A Thing That Should Be Handled With Care

When Mia arrived at the Viscount’s main territory, she was totally overcome with fatigue and victorious exhaustion…

Oh, heavenly moons, I miss the bed, the bed.

Of course, she cannot afford to go to bed at the moment.
For the time being, Mia tells Dion and three others to keep quiet about the forest.

I can’t have others know that I threw a tantrum after tripping on a tree root.

No one would actually be surprised if they hear Mia throwing a tantrum after what happened.
However, Mia felt that her behaviour was embarrassing.
It was embarrassing enough to trip on a tree root, even more so to almost get hit by an arrow on the head for it.

It isn’t that Mia is shameless, it’s just that she has a weird sense of it.

Mia, who arrived at the Viscount’s residence, was immediately called by Viscount Berman.
Mia, as the princess, is under no obligation to answer such summons, but this time it was the perfect timing for her to say something to the Viscount.
So, she decided to respond obediently.

“What did you do, Your Highness? That place is dangerous.
There seemed to be a confusion at the scene…”

“Oh, then the Viscount says that my escort should just be a few people? Is it enough to be escorted by two Princess Guards coming back from a dangerous place as you claimed?”

“Uh … no, no, that’s never the case… but you did go to such a dangerous place without my permission.
I’m afraid to be in trouble …”

“The land of the empire is the imperial family’s land.
As the emperor’s daughter, if I wanted to go anywhere, no one should be able to stop me, nor do I need any permission.
Isn’t it?”

Mia is in full-blown arrogant and selfish princess mode.
She is quite good at it as she had lots of experience of being like this in the previous timeline.

My, my… this reminds me of the good old days.
It is so refreshing.

It has been such a long time since Mia had done this kind of “specialty treatment” to anyone.
Her face was shining with delight.

“Oh! I want to talk with my father regarding that land.
So, I’d like you to refrain from logging the trees or having any military operations there for a while.”

“Stup..! I mean… yeah… yes, but that could be a bit dangerous.
How can we defend ourselves if that savage tribe suddenly attack us?

“Oh? But it seems to be that this town is sufficiently fortified.
If that tribe attacks any of the neighbouring villages, then let those villages handle it themselves.”

Mia leans her head a bit in a perplexed fashion.
However, what appears on her face is a devilish, nasty smile.
What Mia said was usually what the Viscount himself was thinking.
At the same time, it is also the normal thinking of the nobles at that time.
Refuting Mia’s words would reveal that Berman has special undisclosed interest about the matter.
Berman had no choice but to shut up.

“Well then, I guess that is everything.
I thank you in advance for making the necessary arrangements.”

After lifting the hem of her dress, Mia gave a not-so-respectful curtsy.
Then, Mia left the Viscount’s room.

After finishing all that talks with the viscount, Mia returned to her chambers.
It was only then that she discovered something very important…

“Mia-sama, what happened to your hairpin?”

Anne asked Mia as she helped her change her clothes.
Mia hurriedly put her hand on her head where the hairpin used to sit…

“Oh my… that’s odd.”

She had not changed her clothes yet since arriving to this town, and she also certainly did not change clothes while she was in the garrison.
She can’t remember when or if she took off the hairpin.
Mia, who tilted her head slightly and organized her memory, turned blue the next moment…

It was at that time! That time, when they tried to shoot me with an arrow! I must have dropped it!

Or maybe it was when she stumbled on the tree root, but in any case, it seemed like she lost it while she was in that forest.

Oh no… this is bad… really bad!

Mia began to panic.

Just now she was proud of herself for having stopped a conflict that could have broken out at the edge of the forest.
But now she has lost the hairpin that seems to be closely connected to how all the trouble started in the first place.

She felt an ominous feeling…

What might be small thing could be a trigger that could spark a revolution.
Then what follows next is the guillotine… then the decapitation…

No… no… no… I absolutely don’t want to go back to that again!

And there was another reason why she wanted to get that hair accessory back.
It’s for the child who gave it to her.
If it was just a normal gift, she wouldn’t really care too much.
But since she found out that it was his mother’s keepsake, she realized it was a precious thing.
Mia was sure that he will be sad if he hears that she lost such an important gift.
She doesn’t want him to be mad at her.
Even if he won’t be mad, she won’t know how to face him next time.

Nothing good can come out of treating sincerity with contempt.

Then there is only one thing Mia should do.

“I have to go back to the forest and find it.”

“What did you mean, Mia-sama?”

“I’m sorry Anne, but could you call me Ludwig?”

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