Chapter 1, Return to 1987

The cold wind howled, the snow was getting thicker, and large swaths of snowflakes were flying.

  The Jiang’s house in the capital is brightly lit, and in the small three-story bungalow, swords were on the verge of being drawn.


   “Mom, MuMu is burning up like this, I must take her to the hospital!” Zhao Yue looked anxious.

  The old lady sat like a clock without any response.


   “Old Jiang, MuMu is your biological daughter, do you have the heart to just ignore her? If this continues to go on, something bad could happen to her.” Zhao Yue was already anxious and burst into tears.


   Jiang Tao couldn’t bear it anymore.
Just as he was about to speak, the old man Li Tao sitting opposite him said, “Zhao Yue, I want to send MuMu to the hospital.
But I won’t until you sign the divorce agreement.
Once you do I’ll immediately have Jiang Tao drive her to the hospital.


  Jiang Tao heard this and nodded again and again, “Yes, first sign the divorce agreement.”


  Zhao Yue bit her lower lip tightly.
After so many years, is it finally here?


  She stared at Jiang Tao deeply, “You and I have been through ups and downs for 20 years, is this divorce really more important than my daughter?”


“Of course, it's important! How can we carry on the family line without a son? Do you want our old Jiang family to have no descendants?” The old man exclaimed excitedly, “If you can't give birth, you will abdicate to the virtuous woman who can.
If you can’t give birth to a son, who will my son work hard for, who will inherit from him?”


Although Jiang Tao had guilt in his eyes, he did not refute his father’s words.


  Zhao Yue looked down at the divorce agreement seriously.
The request was very simple; leave the house and leave with nothing.


  She was trembling with anger, “Jiang Tao! In order to prevent me from getting property, you don’t even care about your own daughter’s body.
Are you still a human being? Are you not afraid of heavenly retribution?”


It’s only scary for a meek woman to get angry.
Jiang Tao couldn’t help but say, “What are you yelling at? Stop making a fuss.
You sign it obediently, and I'll send MuMu to the hospital, and you can stay there with her yourself.” After all, my daughter will marry into someone else's house sooner or later, he thought.


  The violent quarrel downstairs made Jiang Mu in the bedroom try to open her eyes.
The heat she felt in her head made her brain feel groggy.
Looking at the picture on the wall, the tape on the bedside table, and the radio, Jiang Mu's mind became even more confused.


What happened?


  Wasn’t she kidnapped by some evil guys, and then wasn’t it because the family only paying her brother’s portion of the ransom that the kidnappers tore her up?


  Shouldn’t she have been tied up in a warehouse and burned to death? Why was she back home again?

Moreover, it seems that she is still in her fifteen-year-old bedroom, not her thirty-year-old room.


  Looking at the surrounding furnishings and listening to the quarrel downstairs, Jiang Mu had a bold idea in her heart.
Could it be that she was reborn again to the age of fifteen?


  It also happened to be the day when her parents divorced.


  In her previous life, her parents had divorced, and the Jiang family didn't want her because she was a girl and could not pass on the family line or inherit the family business.
She would have been kicked out too, but on the day that her mother left, she’d developed a high fever.
When she woke up, her mother had already gone.


  She was left at the Jiang's house, and a new mother and son moved in.
After that, she was like an invisible person at the Jiang's house.


  She studied hard, and she ranked first in the school every time.


  Her Dad likes to trade stocks, so she directly applied to finance major in college.
Grandpa likes antiques, so she followed behind an old professor to study seriously.
Grandma likes jade jewelry, so she studies hard at the craft.
But no matter how good she is, she can't get a single compliment.


  In their eyes, she was no match for a son.
She was a girl and could not succeed in the Jiang family or carry on their business.
After graduation, she wasn’t even allowed to join the company.


  In the end, she and her younger brother were kidnapped together.
For a ransom of 100 million, the family took out only 50 million to save her younger brother and abandoned her.


  The scorching heat of the fire she had died in could still be felt all over her body.
Jiang Mu struggled to stand up; she wanted to leave here, she was leaving with her mother, and never staying in this patriarchal home again.


Her face was flushed red, her whole body was soaked with sweat, and the hair on her forehead had already been stuck together in stringy pieces.
Even though she was covered in redness and her head was about to explode, she still insisted on finding her biggest leather suitcase and organizing it.
Tidying things up inside it and adding in some more boxes of stuff, she held it all in both hands, and walked out of her room step by step.


  Downstairs hall.


  Zhao Yue was full of resentment, “Jiang Tao, the reason your Jiang family can have what it does today, isn’t it in large part with my help?”


“You forget that we were hiding in Tibet when we were setting up stalls on the roadside.
Back then we were afraid of being caught and being labeled as speculators! No matter what I accompa

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