Anne on the other hand, seemed to have practiced a lot.
She mounted the horse with not much problem.

“You’re pretty good, Anne.
How about we race to that hill?”

As soon as she said it, Mia kicked the horse’s side.

“Let’s go, Silver Moon!”

“Your Highness, that horse’s name is…” the nearby guard intervened.
But neither horse nor rider seemed to mind.
Mia leaned forward and started galloping with Silver Moon (provisional name).
She can feel the wind in her hair, tickling her cheeks, and against her body.

“Ufufu, this feels good.
Come on, let’s go faster!”

In response to Mia’s shout, the horse steadily accelerates.
It kicked up the grass of the meadow and Mia felt like she was one with the wind!

Oh, this is amazing.
It’s like I’m riding a heavenly horse! Later on, I have to tell Elise about this experience!

While Mia was drunk on speed, a voice was shouting behind her.

“Your Highness, stop the horse! You’re too fast!”


It was then that Mia finally came to her senses.
She realized that the surrounding scenery was flying by at an alarming speed.

“Oh my, I got too carried away… Ohoho, hmmm… In order to stop the horse…”

Mia soke the necessary steps in order to calm herself.
Then exactly as she instructed herself, she tightened her grips on the reins… and pulled! But her efforts to remain calm wasn’t all that successful.
Her nervousness caused her to pull the reins too strongly.

The horse did not appreciate the sudden yank on the reins.
It reared violently.


With just this word, Mia once again became one with the wind.
The difference was that time, the horse wasn’t with her.
It’s retreating form was a dire reminder that she had been thrown from its back – at such a dangerous speed, no less.

Uh… oh? This seems to be really bad…

She felt weightless and started getting nauseous.


She could hear Anne’s screams at the distance, but it was too late.
Just when she was about to hit the ground, something thick and rigid wrapped around her stomach.


A voice came out of her lips.
Her nausea was taking over, and she swallowed hard barely managing to hold back from vomiting.

I made it on time.
Are you okay, Your Highness?”

She saw the face of Vanos smiling wryly.
It was then that Mia finally noticed that she was held by Vanos’ thick arms.

“That was really dangerous.
I’m glad I made it on time.”

Saying so, Vanos let Mia straddle his own horse.
Mia obediently sits in front of Vanos and calms down, then turns her head again and looks at Vanos.

“Thank you Vanos.
You saved me.
I’m sorry to have put you through that.
I got a little carried away there.”

“You sure did, Your Highness.
If something happens to you, both Captain Dion and Ludwig will be disappointed.
And not to mention your poor maid…”

When Mia looked behind her, she saw Anne with a deathly pale face, trying desperately to control her horse she urged it toward them.

“Ah, I made Anne worry too…” If, by any chance, she fell and got injured, Anne would have fainted.
“I should have been careful.”

“I must say, I wasn’t expecting to hear that from you…”

“Oh? But you were right, and you saved me.
Isn’t that natural?”

“Well, I agree with you.
But I thought I would get an earful about being insolent and everything else.
Most nobles would surely react like that.”

Vanos smiles wryly.

“That aside, Vanos, you are quite big, now that I see you up close.”

“Oh? Hehe, well, I’m proud of being one of the biggest in the empire.
It’s not just my size though.
I also am quite good at the sword.
Though not as good as Captain Dion.” Vanos lets out a loud laugh with Gahaha.
“There are imperial soldiers who are bigger than me, and there are imperial soldiers who are stronger than me, but I don’t think there are any imperial soldiers who are as big and strong as me.
I make a great meatshield.”

“Now that is very reassuring, isn’t it? But please don’t call yourself a meatshield.
You are now a member of the Princess Guard, so you should carry yourself with confidence and pride that befits a knight who protects me from harm.”

Mia said with a pleasant smile, to which Vanos grinned from ear to ear.

“Hehe, Your Highness, you’re really a likeable person.
Makes me feel good to serve under you.
Makes the whole job worth it.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.
Mia gets along well with big men.

“Milady! Are you injured!?”

Anne finally caught up with them.
Her face was pale with terror.
Mia bowed her head to Anne in apology.

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