Ominous Premonition

It was finally summer vacation for Saint Noel Academy.
Like many of the students, Mia was also in a carriage heading home to the empire.
In a wagon that sways, Mia decides to reread her blood-stained diary for the first time in a while.

Mia was hoping that the future might have changed.

“Well… nothing new, I guess.”

Mia involuntarily sighs with disappointment.

The diary showed that Mia was still executed on the guillotine.
The basic parts remain the same.
Starvation will occur, it will be followed by a revolution, and finally the imperial family will be destroyed.

Of course, there were some changes.

On the “new” previous timeline, the people were all about blaming the imperial family, but a few voluntary militia, mainly residents of the New Moon area, stood up.
It seems that it was a unit that wanted to help Mia solely, not for the entire imperial family.
In cooperation with the imperial guards, they caused considerable damage to the Revolutionary Army.

Besides, it seems that there were some people who appealed for Mia’s life to be spared.

Altogether, the situation surrounding Mia has improved.
The place of imprisonment changed from a dungeon to a room in the castle, and the chef was allowed to keep bringing her warm meals.
Even on the day before the execution, it seems that he prepared such a big feast for her.
It is specifically written in the diary on how excellent the yellow moon tomato was.

There was also the reaction of Sion.
He seems to have opposed Mia’s execution to some extent, partly because of his servant’s strong recommendation.

Although, in some occasions, these support sometimes turn out for the worse.

Anne tries to rescue Mia but fails.
Anne was caught as a criminal and her family broke up.

Abel also seems to have infiltrated the empire to rescue Mia.
He blazed a bloodied trail to the castle.
But he wound up killed together with his many companions just before the castle gate.
As a result, the relationship with the Kingdom of Remno worsened, and the empire is in further trouble.

“… That wasn’t very fun.”

The description in the diary was written in unsteady letters, perhaps the writer was upset by the news of Prince Abel’s death.
Also the words are slightly blurred and the page has traces of getting wet, maybe because of fear, or sweating, or tears…

Despite such subtle changes, the results did not change.

The famine seems not as bad as before…

The number one cause of the revolution still seemed to be food shortages.
The food stockpile, under Ludwig’s instruction, although somewhat improved, did not solve the overall food problem.
Until the end, they were not able to have enough stockpile.

And the conflict with the minority tribes in the border areas.

What was recorded in the diary was a regional dispute with the people of the forest, the Lulu tribe.
This may have happened on the previous timeline, but Mia can hardly remember such an event happening.
Mia wasn’t interested at that time, and so she didn’t know the cause of the incident.
But now it’s easy how it will lead to bad things for her.

Lulu tribe …, the tribe from which Tiona’s attendant came from.

Liora Lulu.
As her name suggests, she comes from the Lulu tribe.

If Mia was involved in the outrageous acts against her hometown, it was not unreasonable for Tiona to have a bad impression.
It is written in the diary that the relationship with her was broken due to this incident.

Conversely, if this incident can be managed, at least Tiona may not turn into an enemy.

The agricultural products of the Rudolvon family are attractive.
If friendships are established, the food situation should improve considerably.

She can’t rely on that alone, but it’s still a big factor in improving the famine situation.

Even so, I’m curious about this description.

Mia paid more attention to the incident that triggered the revolution.

It is the abduction case of Outland Count Rudolvon, Tiona’s father.

The diary describes the incident that it was caused by the emperor, who was jealous of the popular Outland Count.
The emperor ordered the count, who shared his food with the people who were suffering from food shortages, to be abducted.
The angry people uprised all at once, and it became the spark of the revolution.

It was an incident that did not change even in the previous timeline.
But Mia thought that something was strange.

Certainly, the emperor, who is his father, is far from innocent from any wrongdoings.

However, the question remains as to whether or not he ordered the abduction of a popular nobleman because he was jealous of him.

In the first place, my father is only interested in how I feel about him…

If he is begged by his beloved cute little daughter, he might start a war.
But other than that, he is generally harmless.
A doting idiot parent, that is the image that Mia has of her father.

This case doesn’t sound like something father would do.

The suspicion clung to Mia’s mind, leaving an unpleasant feeling.
It’s as if someone made up the case so that a revolution would occur … Or, an ominous premonition as if the god of fate wanted the empire to be destroyed.

She felt this something wrong rising from her stomach…

“Uh, I feel bad …”

Yes, she had carriage sickness.
Mia was completely carriage-sick because she was reading while inside the swaying carriage.

“… Ah, Anne, Anne … I feel uncomfortable.”

Because she wanted privacy to read her diary, she asked her loyal maid to sit with the coachman.
Anne soon opened the carriage door to discover the teary-eyed Mia curled up into a ball on her seat.

There were hardly any remnants of the so-called Wisdom at St.
Noel Academy that can be found in the whimpering figure crouching with tears.
Luckily, aside from Anne, there was nobody else to witness this.

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