Mia’s Diary of Delights

1st day, 10th Month

I had bread with lots of honey today.
Honey from the Holy Principality of Belluga is the best.
It was delicious.

10th day, 10th Month

I was supposed to be having a cake today… but Anne got angry with me.
I didn’t know Anne and the head chef were coll comsp working together.
Next time, I will have to eat the cake secretly.

25th day, 10th Month

I had ambermoon tomato stew today.
I haven’t had it in a long time.
It was good, but the stew I have in the empire tasted better.
It’s not like I miss the head chef’s food! Well, maybe a little.

25th day, 11th Month

Wait a minute! I just reread my diary entries and it seems that all that I have been writing are food reports again.
Heavenly moons, whenever I don’t pay attention, I end up writing about what I ate.
Maybe this is a cursed diary!

Anyway, to other matters.

I made a big discovery today! I found a history book in the library that seems to have the future written on it.
It really wasn’t a big deal.
I figured it was something like that other diary I had, so I wasn’t too surprised.

The problem was the stuff written in it.
According to the book, I will eventually marry Abel.
I wonder how he is going to propose to me.
I can’t wait to find out…

Maybe, I don’t have to wait! I should be more proactive.
But that means…

I started at the guillotine, and I go all the way to finding a husband.
What an epic journey.
I really deserve a pat on the back.
In fact, why not? I’ll give myself one right now.

On top of that, the book said that we will have eight children.
That’s more than enough to keep the Empire supplied with heirs for a long time.
We’re definitely riding some sort of wave.

But still… Eight! That’s surely a lot. A lot of hard work in making them as well. It’s going to be a big undertaking.

It also said that I am going to be empress too.
Honestly, it all sounds like so much work.
Will somebody trade jobs with me?

Translator’s Note.

This is a side story, but it has a lot of prophetic contents for the next part.
As I have said earlier, I’ll be taking a quick break to read the next part beforehand.
See you in a few days!

-Mermaid Fish

Keep on being smug Mia and Anne!

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