and radiant skin.

A beautiful and smooth glossy hair.

However, Mia, who was simply satisfied with taking a bath every day, was oblivious to that.

She didn't realize she was secretly attracting attention in the social circles for being like “the goddess of the moon”.

(I wonder why people keep telling me I have beautiful hair and skin recently)

That was the extend of her thoughts.

[Well then, I'll wash your body, Mia-sama]

[Yes, if you please]

While gently rubbing Mia's back, Anne checks on Mia's skin condition.

(The trip was very long, so your skin may be a little rough.)

Fortunately, the water in this bath is said to be good for rough skin and recovery from fatigue.
A light massage with herbal soap and a little time soaking in the water should be enough.

(I wonder who Mia-sama wants to approach)

Although the question was avoided earlier, Anne's curiosity know no bounds.

(I though for sure she liked Ludwig-san, but…..)

Anne shook her head.

(In any case, I have to take perfect care of her body, so, no gentleman will resist…..)

After washing Mia's body, she carefully washed her hair.
She also checked for split ends on it.
There was no problem with color and gloss.

I'm done washing you, Mia-sama]

Anne said, after nodding her head satisfied.

[Thank you for your hard work, Anne]

Mia turned around in a good mood, but then she though of something.

[Oh, yes.
It is my turn to wash your back now.]

She said with a smile.

[What are….? There is no way I could ask the princess to wash my back.]

[You don't need to hold back.
There is no one else here and you must be tired.
It is my way of thanking you for everything you have done for me.]

For Mia, Anne was an important ally and loyal subject.

However, above anything, she had with her a debt of gratitude she could never repay, for she had stood by her side, until the moment of her death.

Mia forcibly made Anne sit down and hastily washed her back.

[I'm done.
Let's go in.]

Just when she was about to enter the bathtub.

[Mmmm, you two sure get along well.]

A soft voice reached Mia's ears.

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I'm very happy.
Thank you very much.


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