designed to accommodate two children of noble families.

Anne sits in the luxurious bed with a frightened look on her face.

[So, what is it, Mia-sama?]

[I'd like your advice on something]


Anne tilts her head.

[Yes, and it is something very important]

[Something very important…..]

Anne Swallows her saliva.

After staring at Anne, Mia takes a deep breath.

[When meeting your ideal partner, how one should go about creating a good first impression?]


In the previous timeline, Mia had convinced herself she would end up with prince Sion.
She thought the only person worthy of the great Imperial Princess was the prince of Sunkland, Sion.
And vice-versa.

So, Mia's stance towards Zion was always, “Feel free to ask me out”.
It was always like that.
Whether it is was a ball, a dinner party or before a holiday. 

She would go to Sion and say: “Feel free to ask me out”.
Basically, she was very annoying.

Now Mia was slightly aware that it was a mistake.

That is growth.
It is a big step.
It may not be a big step for mankind, but a big enough step for Mia.

Of course, she though: “It is because of Sion's rotten personality!”, but after so much time in prison, she gained a somewhat better common sense and started to think: “Maybe there was something wrong with me”.

Although Mia has no intention of approaching Sion, she has to make connections to save herself from the guillotine.

The most important of those is a lover or fiance.

So Mia decided to ask Anne if her approach to love was wrong…….

[….Mia-sama, this, who taught you this method?]

Anne said with a twitching face, after listening to the story.

[Who you say?…..]

Anne gripped Mia by the shoulders before she could say: “Myself”.

[Listen Mia-sama.
That is all wrong! I don't know which shallow noble lady you've asked, but no one will want to be with you if you look down on them like that!]

Is that so?]

[That is so!!!! It is true that since Mia-sama is the Imperial Princess, some may still want to go out with you.
But that is because they want your power, not because they like you.
Someone like that isn't worth of Mia-sama to begin with.]

She finishes with a snort.
And then….

[So, Mia-sama.
Who are you planning to approach? Let's think of an strategy!]

Anne says, with an air of enthusiasm.


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