The culprit…?

Rewinding back time a little when Mia was interrogated by her father about every sincle thing that happened to her at Saint Noel’s…

During this time, Bel and Lynsha received a modest welcoming party at Anne’s house.

So this is the home of Mother Anne and Mother Elise…

A father with a gentle smile and a quiet and kind mother; while the children are laughing carefreely.
The atmosphere of the dining table was wrapped in a pleasant warmth.
Totally opposite from the environment Bel was raised in.

Mother Elise…

Bel remembers with nostalgia the face of the woman who was like her mother.
The gentle wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, her gentle voice when telling bedtime stories, and the dignified look that she had when she entrusted Bel with the precious Chronicles of Princess Mia.

Ludwig died, Anne died… It was Elise who took care of her until the very end.
That’s why Bel wanted to see Elise no matter what, if she was able to go back in time.

Mother Elise… I guess it should have been obvious, but you look so much younger.

Bel had endless respect for Mia’s personal court writer and the author of Mia’s biography.
Seeing Elise so young felt strange.
Elise used to carry her to put her to sleep.
Bel always felt that Elise back was wide and full of motherly comfort.
However, seeing Elise who is almost the same age as her, Bel could did not get the same impression of the elderly Mother Elise.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Bel-sama”

Elise, who was sitting next to her, noticed that Bel was staring at her.
Bel had no way of knowing, but the sickly complexion of Elise had been replaced by a younger healthier Elise.
All thanks to the money that Anne had been sending and the salary that Elise herself receives as a writer.
There was now no trouble finding food.

“Ah… that? Ah…”

Bel stammered.
But Elise noticed something.

“Bel-sama, please excuse me for a moment.”

Saying that, she gently reached for Bel’s collar and brushed off the crumbs that were on it,

“Forgive my rudeness, Bel-sama.
But I must remind you that you are related to Mia-sama.
You cannot go around with crumbs on your shirt.
You should conduct yourself accordingly.”

Elise said it with a stiff face.
It was at that moment that Bel’s emotional floodgate couldn’t hold in anymore.

Aaah… it really is Mother Elise.

Waves of emotions washed over Bel.
Her heart overflowed with nostalgia and fondness.

“Um, um, Moth- I mean, Elise-san, is it okay if I sleep with you tonight? I’d like to hear some of your stories…”

Without thinking, Bel requested.

“Huh? Oh, but Bel-sama, what about your attendant…”

Elise looked flustered at Lynsha, but Lynsha gave a wry smile and shrugged her shoulders.

“Normally, I don’t think it’s possible for aristocrats or royalty to sleep with commoners.
But both Princess Mia and Bel-sama seemed to be quite loose in that area.
Also, Bel can take care of herself.
So you don’t have to worry


I know how to behave.
Mother El- … My mother taught me well.”

Bel declared while showing a proud smile, and Elise just looked confused.

Just like that, Bel was able to worm herself into sleeping with Elise.
She laid down on the bed, snuggled into the blanket and took a deep breath.

Aaah… it smells like Mother Elise.

Her foster mother who gave her own life to protect her.
Now she is in her presence again.
It was the same feeling.
The same warmth.
It was so nostalgic and familiar that Bel cried just a little.

“Well then, excuse me…”

Right behind her, Elise slowly entered.
She laid down stiff on the bed with her back to Bel.

“Umm, Moth – Elise-san?”

“Ha, yes, what is it?”

Elise answered in a nervous voice.

This may not be a fun story evening as Bel hoped.
In the old days, when she couldn’t sleep, Elise would gently tell her fairy tales.
It was mostly big action adventure stories that were extremely inappropriate before going to sleep.
There were times when she couldn’t sleep because she was so excited, but there were times when she found herself in pleasant dreams.

For Bel, who wanted to experience those irreplaceable moments just one more time, this situation was a little dissatisfying.
Puffing out his cheeks, Bel thought.

I have to ease Mother Elise’s nervousness.

Mumumu, after thinking about it, Bel decided to go for one of her trump cards.

“Umm… Elise-san uhm…  Do you want to hear some stories about Princess Mia?”

“I do! Yes please!”

Elise tossed and turned, then stared at Bel with expectant eyes.

Ah, so you’re really interested in Grandmother Mia’s story…

Bell was relieved that her strategy was successful.
Then she lowered her voice slightly.

“Is that so? Well then, I’d like you to keep this to yourself… Mia-oneesama can also ride the Tenma (legendary heavenly horse).”

“Eh? The Tenma!”

Bel couldn’t believe how excited Elise became with the topic.
Encouraged by such success, she kept telling the tale with such confidence that she almost started believing it herself.

And it can fly! I have never seen one myself but the wings come out of its back.”

“Well, I imagine it so.
Since it has wings, then it can fly… The Tenma… wow! I wasn’t really sure they existed before.” Elise cleared her throat from the excitement.
“And to think that Her Highness can ride it! That’s so amazing!”

“Oh, and it seems that Princess Mia reads ten books every day since she was a child.
I tried doing it myself, but one book a day was my limit.”

“Even one book a day is amazing.
I want to live in a place with so many books.”

Bel didn’t want to tell the truth.
She read one book a day… for a total of three days, then she gave up.

“Oh, and there’s more.
Mia-oneesama can dance like a goddess.
Whenever she dances, she looks like she is dancing in the sky.”

With Mia’s topic as a trigger, Elise finally started relaxing.
After that, Elise also told Bel various stories centering on the story she was currently writing.
Remembering the atmosphere of the mother who raised her in the past, Miabel was very pleased.

…Elise made a note of everything that she heard from Bel, later that night.

“As expected of Mia-sama.
It looks like it’s going to be a story for a novel… No, if it’s this, it might be more interesting to write a true story… The Chronicles of Princess Mia… That’s the perfect title.
I guess I’ll write it someday.”

Mia was totally unaware that Elise was thinking oft such ominous things.


Translator’s Note: Tenma or Tianma is a legendary winged horse.
Like Pegasus in the Greek mythology

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