hy? Your Highness, if it were completed, think of the glory.
It would be the most famous landmark in the empire…”


Mia sighs inwardly, wondering if explaining it was really worth it.
She thought that it was too troublesome to explain it, so she might just get it done with a command.
However, Berman’s next words quashed this idea…

“If it’s about the financial stress, then I can consult with His Majesty the Emperor for support…”

“… You will do no such thing.”

Mia said immediately.

If Father hears of this, he will surely get on board.
He will decree a special tax for its construction and people will no doubt hate me for it.

However, knowing Berman, he will most likely appeal to the Emperor even if Mia tells him not to.
So she had to persuade him right here right now.

“Viscount Berman, you are misunderstanding my intention.”

“Misunderstanding? What do you mean Your Highness?”

“You talked about glory.
But what I consider to be my glory are the students who will attend my school, as well as their achievements after stepping out into the world.
Therefore, if you have money to build a golden statue, I would prefer that you spend it on the student themselves.”

Proudly puffing out her chest, Mia declared.

Well, I don’t really care about the number of achievements.
What I really care about is Cyril Rudolvon’s producing a new strain of wheat.
That is the main goal.

“On the students? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Think about it, even if you build the statue, its brilliance can only be seen by those who will have visited here.
However, if the students achieve great things out there, the news of their accomplishments will quickly spread.
They will gain fame, and that fame will extend to the school itself.
And they will lean that it is located here in Viscount Berman’s domain.
Your name will forever be linked with the academy and all its glory.
Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“I see… People are a castle, and people are its walls… well said.”

There was a murmuring voice, but it wasn’t from Berman.

When Mia turned her gaze towards the voice, she saw the officer watching her with great interest.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, was your Highness unfamiliar with the saying? These are the words of a famous king in the East.
No matter how splendid a castle you build, it’s meaningless without people.
Treasure your people and they can be as sturdy as a castle and protect you as firmly as a wall.”

For a moment, Mia tried to feign that she knew about this.
However, she stopped short.
Mia sensed something dangerous.

It’s dangerous to pretend to know in front of a smart person.
This person somehow smells like Ludwig.

“I didn’t know that at all.
You are very knowledgeable.”

Mia said with a clear face.

“Thank you, Your Highness.
But it would appear that I am not the one who is knowledgeable in this regard.”

The officer said with a respectful bow.
Mia was worried about this man’s pensive expression, however Berman interjected before she could say anything.

“I see, as expected of Her Highness Princess Mia… I am deeply impressed by your insight.”

Satisfied with Berman’s praise, Mia decided not to pursue it.


In this way, Mia managed to stop the Golden Giant Statue Project, but at a later date, another statue will be built at the school by Berman.
It is said that the statue, which was made by the elite members of the Lulu tribe at the request of Berman, was not that big, but it was made with one-of-a-kind workmanship.
 The statue carved out of a tree from the Sealence Forest depicts Mia and a unicorn playing.

By chance, a certain court author with a strong delusional habit saw it.
Fuelled by the flames of delusion that burned in her heart, the story of the Chronicles of Princess Mia became even more fictitious.

Well, not like it matters anyway…

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