The Horse Shampoo and the Selfishness of the Princess

“I suppose this is the first time we have met, Viscount Berman.”

My God… she is…

Berman was fascinated by Princess Mia who appeared before him.
He was awestruck by her beauty.
Well, Mia has been mesmerizing lately.

In the past, it used to be “If you ask cute or not cute, I guess it’s cute.” But now it’s a bit different.
Nowadays, Mia looked beautiful than she has ever been.

The reason wasn’t the radiant pearly skin.
Of course, it was even more polished by Anne’s care, but it was her beautiful hair that made Mia shine even more.

It’s as beautiful as the coat of the finest warhorse that runs through the battlefield.

Mia’s beautiful hair that fascinated Berman was all thanks to the shampoo that Prince Abel sent as a present.

“Not only does it clean, but it also has a reputation for nourishing and glossing hairs.
I think you might be tired of getting regular gifts.
So, this is something different, hopefully you will love it.”

Mia was very pleased with the present that came with the letter.
In fact, she was overjoyed that she uses it every day.
While humming a song, Mia was looking forward to the bath every day, Anne smiled as she watched her fondly.

As expected of Prince Abel. It’s a great gift.

What Prince Abel forgot to mention is that actually, the shampoo… is for horses.
Being with Mia in the equestrian club, he knew how much Mia loves horses.
And so, he sent her a horse shampoo to use on her beloved steed.
Mia, however, used it for herself.
Horses have more delicate hair than humans, so it is not a surprise that Mia’s hair is now smooth, shiny and glowing.
Her hair is the best in the empire.

At a later date, a horse shampoo will have an unexpected boom in the empire, but that’s another story.

I see.
This is why people are quick to call her the Wisdom of the Empire.
Her beauty is totally unmatched.

Berman judged Mia’s recent reputation to be because of her appearance.

The people praising her wisdom and saintliness were probably idiots who just got swayed by her beauty.
Her Imperial Highness Princess Mia is nothing more than a selfish little girl.

As evidence, Princess Mia seems to have given a favour to her friend’s father the other day.
Certainly, the fact that the nobles give advantage to their fellow peers is normal.
But it was different for a noble by name only.
It seems to only show Mia’s selfishness.
This meant well for him.
If he can present an item that she likes, then she might behave exactly as he intended her to be.

She is a Princess, and she must love receiving gifts, especially an item that she has been liking lately.

With such conviction, Berman took out the present.

“Recently, I heard that Her Highness likes the hairpin that is made of Unicorn’s Horn…”

While saying, his gaze went to Mia’s hair.
She was certainly wearing a hairpin that is made out of unicorn’s horn.

For just a piece of wood, it actually looks beautiful.
I suppose it depends on the one wearing it.

While observing the hairpin, Berman failed to notice that Mia’s eyes were narrowing.

“Sure, I’ve been wearing this hairpin these last few days …”

“Fufu, is that right? Then here is my present.”

Berman arranges the unicorn horn hairpins in front of Mia.
They were made by craftsmen in a design that was flashy and rugged, which was meant to appeal to children.

“Oh my… this does look interesting.”

Seeing Mia smile, Berman was inwardly thinking that he just might be able to do this.

“That’s right.
Actually, this hairpin is made from a certain forest tree and if you are interested in this Your Highness…

“Yes, I’m very interested in it, so I’ll go directly and take a closer look at the forest.”


Berman freezes upon hearing Mia’s words.

“Oh, that… uhm… there’s no need for you to go personally Your Highness…”

“Ludwig, make preparations.
I’m heading right now.”

“Your Highness, do you mean to depart immediately?”

Then that means he has no time to hide things…

But this should not be possible.
Travelling takes preparation, and it takes time…

Berman looks at the young civilian in glasses, standing beside Princess Mia.

“Your Highness, you’re as wilful as ever…”

Ludwig, a young civilian, shrugged and shook his head.

“… I’ll get it the preparations done immediately.”

Berman’s eyes and mouth widened in surprise.
He was too stunned.

“My, my… Didn’t you know? They call me the selfish Princess, you know?”

Berman totally panics as Mia mischievously flashed him a smile.

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