A Person who is All Talk


“Stop the revolution? Help your brother … what do you mean?”

Mia said while rubbing her hands that had just been freed.

“I don’t have time.
We’ll talk while walking.
Put on your shoes.”

Mia did as she was told for the time being.
She followed Lynsha and they emerged out into a dim back alley.

“Where are we?”

“This is one of the bases of the underground revolutionaries.
It’s not very safe around here, so stay close to me.”

“Huh… Okay, I understand.
Hmm? Revolutionary …?”

Mia nodded but then she suddenly paused when she heard a word that caught her attention.

“Uhmm… by revolutionaries, do you mean the revolutionaries that are causing riots in the Kingdom of Remno right now?”

Lynsha paused for a moment, then…

“Yes, they are our comrades.”

She nodded a little, but her voice was weak.

“My brother… he is the one in charge of the revolutionaries.”

“In charge? Eh? Does that mean that your brother is the leader of this revolution?”

Mia was starting to have second thoughts on following this girl.

“He was just caught up into it.
He is just someone who talks big when he is at the tavern.
There’s no way he can be a revolutionary leader.”


Lynsha then proceeded to tell her story.
Lynsha and her brother were originally nobles.
But they had fallen into hard times.
Her brother was a student in the royal capital but was forced to go to a rural town with the fall of their house.

It was good when they first arrived.
Her brother was motivated to work as a craftsman.
However, the job proved to eb demanding.
It didn’t take long for him to start complaining about his work.
Everyday he ends up exhausted from the hard physical labor. His only solace was complaining at the tavern.

One day, a man approached her older brother.

“Know what buddy, it is exactly as you say.
At this rate, the country will only get worse.
What about we do something about it? Why don’t you recruit your comrades to join in too?”

Invited by the sweet words of a very amiable man who called himself “Jem”, Lynsha’s brother soon became a central figure with the revolutionaries.
He was a naturally talented orator.
He gradually built an organization for that purpose.

Being his sister, Lynsha was viewed as a member of the revolutionaries as well.
Although he had never made a formal commitment.


“You can’t really call it an organization.
It’s just a group of people who grumbles.
But everyone is being stirred up by Jem…”

“…uhmm… is it okay to interrupt you?”

At this point, all the alarm bells in Mia’s mind were warning her of danger.

“Why are you telling me about the internal workings of the revolutionary organization?”

A scary smile crept across Lynsha’s face as she turned towards Mia.

“This Jem guy said that you are a danger to the revolutionary organization.
So, we need to catch you at all costs.
I figured out that you have the power to stop the revolution and to disband the organization.

Mia replied with a nervous chuckle to Lynsha’s serious thoughts.

“O-Ohoho, you greatly overestimate me.
Wh-What can a child like me possible do? ”

“Yeah? You looked pretty calm when those boys were harassing you earlier.
Even now you are still calm.
That’s not how a normal child usually behaves.”


Lynsha was right on these points.
Compared to the Revolutionary Army of the past, or compared to the time in the Sealence Forest, to be honest, the current situation wasn’t really that scary for Mia.
Both the boys earlier and this girl looked like normal kids playing hooky.

Honestly, they’re even smiling! That is compared to the Imperial Revolutionary Army with hatred-filled eyes and pressed their blades against her throat.
They don’t even have that murderous aura that Caption Dion inhibits.
These kids are just downright cuddly by comparison.

I need to keep this together.
These are not my friends.
I still need to be cautious.

Mia arranged her expression and put on a serious face.
Then thinks again.

Should this man named Jem be considered a companion to the assassins who attacked our wagon?

Only they can predict where the Mia could have been after falling from that wagon.

I wonder if they know my true identity.

I could just be an ordinary girl.
But that guy named Jem seems to know who I really am.
Even if I am the Tearmoon Empire Princess, I don’t know how to stop this revolution…

And … oh, I want to eat sweets.

Mia had given up and threw in the towel.
The thinking she had just done – no matter how little it was – was nonetheless already causing her feeble mind to overheat.

I would like ice candies!

Just as Mia’s thoughts were beginning to derail badly, an angry voice pulled her back to reality…

“Oi Lynsha, what’s taking so long! Did you intend to take the credit all for yourself!?”

One of the boys on the lookout is back.

“Ku …, you came back very quickly.
Have you made all the necessary arrangements yet?”

Lynsha stared at the boy with a stiff face. However, a suspicious color immediately appears on the boy’s face…

“N-No…well actually…”

The boy made a slightly awkward face and began scratching his head.
The next moment they hear a voice saying…

“So, we have arrived.
You are now dismissed.”

It was followed by a blunt sound on impact


The boy collapses on the spot.
What appeared from behind was…

“Oh! Sion!”

“My apologies.
It was a little difficult to find.
I was lucky to catch these boys wandering around.
I asked them nicely to lead me to you.”

It was the dashing figure of Sion Sol Sunkland, who beat the boys to sleep with a sheathed sword.
He probably wasn’t as nice as he claimed to be when he asked those poor boys.

Author’s Note.

Hello, this is Mochizuki. Thank you for your supportive comments.

This time, the enemy Prince came to help! That’s the story.

I’m glad that Mia was saved by a hero.

So I hope to see you again on Friday.

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