Extra Story Part 2

Mia, Anne, and the Bath Part 2

I never thought that such an opportunity would happen in that previous timeline.
But this time my debt and the promise… there is finally an opportunity.


But even with her second timeline, the promise was not fulfilled easily.
It was only natural when one thinks about it.
There was no way that the Imperial Princess could go to the public bathhouse for the common people.
In the same way, it is not as if Anne can take a bath in the castle together with Mia.


However, Mia really wanted to take a bath with Anne.
She wanted to experience the fun of girls having a bath together.
The opportunity finally came at Saint Noel’s Academy, and she immediately visited the baths with Anne.




At that time, Rafina was there and so she could not relax.


“Anne, do you want to take a bath with me?”


Mia invited Anne again a few days after their encounter with Rafina in the bathroom.
Just the other day, the large communal bath was fully reserved by a certain someone who does not want to be walked in by Rafina.
Mia asked Anne with sparkling eyes to once again go to the bath with her.


This time, I won’t let her make excuses that there’s someone else in the bath.



“Then Mia-sama, I will wash your back.”


Anne tied her long red hair on top of her hair, then she knelt down beside Mia.
Mia immediately proposes…


“Hey Anne, last time, didn’t you wash my back first as well?”


Mia not only wants to take a bath with Anne, but she also wants to have fun.
In short, she wants to play with Anne.


The last time she washed Anne’s back, Anne was so nervous that she was stiff.


This is different from what I heard.


Mia wanted to have a fun bath where they will be splashing water, tickle each other, and so on.
So, today Mia was burning for revenge! Yes, revenge!


“Well Mia-sama, I guess that’s true…”


When Anne tried to resist like she did the last time, Mia said with a mischievous smile…


“Anne, I’m sorry to tell you… but this is an order.
As you know, I am a selfish princess.
Now, sit here and I’ll do it for you first.”


Mia was forceful today with her revenge.


She washed Anne’s back for a few minutes until it was shiny.


Hmm… It’s strange.
Anne is still nervous.
This is not fun.


Anne pouted her cheeks in dissatisfaction.


What should I do? Oh, that’s right…


The scenes from her previous timeline crossed her mind unexpectedly.
Mia made a mischievous smile.


“I was not only indebted to you, but I also have a grudge against you.”


“Huh? I’m not sure what you are talking about, Mia-sama.”


Anne was surprised and tried to turn around.
With a smile, Mia pressed her cold palm against Anne’s back.


“Eh?! Uhya!”


Anne jumped out with a strange scream.


“Wha… what are you doing, Mia-sama?!”


“Ufufufu… It’s my payback.
My revenge.”


“A payback? Revenge?”


Anne tilted her head curiously.
When she saw Mia laughing happily, she seemed to guess what Mia was trying to do.
So, Anne just smiled.


“Do you remember what you and Rafina-sama were talking about before? That in the bath, there isn’t any barriers.
It does not matter if you are part of the aristocracy or a commoner…”


While saying this, Anne reached out to Mia’s side.
Of course, her hands aren’t cold now like in the previous timeline.




Mia was abit surprised by Anne grabbing her by the sides.
Though Anne is not like the nasty prison guard (that forces Mia to clean with cold water), Anne has a special technique that was cultivated when she went to the bath with her sisters.
It was a fun playing technique.


She touched Mia’s smooth belly and tickled her with waxy fingers! Of course, Mia had never been tickled before.
No one had ever dared to do anything like that.
Mia, who had no immunity whatsoever in being tickled, splendidly jumped up.


“What? Uhyau!”


Even more, Anne was a tickler-master.
It was a skill she developed and mastered by having tickle fights with her sisters.


“Hey! No…no… no… stop… no… hahahahaha”


Mia could not compete with her.
It was a one-sided tickle fight.
Thus, the avenger, Mia, was tickled, stunned, and defeated.
She was able to enjoy this bath sincerely from the bottom of her heart.



By the way, the next day, Rafina warned Mia with a smile,


“Please do not be too loud in the big bathroom, Mia.”


Mia, who was scared and tearful from embarrassment, renewed her thoughts.


I’m not going to take revenge anymore.


Congratulations! Congratulations!

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