Keithwood handed a piece of paper to Tiona, after she was properly dressed.

[Sorry, Miss Rudolvon, but if you don't mind, could you please give this note to His Highness Sion?]

[…? Yes, no problems.]

After nodding slightly, Tiona headed for the venue.


Tiona arrived late at the dance hall.

But no one paid attention to it, because Mia and Sion had just finished their dance.

Their amazing performance drew the attention of the whole venue, and Tiona was able to enter the party without attracting attention.

After the dance, Sion was surrounded by girls.
It took some courage to go there, but…

(After everyone put in so much effort to bring me here.)

Determined, Tiona walked up to him.

[Excuse me…]

[Oh, if I remember correctly, you are…]

[I'm Tiona Rudolvon, Your Highness.
I received this from Mr.
Keithwood at…]

[Hmm? Then, if you excuse me.]

Moving away from the girls who were surrounding him, Sion looked at the note.
There was a summary of the incident and the people behind it.

It also mentioned the possibility of Mia's involvement, just in case.

(That Keithwood.
There is a limit to being cautious.)

Sion couldn't help but chuckle.

Keithwood's job is to broaden Sion's horizons by pointing out possibilities that he is unaware of.
He has to be especially aware of the people Sion trusts.

Sion didn't think he really suspected Mia's involvement.

(Or rather, they would probably get along.)

Regardless, his instance of disregarding personal feelings and just trying to provide materials for Sion to think about was't gentle but was wise.

(Speaking of which…)

Sion remembered Mia's attitude from earlier.

Perhaps Mia had spotted Tiona during the dance earlier.

Just by looking at her, she guessed what had happened, and entrusted her to Sion so that she could at least enjoy the party.

Normally, Mia would take care of her, herself, but in the case of dancing, it is faster to ask a boy to become her partner.

(Someone more suitable…
In other words, someone more suitable for my help?)

If someone asks for help like that, It is hard to refuse.

(However, “suitable” has a slightly different meaning, doesn't it?)

Sion remembered what she said earlier, and smiled a little.

He felt like he had just found a small weakness in the seemingly perfect Mia, and that made him chuckle.

[Um, Prince Sion?]

[Hmm? Oh, no, excuse me.
Miss Rudolvon, would you be so kind as to accompany me to a dance?]

And on that note, the night of the dance party dawned.


The next day…

Mia woke up in a good mood.

She used up a lot of energy dancing last night, and after working up a good sweat, she took a relaxing bath.

Then, with a pleasant feeling of exhaustion, she fell into a soft bed and slept soundly until morning.

It was the perfect night's sleep.
She slept so soundly that she felt refreshed in the morning.

While humming to herself and wondering what she should have for breakfast, Mia came to the dining room.

After setting down, she watched as Anne went to arrange for her meal.


She noticed someone approaching Anne.
It was a young man with a fearless face.
Since he was wearing a tight butler's uniform, he was certainly a servant brought in by some student.
His demeanor was graceful, elegant and charming.

If he was just a good looking guy, Mia wouldn't say anything.

If Anne had found someone, she might even have cheered her on.

if it is the servant of her sworn enemy, Prince Sion, it is a different story.

The girl next to him was even more problematic.
The girl, from a minor tribe of the Empire, was without a doubt, Liora, servant of Tiona Rudolvon.

The arrows she pointed at Mia with a look of resentment in the previous timeline were still burned into her mind.

Why is Anne talking so friendly with those guys?!)


Mia asked Anne about what happened after she returned.

[I was going to tell you later, but ……]

Anne timidly began reporting what had happened.
And once Mia finished listening to the whole story…


She was frozen in place.
Her small body slowly tilted to the side.

[Yaah! Mia-sama.]

Mia fell straight down on her side.

Her complexion, as pale as moonlight.


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