Ludwig Hatches a Plot

Heavenly moons, why is this person in this place?

Regaining consciousness, Mia turns to Dion, who was standing in front of her.

“How are you feeling? Your Highness Princess Mia”

With a friendly smile, Dion bowed.

“It seems this is the first time we have been acquainted.
I am Dion Alaia.
I am in command of the Imperial Army dispatched here.”

His smile was perfect.
It didn’t show off a single shred of hostility.
However, Mia only felt horror seeing his smile.
It was as if that smile pierced through her.
Looking at his face, she seems to recall the feeling of a cold blade on the nape of her neck….

“What’s wrong? Your Highness Princess”

Being called, Mia raised her head and came face to face with Dion.
The sight of him was so terrifying as if he was looking straight to Mia’s heart.

“Hiiii! Eeeeek!”

She started swooning to faint! Luckily the large vice-captain was nearby and caught her.

“Are you okay Your Highness? Did the carriage ride make you sick?”

She didn’t even hear the vice-captains’ words of concern for her.
She couldn’t take her eyes off Dion.
Dion raised an eyebrow.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No, it’s nothing.
This, this vice-captain of yours is like a bear.
He is scary.”

“Haha, I’m a bear, huh? Well, I’m sure the princess is scared of my face.”

The vice-captain gave out a hearty laugh.
However, Dion was calmly observing Mia.

It’s a lie.
This kid has been scared of me since she arrived.

If Dion’s assumptions were correct, then he has to give credit to Mia for having a very good eye for observation.
The vice-captain may look like a villain, but he is a total softie with children.
He will not raise his hand against Mia unless she does something atrocious.
For example, even if Mia attacks him, he will only attack her weapon out of kindness.

On the other hand, at first glance Captain Dion looks every bit of a gentleman.
But he will kill anyone mercilessly, even if that someone is a child, if necessary.
If an opponent comes to kill him with a weapon, then he will not be forgiving.
Moreover, Dion is overwhelmingly superior in terms of strength.
Therefore, the attitude of being wary of Dion is correct …

Apart from the warriors who have faced death countless of times on the battlefield, it is impossible to see me as a threat.
But if the princess who grew up in the imperial family saw such a thing, this means she can’t be underestimated.

His silent pondering was interrupted when a young civilian wearing glasses, who accompanied the Princess, suddenly spoke up.

“Your Highness, please go to the forest for an inspection with Captain Dion.”


“… hahe?”

Mia made a stupid sound while totally confused.

Oh, a joke! I didn’t realize this four-eyed can crack a joke… It is of bad taste though…

For a moment, Mia was about to escape from reality…

“If Your Highness go to the Viscount’s residence right now, then he might interfere with your plans.
If Your Highness go to the Sealence Forest in secret, then Your Highness should be able to grasp the situation better.”

Realizing that Ludwig really meant what he was saying, she started to panic.

“Wha… wait!”

“Stop there Ludwig-san.
I know you have plans but it isn’t that easy.”

Dion looks annoyed and his face is distorted.

“And you do realize that if I take Her Highness into the forest, it will only be me guarding her.”

“What do you mean? We, the Princess Guards will naturally accompany Her Highness…”

“Your armor is too noticeable, and it looks intimidating.
The forest is in a tense state right now.
Can you take responsibility when the war begins, stimulating the Lulu tribe? Or …”

Dion says with a mischievous smile.

“Do you want to take it off? The armor that is a proof of the royal guard’s pride…”

“If we have to do that, then we will do it.
It’s our pride to follow Her Highness.
Everyone, disarm! Take off your armor! Carry only your swords and continue to follow Her Highness!”

With a cheerful smile, the captain of the Princess Guards orders.
The rest of the Princess Guards obeyed the orders without any hesitation.
Dion’s eyes open with amazement.
Speaking of the royal guards, it is an elite group known for their fierce loyalty and strength, but they are also known for their supreme pride.
Nevertheless, their behavior…

“…no way… Does this mean that their devotion to Princess Mia is even greater than their pride?”

Dion silently mutters.

“That’s enough, Captain of the Princess Guards.
You have made your point by showing your loyalty to Her Highness.
But you have to come with us as a distraction for Viscount Bellman.”

“But! Sir!”

“Two men.
They will accompany Her Highness and Dion.
The rest will be with us heading to the Viscount’s residence.”

Then Ludwig turned towards Dion.

“So, Captain, will that be fine?”

“Ah, hmm, well, if that’s the case, I guess it can’t be helped.”

Dion answered with a voice of resignation.
The way Ludwig handled the conversation barely gave him room to negotiate.
Besides, he was getting a little interested to the little Princess who commanded such devotion to her guards.

I guess that’s everything Your Highness!”

On the other hand, Mia…

Perfect? What is perfect with this, you four-eyes!

She was in a sensitive situation where she couldn’t join in the conversation or put her opinions forward…

It’s not good at all! You did not even let me have my say, stupid four-eyes.

She screamed her frustrations inside her heart.

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