finished… roasting… the meat.”

The door behind the kitchen opened and Liora came in.

“This is … it looks very well roasted indeed, Miss Liora.”

The chicken is making sizzling noise and is dripping with gravy.
It’s burnt in places, but it looks really good.

It looks delicious, but …

“After that, I hope you can think a little about the people for whom this food will be served…”

Why?! Why did she not use the kitchen oven!

Why did she have to take it to the courtyard, prepare and cook the meat over a bonfire!??A bonfire in the courtyard!

It’s too crude and it’s extremely unsanitary to cook outside in terms of cleanliness.
When he tried to voice out his concerns, there was a person beside him who spoke out first.

“That’s right, Liora-san.
These are to be served to the princes, right?”

Chloe said with a thick cookbook in one hand.

Oh, she’s the young lady of the Folkroad Company.
Finally, we have someone with a common sense…

“Raw meat is the best way to show off the taste of the ingredients…”

“Absolutely no.
Please… please stop.”

Keithwood made a 180 degrees turn very quickly.

Keithwood finally noticed that the title of the book Chloe has in her hands was “Exotic Recipes for Exotic Delicacies.”

“Eh? But it is written in this book that the sashimi of horse liver is delicious.
Also, I wonder if Prince Abel, who is in the equestrian club, would prefer to eat horse meat…”

“First of all, the sashimi of the internal organs is something you go to a specialty shop to eat.
And more than that, were you wanting to put horse meat on Princess Mia’s horse bread? Horse meat for those who are in the equestrian club? And a sashimi.
It’s altogether a different dimension of harassment than making bread into a horse shape! Are you looking for a fight with them?”

It was too late.
Keithwood finally realized that the most dangerous people in the kitchen are not the cooks who know nothing; but rather those who know something but has not a single idea of how to put it together.

This is getting harder.
What have I put myself into?

Before it was too late, he decided to make his move.

“Princess & Ladies please listen to me from now on.”

Keithwood said in a dignified and quiet voice.

“On the day when you are making your sandwiches, follow my instructions… please.”

His real intentions spilled, but he doesn’t care about that anymore.

“The menu for the day will be a simple sandwich.
Is that okay?”

“Eh? But it won’t be special anymore…”

“Do… You… All… Understand!?”

“Eeeek! Ye-Yes, we understand.”

Keithwood realized that he had set foot on a battlefield that he could not escape.
He regretted his outburst… but only a little.

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