Mia… Stepping on Something

For eight days, Mia did her best.
The morning after hearing Bel’s story, she took a break from class saying that she wasn’t feeling well.
Then she spent the day drowning in tears of misery and despair.
Thus concluded the first day.

The next day, Abel, Sion, and other worried classmates came to visit her out of concern for her health.
Feeling particularly adored, she was on sky high, and she felt a little more energetic.
Thus concluded the second day.

“It’s too early to give up.
We need to calmly analyze what Ludwig was saying!”

With that in mind, she started looking for a way out of her problem.
Thus concluded the third day.

The next day, she returned to class because she wanted to eat sweets.
Because of her extended break, she struggled to catch up with the lessons.
She retired to bed early with fumes of overexertion emanating from her head.
Thus concluded the fourth day.

This is half-way through her 8-day battle.

After almost five whole days of unproductivity, Mia’s gray brain cells started working that night.
Her brain cells finally assembled a reasoning and a working theory.
That is…!

If I defeat Rafina in the Student Council election, the history will change.
So, in short, Rafina shouldn’t be the student council president! In other words, I don’t have to stand as a candidate.
Anyone can run as long as that someone can beat her.
Then things will work out fine!

Upon reaching the end of the road of that reasoning, it was as if a fog had been cleared.
And Mia bravely steps on the new road.

Then, the sixth day.

Mia starts to move.
Mia spares no effort if she wants to escape the crisis.
It was Prince Sion that she came up with as a candidate.
Prince Sion, ho is extremely popular and respected, could compete with Rafina.
It was a decent decision by Mia.
Mia’s brain cells, which had warmed up over the course of a few days, were now starting to work full throttle.

After school, Mia immediately went to Sion’s class with a happy face while humming.

Hmm, it’s a wonderful idea! Not only will I not receive death glares from Rafina, but I will also be giving work to that Sion guy.
My, my.
Am I ever good at this?

By the way, St.
Noel consists of two classes in each grade.
Sion and Abel belong to a different class than Mia.
Tiona and Chloe are in the same class.

I wish I was on the same class as Abel.
Well, I don’t care about that Sion guy… Well, I mean… if he really wanted to be in my class, I guess I wouldn’t mind if we were all together.
After all, he might feel lonely if we left him in a class all by himself.

Every now and then, the tsundere Mia would appear.

“Excuse me.” Mia called out to a group of schoolgirls were near the entrance of the door.

“Yes? Wha – Oh, Princess Mia?”

The girls jumped a little at the sudden appearance of a school celebrity.
Mia smiled politely at them.

“Good afternoon.
Would Prince Sion be here?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.
His Highness Prince Sion went to practice swordsmanship.”

“My, how diligent.
I supposed I will find him at the training grounds?”

“Maybe? Oh, but His Royal Highness Abel was with him.” A girl who panicked said, who hastily added the information about Abel.

Seeing that, Mia tilted her head and asked, “Is that so? Oh, if Abel is with Sion that means they would be at the other place…”

Hearing Mia’s words, the schoolgirls all looked surprised.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Oh no, nothing.”

“Well then.
Thank you for your help.”

She gave a polite curtsy and left the classroom.

After Mia left, the schoolgirls looked at each other.

“Hey, hey … did you hear it now?”

“I heard it! Your Highness Princess Mia called Prince Sion without the title ‘Prince’, just Sion!”

“Maybe Princess Mia and Her Royal Highness Sion…”

“Well? But he supported His Highness Abel at the swordsmanship tournament? And she also called Prince Abel without his title.”

“So, among those two princes, which is your favorite?”


Mia suddenly became the central figure in the rumor in the classroom where it will spread through the academy.

Not knowing that, Mia visited the training ground, and when she confirmed that they weren’t there as expected, she headed for the stables.
She thought that maybe they were doing swordsmanship training on horseback…

“Hmm… still nowhere to be found.”

“Oh, if it isn’t the daughter of Tearmoon?”

A voice called out suddenly from behind her.
Mia turned her gaze and found a big senior in front of her.
He was looking at Mia with a horse brush in one hand …

“My, Malong-senpai.
It has been a long time, isn’t it?”

“Oh, it’s been a long time, Miss.
Did you ride your horse properly during the holidays?”

With that said, Lin Malong, the president of the equestrian club, smiled with a big smile.

“Yes, of course.
Maybe I’m better than you now.” Mia said with a smirk at which Malong laughed.

“Haha, confident, aren’t you? Okay, want to race me later?”

“Well, if you want to.
But I won’t lose though.” Mia said with a big smile matching Malong’s.

“By the way, Malong, did Sion and Abel came here?”

“No, I haven’t seen them.
I’ve been taking care of the horses since the class was over…”

“I wonder if that means they’re over there.” Mia nodded while mumbling to herself.

“Thank you, Malong, I’m away.”

“Oh, that’s right.
Young lady, you should be careful.
Around this time, this guy …”


Mia’s foot stepped out, and suddenly there was an ominous sound underneath.
A little damp, watery, really, this kind of unpleasant sound…

No, what is it now …? No way?

Mia was very, very reluctant, but still reluctantly, she looked down at her feet …

“Oh, no…”

She made a sad voice.

U, U, my shoes … UU.

Mia is not a noble princess raised in crystal palace.
In the previous timeline, she lived a hellish life in a filthy dungeon.
She was no stranger to filth.
As such, she can walk into the slums no problem.

So then, she wasn’t going to make a big deal about stepping into a something.
It wasn’t like she hurt herself, her shoe won’t suffer any permanent damage either.
It wasn’t much to worry about.

Still, the realization of what just happened came with an unpleasant shock that soured her mood.
While slumping down, Mia headed for the alley behind the school.
At the end of the narrow path, which looks like an animal trail through the woods, is the sandy beach where Abel used to practice swordsmanship.

Eventually, her view opened up into a mesmerizing expanse of white sand and blue water.

“Oh, this place is always beautiful.”

The faint sound of lapping waves can be heard.
Rolling waves gently crash against the shore before retreating to reveal wet sand glimmering under the soft springtime sun.
Against this beautiful backdrop stood two princes, swords drawn and eyes locked.

“As I thought, they were here after all.” While muttering, Mia puffed her cheeks.

Even so, Abel doesn’t understand a maiden’s heart.
I wanted to make this place a secret place only for us.

Mia stopped as she tried to approach them on the beach.
She stares at her shoes, and then at the beautiful white sandy beach.
She can imagine the brown footprints on the white sandy beach …

“That… would be unpleasant.”

She took off her shoes.

“Well, it’s a sandy beach, so there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Mia, who became barefoot as it was, tried to head toward the princes with a short run.

“Oh? Princess Mia”

It was Keithwood who first noticed Mia and called out to her.
Watching over the two princes, leaning against a giant rock lying on a sandy beach, he looked toward Mia and turned his eyes round.

“Oh, hello.
How are you?”

Mia lifted the hem of her skirt a little and greeted Keithwood.

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