Keithwood Mentally Overloads as Well

Sion Sol Sunkland was training by himself in the grounds.
His swings were sharp.
He was a master of the weapon to the point that even ordinary soldiers could not match him.

When he went sideways from a sharp step, he heard a crackling applause.

“Have you been working this hard since the morning, Prince?”

“Keithwood? I still cannot notice your footsteps.
I did not know you were here.”

He thought of taking a break with the appearance of his servant.
Sion put down his training sword and wiped his sweat.
Sweat splattered from his smooth hair which was reflected the glittering sunlight.

Keithwood quietly observed while wondering if such gestures fascinate many girls.

“So, did you decide whose lunchbox you were going to accept?”

“I have no plans of accepting anyone’s”

Keithwood’s sudden question received a quick response from the prince.
Dozens of girls have already sent offers to Prince Sion.
However, Sion politely refused each one of their offers.

“Oh, does that mean that you want my own handmade lunchbox?”

At Keithwood’s light joke, Sion grinned and returned a mischievous smile.

“That’s right.
I do want to taste your cooking.
Aren’t you a good cook? And wasn’t the last time you cooked for me was when we were still in Sunkland?”

Sion, who received special education by the Emperor since he was a child.
It included all parts of his life.
Even his food was strictly controlled.
Being respectful and obedient, Sion never openly complained about the bland food.
But he often complained to his best friend, Keithwood.
So Keithwood would sneak into the kitchen at night, cooked a midnight snack and delivered it to Sion.

As a result, he once ended up with a cavity.
They both got a good scolding at that time.
Now it was just a good memory.

“Even though I’m doing this with good intentions, but I feel like all you’ve been doing is complaining a lot.”

“Of course.
After all, aren’t I the Prince of the Great Sunkland? It’s part of my duty to be particular about the taste.”

After a smirk, Sion said.

“Well, let’s put the jokes aside.
Have you made any arrangements for a lunchbox to be delivered?”

Sion doesn’t want to get a lunchbox from anyone.
The title of Prince of the Kingdom of Sunkland is influential.
It’s too heavy.
Being friendly with any specific person may be seen as a diplomatic move later on the line.
And he does not want to implicate his country for such actions.

Yeah, that might exactly how my Prince might be thinking.

Keithwood shrugged, sighing.

Not that he is wrong, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to relax a little and enjoy life.

Even if Sion is the crown prince of Sunkland, he is just a boy around his teens.
Just as he once complained about wanting to eat delicious food, he may feel lonely that no one will give him a lunchbox.

“Are you trying to say something?”

“No, not really”

Keithwood left the training ground while lazily waving his hands goodbye.

“… The point is that there are a limited number of people that Prince Sion can say ‘yes’ to when it comes to accepting a lunchbox.”

The first candidate that comes to mind is the face of the princess of the Tearmoon Empire, a perfect match for the great power of Sunkland.

“If Princess Mia offers, I don’t think Prince Sion will refuse …”

Unfortunately, that wise princess seems to have promised to bring a lunch box to Prince Abel.
Keithwood could never comprehend why she is so obsessed with Prince Abel.

“Oh, Keithwood, just the right person in the right place.”

Keithwood suddenly heard his name.
He stopped and looked to the direction of the voice.

“Ah, it is Lady Rudolvon.”

It was Tiona Rudolvon, the daughter of the Outland Count of the Tearmoon Empire, who called out.

“Can I be of service to you today?”

“Yes, actually …”

Keithwood groaned inwardly when he heard the story.

A collaboration of three people, one of which is a low-ranking aristocrat, and the other is the daughter of a merchant who has become an aristocrat.
In addition, there is another person that will receive the lunchbox, Prince Sion.

Sure, that would save Sion from having to deal with nasty rumors such as that he was in love with a particular girl.
Moreover, this will strengthen the idea that Princess Mia only wants to be friends with Prince Sion.

As expected of Princess Mia.

Keithwood nodded in admiration.
Princes Mia really lived worthy of her title as the wisdom of the empire.
He can witness the unfolding of her master plan before his eyes.
Layers upon layers of intricate designs navigating through the social maze of Saint Noel.

Suddenly, Keithwood was horrified …

A cold thing ran on his spine.
It may have been chills, or it could have been a hunch.

Somehow, it seems that a great crisis is imminent for his Lord… Keithwood had an overwhelming premonition that if he left these three girls alone, the swordsmanship tournament will be perilous for his master.

I can’t feel any malicious intent from Tiona, who is smiling in front of me.

“Would you mind if I take a look at the situation of your cooking plans?”

It was only then that Keithwood realized how dire his Lord’s physical condition could be if he left the ladies on their own.
He therefore decided that he would join Mia’s culinary corps.

It was in fact that it was because of Keithwood’s great judgement to join Mia’s cooking group that he was able to save the physical condition of Prince Sion and Prince Abel.

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