The Three Visits ~Mia’s Plan~

The next day after receiving an explanation of the school construction plan at Viscount Berman’s residence, Mia actually inspected the school under construction.
Even though it was called an inspection, it was little more than a formality.
The main issue was after that.

Mia was finally going to meet with Ludwig’s master, the Wandering Sage.

“Your Highness, it’s about time.”

Called by Ludwig, Mia gave her cheeks an invigorating smack.

“Then… Shall we go?”

She made up her mind and stepped into Sealence Forest.

Her thoughts on the matter had changed a little over the past day.
After the welcome sweets by Viscount Berman, she realized that running away was not a feasible option.
This also comes with the realization that what Anne told her might be more metaphorical than literal.

This is not a situation that I can just run away.

Basically, Mia wants to live up to the expectations of her loyal subjects.
They believed in her, so she must also do her part.
Mia, surprisingly, has a heart of 24 karat gold.
It just takes a long dig to find that gold vein.

Besides, Ludwig can’t do it by himself, so he relied on me…

Maybe not 24 karats, but 18 karats.

If I walk in and manage to convince his master in one try… I can just imagine the look on his face.
I bet his eyes will pop out of their sockets in surprise.
Oh, this is going to feel so good!

Well, maybe at least it is gold-plated.
So, Mia changed her mind.
The good thing about Mia is that she can switch quickly.

Last night, Mia pondered on how she can obtain the cooperation of Ludwig’s teacher.
She pondered on it… Mia style… next thing she knew, she woke up in the morning.
She wasn’t able to come up with any good ideas, but at least she wasn’t suffering from sleep deprivation.

“I just have to try everything I can think of and see what works.”

Thus began Mia’s pre-emptive maneuvering.

“By the way, Ludwig, won’t my current attire be disrespectful to your master?”

Today Mia was wearing thick clothes for outdoor activities.
Long sleeves on top and thick trousers on the bottom, covered with cloth up to the ankles.
Ludwig’s master seems to live even deeper in the forest than the Lulu tribe’s village…so she’s dressed like that so that the grass and branches won’t hurt her skin.

“I assume he values decorum.
Perhaps it would be best if I changed into a dress?”

“No, my teacher hates excessive ornamentation.
He believes in dressing practically.
So Your Highness’ clothes are suitable for the forest”

“Well, is that so…?”

Mia looked a little disappointed.

How unfortunate.
Wearing these unfashionable clothes, it will be difficult for me to use my enchanting looks… Such a shame…

As the saying goes: Silence is golden.
Mia’s silence on her intentions is definitely golden.

“Ah, that’s right.
In that case, how about bringing some souvenirs? What does your master like?”

Mia was trying to use the same tactic she used against the priest in the Newmoon District.

“Things he like? Hmmm… He eats anything, so foods are out of the question.
Oh! But I remember that he once said wile rabbits make excellent stew.”

“Oh, I had that one before too.
So he also knows his delicacies.

Mia remembered the exquisite rabbit stew she ate in Remno Kingdom and wiped her mouth to hide her inner gourmet.

That being said, there’s no way I’ll be lucky enough to catch that a delicious rabbit on the way there… and it seems difficult to get a good impression with a bribe… disappointing…….

In the meantime, the forest grows deeper and deeper.

“I would like to say hello to the people of the Lulu tribe, but…”

“Right… We plan to set up a time for that.
They are also cooperators in the construction of the school.”

“That’s good.”

The path winded and narrowed, and the leaves on the trees overhead grew thicker.

“I’m relieved that I didn’t end up fighting here.
I have to thank Her Highness again.”

Vanos looks around and rubbed his upper arm as if he felt a sudden chill.
Visibility was terrible and having no geographical advantage, it was simply unimaginable to fight in a place like this.

Just then, the encroaching darkness gave way all at once to a clearing.
In the middle was a small tent.

“We’ve arrived.
That’s my master’s temporary residence.”

“Well, that is fascinating.” Mia curiously looked around the small tent.
“… Hmm, if I had this… I could set up camp anywhere and quickly, in case I would have to make a quick escape… I should ask him how to make one for myself later.”

Mia muttered something like that for a while.
Finally she made up her mind.
She took a deep breath and announced…

“Wandering Sage, are you there?”

She waited for an answer but there was no reply.


Mia lifted an eyebrow.

