Her blue eyes were opened halfway, looking unfocused. Dirt and blood stained her entire body, her dress was a sorry sight and her bright hair looked dull and matted.

She lifted a shaky hand and touched Tristians face gently. Due to her weakness, her hand slipped away from his face but he caught it just in time, holding it up to his lips.

”Tristian… ”,she whispered.

Tristian looked down at her and a tear drop slipped down his eyes and trailed down his cheek.

”Heaven… ”,he called softly. ”Please don die on me ”.

His teeth were clenched tight, holding back the tears that threatened to bust forth. One hand lifted and wiped the blood at the corner of her lips.

”It… hurts so bad ”,Heaven whispered again, closing her eyes as the pain in her side increased. There was a bloody wound at her left rib and she could feel her strength leaving her as her blood slowly flowed out.

”I will heal you Heaven ”,Tristian assured her softly. He gently dropped her hand on her chest and then caressed her snow white hair that had gone dull with blood and dirt.

”Its too late ”,Heaven whimpered when the pain became unbearable. She just wanted to die so the excruciating pain would end.

”Don say that my love ”,Tristian begged her and the tears he had been holding back spilled down his eyes.

”But its true… they…they warned us ”,Heaven spoke so gently that her voice could hardly be heard.

”Heaven… ”

”They warned us…but…we didn …obey ”, Heaven interrupted him, struggling to speak through the burning pain at her side. Her eyes opened and the blue depths focused on Tristians face. He looked so handsome. So perfect. She wished she didn have to leave him, but she was only human. She wasn an ancient vampire like him. She wasn immortal. If only they had listened to the warning, that a union would never work out between a human and a vampire.

But the love between them had been so sweet. So enchanting. She hadn been able to visualize life without Tristian beside her. And now that she was about to die, it broke her heart terribly that she would never wake up to see his smile. To feel his touch.

To hear him whisper how much he loved her.

”Heaven… ”,Tristian whispered, staring into her enchanting eyes. His love was dying right in front of him and there was nothing he could do about it.

”I love you Tristian ”,Heaven said with a smile and she finally let her tears flow. There was no need delaying the inevitable. She was going to die. She might as well treasure this last moment with the love of her life.

”I love you much more Heaven. More than my life ”,Tristian cried softly, bringing his face closer to hers. Being in denial wouldn bring Heaven back. He accepted that she was going to die. His heart shattered into a thousand pieces when Heaven brought up her hand and held his face lovingly, staring up at him with love in her eyes.

”It was wonderful being with you my love. And I cherished every moment we had together ”,Heaven whispered again and pressed her lips against his.

Tristian held her closer and kissed her sweet lips one last time, eyes shut tight as tears spilled down his eyes. He sobbed bitterly as he released her, stared into her pale face, touched her face slowly.

”Goodbye Tristian ”,Heaven said faintly, a small smile on her face as her eyes gradually closed.

”Heaven ”,Tristian called hoarsely, and he held her face so she would open her eyes.

”Heaven, come back to me my love. Please be reborn. I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes. No matter how many years it takes. I will wait for you my love. Please be reborn… ”

Heavens body had gone totally still and lifeless, her eyes closed in death forever. Triatian roared out in pain and agony as he cradled the lifeless body of his love closer to him.

Thunder rumbled and the earth shook violently, as if it could feel the pain and anguish coming from the ancient vampire.

Tristian cried out as the memories of him and Heaven flitted through his mind. The moment he first saw her; the times she immensely annoyed him; the first time he saved her. And up to the point he gave her her first kiss and confessed his love to her.

Now she was gone. Killed. All because of a law that stated that creatures of the supernatural couldn be entangled with humans. Why? Why his love?

He finally quieted down after hours of venting out his pain. Heavens body had gone totally cold in his arms. He cradled her pale face and buried his face in her hair.

”Please be reborn my love ”,he whispered hoarsely.

And just as the words left his lips, he heard a whisper.

[I will return to you]

Tristian looked up and stared around him. There was no one. Only a mass of dead bodies, people he had killed in trying to protect Heaven.

But he was sure he heard it. And he was double sure that it was the voice of Heaven, his love.

He would wait for her, even if it took him his entire immortal life.

Because without her, his life meant nothing.

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