Xu Qingwan finally looked straight at Yin Hui. 

Yin Hui wore a light blue embroidered beige with gold trim blouse, matched with a long white skirt, her figure was graceful, elegant and decent.
That dress was not much different from usual, what had changed was her demeanor.
Yin Hui, whom Xu Qingwan was familiar with, was always cautious.
Her beautiful eyes lost their generosity because they were always paying attention to her own behavior, and because she often lowered her eyes and head subconsciously because she was ashamed. 

But that day, Yin Hui smiled with peaceful eyes, thoughtful etiquette but no trace of imitation, like a thrush that was shivering in a cage, suddenly flew out of the cage freely in the sun. 

When Yin Hui flinched, it was easy for everyone to overlook her beauty. 

When she had become calm and generous, her beauty was fully displayed. 

Xu Qingwan was stunned for a moment. 

How did she not find out that her sister-in-law actually possessed such a beauty? 

The eldest son, Wei Yang, was not familiar with his younger brother’s wife.
Although he heard Yin Hui’s words, he just thought it was very common and didn’t pay much attention to it. 

Wei Luo’s heart moved slightly, but it was difficult to look back at Yin Hui. 

It wasn’t until Xu Qingwan looked away from her face that Yin Hui breathed out lightly. 

The morning light poured over from behind, and the two families cast long shadows on the ground. 

Yin Hui looked at those shadows, and then looked at the blue sky in the distance, so blue and so clear, just like her heart without any distracting thoughts. 

Prince Yan usually handled family affairs in the side hall of Qinzheng Hall, and usually any family banquet was held there.

The juniors had to arrive early, and Wei Yang and Wei Luo became the first wave to arrive. 

The men sat on one side, Yin Hui and Xu Qingwan sat on the west side, with a seat in the middle. 

After Yin Hui sat down, as soon as she raised her head, she met Wei Luo’s gaze opposite her.
She didn’t know whether it was a coincidence that he had been looking at her. 

Yin Hui thought it should be just a coincidence, Wei Luo rarely paid attention to her in Chengxin Hall, let alone outside. 

She avoided his eyes as if nothing had happened, just as San Lang came to Xiao Heng’s side, Yin Hui naturally sat sideways and watched San Lang tease his younger brother. 

Regardless of whether the children would fight when they grow up, they were still small now, and they would only approach whoever they liked.

“Look, third aunt, he is spitting.” 

Almost after San Lang finished speaking, the wet nurse gently wiped his saliva. 

San Lang looked at his younger brother who still had to be hugged, and said proudly, “I am going to the capital with my father, and my eldest brother is going too.
You are still young, so you can’t go there.” 

On the contrary, Sister Mei, who sat quietly behind Xu Qingwan, looked at San Lang enviously.
There was a difference between a wife born kid and a concubine born one, and the five-year-old girl had already understood that rule to some extent. 

At that time, the second master’s family also came. 

The second master, Wei Yan, was handsome and liked to smile, and was suave.
He was nicknamed the most beautiful son by the people.
His wife Ji Xianxian was also an amazing beauty.
Even though she was seven months pregnant at the moment, she still looked beautiful. 

Xu Qingwan was born with the most noble and elegant temperament, but when the bright and beautiful Wei Yan appeared on the stage, she became dim like the stars beside the moon. 

“Big brother and the third younger brother came so early, I’m ashamed,” Wei Yan said with a smile, taking a seat between Wei Yang and Wei Luo. 

Wei Yang smiled and said, “I don’t think you are ashamed, I saw pride on your face.
Why? Do you think that if I go to the capital, you can show your elder brother prestige in front of the fourth brother and fifth brother?”

Wei Yan suddenly showed a bitter expression, “Brother, don’t go.
If you go, the burden of watching them both will fall on me, I don’t want to take care of them.” 

Yin Hui quickly glanced over the faces of the three brothers, and came to the same judgment as in the previous life.
In terms of demeanor, Wei Yan was indeed the most outstanding master in the Yan Palace, but in terms of beauty, her husband, the third master, was actually the number one, but he was too serious and indifferent, so the servants and the people in Beijing were afraid of him.
Therefore, how dare they comment on his facial features?

“Hey, it’s a pity that the third sister-in-law has to stay in the palace to take care of Wulang, otherwise it would be great to go to the capital with the third brother and see the world,” Ji Xianxian who had just sat down next to her suddenly said in a regretful tone. 

But her implication was that Yin Hui had never seen anything in the world. 

In the past, Yin Hui would have blushed with embarrassment, but at that moment, her heart was calm, and she asked innocently, “I think Pingcheng is very prosperous.
Is the capital more prosperous than here?” 

Ji Xianxian was also born in the capital.
Hearing that, she seemed to have opened up the chatter box, and while giving Yin Hui a contemptuous look, she talked endlessly about how the capital city was more prosperous than Pingcheng. 

After she was out of breath, Yin Hui smiled and said, “Maybe because I grew up in Pingcheng that I am saying this, the surrounding towns are not as prosperous as here, so I think Pingcheng is the best.
It is my good fortune to travel to the capital, but I have nothing to regret if I can’t go.” 

Ji Xianxian’s arrogance became a display as she didn’t arouse envy.

Then, her own son, the four-year-old Er Lang, suddenly broke out, tugging at Ji Xianxian’s sleeve and shaking, “Mom, I want to go to the capital too!” 

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