Princess Mia’s Enlightenment 

“So, this information… Did it come from one of your Sunkland spies? It seems that they have infiltrated deeply into our royal family.”

Abel said in a thoughtful tone.

“I wonder who they are…” (Abel)

“Oh, it was a maid named Monica Buendia who informed me.”

“Hey, Your Highness Sion, that’s …!”

The surprised Keithwood tried to stop Sion from divulging the secret, but Sion just shook his head and spoke.

“It’s okay.
I intend to propose to my father to recall all the Wind Crows.”

Keithwood was left with nothing to say.
With how the situation is going, a full-scale withdrawal of the Wind Crows is very feasible even without Sion’s proposal.
Neither Sunkland nor Remno want to start a full-scale war at the moment.
Remno lacked the strength, and Sunkland dreaded the optics.

The probable aftermath next steps would be secret talks and a solution in the form of monetary compensation.
It is not hard to imagine that the first demand of Remno’s side would be for Sunkland to withdraw all of its intelligence network.

As for those who are directly involved with the conspiracy… their punishments would depend on the diplomatic negotiations.

“If my assumption is correct, you wouldn’t do anything to her, would you?”

Abel remembered the face of the maid she met the other day.

“Oh, you can trust me on that.
So, it was Monica… I see… she…”

I am no Princess Mia, but the thought that she might face severe penalties doesn’t sit well with me either.
Then this comes to…

Abel looked at Mia with a bitter smile.
Then he moved on to the task at hand.

“Princess Mia, I’m sorry, but can I take that man with you, your vassal?”

“……What? Dion?”

Abel shrugged at Mia who looked confused.

“It’s supposed to be Bernardo’s job, but he’s not known for flexible thinking.
Hopefully I don’t have to tell him yet that Sunkland is involved in this matter.”

“That’s understandable.
Well, I don’t think he will refuse.”

Mia looked at Dion with a slightly reluctant face.

“Well, if Your Highness is going, I can’t help but go.”

Dion shrugged and shook his head in feigned resignation.

What? Heavenly moons! Have they already decided that I am going with them to rescue Donovan? All without my permission! I am starting to see a pattern here…

With this enlightenment, Mia sighed and accepted her fate.

Eventually, it was decided that the group who will rescue Chancellor Dasayev Donovan would be: the two princes and Keithwood, Dion, Mia and Anne.
A total of six.

Ludwig will go and meet with Lambert to negotiate the dissolution of the rebel army once Count Donovan is safely rescued.
Tiona, who has some sword skills, will accompany Ludwig as a guard.

There was some disagreement that the two princes would go to the scene, but in the end, there were not enough other members.
Lambert’s “Blue Scarves” would not let them bring the Remno army into the town.
ON the other hand, the rebels were neither competent nor trustworthy enough to be used as an escort.
Mia’s group was, therefore, the best option for the rescue.

Honestly, it’s okay for me alone… Well, if something goes wrong, I just have to make sure to protect the Princess and her maid. The princess’s sweetheart can fight for himself… (Dion)

According to the information provided by Monica, there were not a lot of enemies in the place where the Chancellor was held.
Jem only had a few combat-trained Wind Crow agents with him.
Normally, Dion would be disgusted by such a small number.
It would take at least three times that number to make the fight interesting.
However, the Princess is with him, so he decided to tone down his bravado and proceed cautiously.

It is said that there are only a few intelligence personnel and gems who have undergone

“I’m not particularly worried about the battle… but will this really work?”

Dion asked Ludwig before they parted.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s one thing if all I have to do and annihilate the enemy, but what about getting the Chancellor Dasayev alive? I don’t see why they would keep him alive until this time.”

Dasayev Donovan was nothing more than an instrument to trigger the uprising of the people.
It doesn’t seem to make much sense to still keep him alive.

“I get your point… But I think he would still be kept alive.”

In response to Ludwig’s answer, Dion looked surprised.

“Is that so? Why is that?”

“I asked Her Highness earlier… She said that the leader of the revolutionary group is a man who speaks well but is actually shallow.
It seems he is a talker but has no guts.”

Dion frowned at the answer at first, but he soon understood the implication.

“Oh, so that’s it… I see, so there is a reason to keep him alive.
Well, anyway, I will protect the princess even at the cost of my life.
So make sure to keep those rebels off our backs, okay?”

Dion turned his heels back while waving his hand flippantly.

Author’s Note:

happy new year. I look forward to working with you again this year.

I will post every day until the Kingdom of Remno is cleared up. There are a few more episodes planned …

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