Maybe he didn’t hear me.
Since he is considered a sage, he might be of old age.
He might have a hard time hearing me.

Rethinking that, Mia called out again.
However, there was still no reply.

“Is he away? Just to make sure, Ludwig, you did tell him I was coming today, right?”

“Of course I told him.” After thinking for a while, Ludwig continues.
“However, my teacher… sometimes, when he is absorbed in his thoughts, he ignores everything from the outside world.
The longest I know is about five days.
He shut himself up and never went outside.”

“What!” The outrage came from Anne.
“How dare he be so disrespectful to milady.”

In line with that, the surrounding guards also have angry expressions on their faces.
However, Mia hushed them by raising a hand.

“I don’t mind.
We are the ones who have come to ask for a favor.
He probably has something to deal with.”

“Well, but milady…”

“Then, let me wait here for a while.”

Mia who said that with a perfectly placid tone.
Not a single trace of anger can be seen on her face… well, actually her lips were showing a hint of smile.

This is a great opportunity!

Finally, Mia’s excellent strategic eye found a one-in-a-million chance of victory.
He promised to meet her, but he was away.
Or he ignored her.
This means that this is his fault!

It’s the perfect material for a counterattack! If he says something mean to me, I can just hit him back with his behavior.
In such case, it would be better to have more to use against him.

“Milady, let me look for a place for you to sit somewhere…”

“No, that shall not be necessary.
I shall wait for him right where I stand.”

If she waits for him in such a sloppy manner, he might use that as a counter counterattack.
The only way to use this situation in her favor was to wait for him in perfect courtesy.

In that case, it’s better not to talk too much.
I need to shut up, straighten my posture and wait.

Luckily, Mia has a lot of experience doing this in the dungeon.
At that time, she used to count the number of stones in the dungeon for days…

Compared to that time, this situation is infinitely better.
Well then, let’s count the number of grasses around here while waiting.
One, two, three…

Mia counted the grass while standing still and totally expressionless.
If the people with her realized what she was exactly doing, they would have been totally creeped out.

Eventually, the number of grasses she counted exceeded 30,000.

Hmm… I think that should be enough for now.

Mia nodded satisfactorily and called out to those around her.

“It looks like it’s impossible today to meet him today.
We shall head back and try again on a later…”

At that time, a demonic idea arrived in Mia’s mind.

That’s right! I just realized how to make his blunder even more fatal to the point that I can carry out the negotiations with an overwhelming advantage!

In Mia’s ears, Ludwig’s words earlier revived.

If I remember correctly, he said that he once shut himself up for five days and didn’t come out.
That means if I visit again in the next few days and be ignored, I’ll have an even better leverage!

Missing someone once was undoubtedly rude but still barely forgivable.
But what about twice… or thrice? In a row? That would be totally unforgiveable.

He would no longer be able to claim that he hates nobles because they are presumptuous, if he himself will act in such a presumptuous manner.
That would just be a hypocrisy it would weaken his position so much that he would not be able to talk back, much less say mean things to her.

If I can gain that much leverage from him, he won’t have any choice but to accept our request! Heavenly moons, what a marvelous idea I have.

Mia trembled involuntarily at the perfect scheme she came up with.
In order to realize such a wonderful idea, Mia quietly started to move.

“I’m sorry, Ludwig, but could someone please go to the Lulu village?”

“Hmm? Certainly, but what for?”

Mia answered with a smile to the confused Ludwig.

“If I can’t meet your master today, I thought it might be a good idea for us to stay in the village of the Lulu tribe.
It is better than going all the way back to Viscount Berman’s mansion.”

It will be difficult for her to come back to this place every day if she goes back to Viscount Berman’s mansion.
She would be tied up by different things.
However, if she stayed with the Lulu’s she won’t be hindered by other responsibilities.

Mia wanted to create a situation wherein she could say to Ludwig’s master, “I went to you several times, but you seemed to be too busy.
I wasted many days of my life trying to meet you.” Five times might be a stretch, but ideally, she should try to get two more unsuccessful attempts.

“But the forest might be lacking in various comforts…”

“Oh? Is it really? I certainly don’t mind.
Back in Remno, I spent a night in the open with a campfire, you know?”

Ludwig looked stunned at Mia who just giggled and laughed.


Thus, began quietly to overthrow the stubborn wandering sage.

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