An Adventurous Lunch: Keithwood, You Can Cry

Abel’s matches continued and he was on a roll.
He won against the seniors in his next two matches.
With these three straight wins, it was soon time for lunch.
Anne and Chloe were preparing the food.
They laid a rug on a warm and sunny lawn in a corner of the courtyard.
Abel was approaching them, and Mia was beaming.

“You were really amazing! Prince Abel”

Mia was waving both hands at him.
She was full of excitement.
Abel was abit embarrassed.

“No, it was all thanks to the cheers and support of Princess Mia.”

“No need to be modest.
It is the result of all your hard work.”

Mia replied, but her gleeful humming suggested that she would not be upset if he is more modest and that he praises her more.

“Even so, you’re really very strong.
I totally did not know at all.”

Abel’s winning of the matches was a very unexpected event for Mia.

I didn’t think he was so strong.
Maybe he could even knock Sion off from his pedestal.

Mia wasn’t really interested on taking revenge on Sion or Tiona.
The reason is, of course, it is dangerous.
Doing so would mean incurring their grudge.
And that grudge might cause her to end up on the guillotine.
She prefers to stay away instead of risking herself earning their wrath.

But… if she can do it without any risk to herself… it would be a shame not to do it.
She’ll definitely support it.
She’ll support it with all her strength and with all her heart! In fact, if it wasn’t for proper manners, she would be shouting her support for Abel to go against Sion.

“In this case, your winning the whole tournament is not a dream.”

“No… I think it will be difficult because there is Prince Sion.”

“It’s okay.
Prince Abel, I’m sure you’ll win.
Be confident.
Believe in yourself.”

Even though it’s not about herself, Mia confidently announces and pumps her fist on her chest.

“You are strong.
So please, when Prince Sion, that good-for-no…”

“Yeah? What was it about me, Princess Mia?”

“What!? Prince Sion!?”

Surprised, Mia jolted up.
Turning around she saw the rest of his company.

Why are these guys in such a place!??

Before Mia stood Sion and Keithwood, Tiona and Liora.

Sion’s sandwich should have been delivered by Tiona.
By this time, they should be having lunch somewhere else in the school building.
She gave a questioning gaze towards Tiona.
Tiona, however, gave her a wink and a thumbs up.
Tiona seemed to be signalling that she has proudly done her part.

“Lady Rudolvon told me that since Princess Mia had helped in making these, then we should eat it with Princess Mia.
I hope we are not imposing.”

“No, no, no, that’s not the case, not at all… Please do join us.

While answering that, Mia felt her facial muscles twitch as she forces herself to smile…

Why now? Eventhough you refused my invitation time and time again in the other timeline, now you just suddenly show up and invite yourself in?!

That’s right.
In the previous timeline, Mia was forced to spend this swordsmanship tournament alone after Prince Sion refused her invitation.
She ate the lunch she had prepared while crying all alone.

Nevertheless, this current attitude of Prince Sion was…

Understandably irritating.
When she saw Sion talking to Tiona and Anne with a gentle smile, a flame of anger suddenly rose up in Mia’s stomach …

“Oh, this sandwich is pretty interesting.”

The flame was extinguished by Abel’s voice.

“Oh my, so you did notice it?”

Immediately, Mia squirms.

When Abel picked up the sandwich she made, she felt nervous.
She can feel the butterflies in her stomach.

Prince Abel is looking at the sandwich I made.
Oh, the way he is staring at it so much is making me so nervous.

Mia gulped as she watched Prince Abel’s reaction.
Her eyes grew wider from nervous anticipation until…

“Oh, I see it now.
This is a horse.”

Abel laughed and took a bite of the sandwich.

“Yeah, it’s really delicious.
This sandwich is very well made.”

Mia’s wide-eyed stare was replaced by a bright smile upon hearing his words.

“That’s wonderful to hear.
I am glad you liked it.”

Hearing Abel complimenting the sandwich she made, Mia was in a bliss.
She felt like her boy can fly out of happiness.
After all, the unique characteristic of this sandwich is, obviously, it is horse shaped.
Isn’t that what made the sandwich great? And who was it that suggested making the sandwich in a shape of a horse?

Yes, of course, it is none other than Mia herself.
 Then, that means all the praises for this sandwich is obviously for Mia herself!

Such logic was developed in Mia’s brain.

The adjustment of the ingredients so that it would fit the strange shaped bread, the consideration on how to make the ingredients stick through a creative adhesive, the common sense in making the dough smaller, and many more to make this sandwich a success were all done by Keithwood.
The hardwork, the blood, the sweat, and the tears were all forgotten by Mia.
In her eyes, it is all because of her.

….Keithwood can cry.

“Prince Abel, do you have a moment?”

Sion came up to Abel.
It was after the conversations with Tiona and the girls has settled down.

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