Chapter 121 – A Chance To Erase The Past (2)

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On the way to visiting Rashta, Sovieshu ran across a familiar, unpleasant figure.
It was Viscount Roteschu, the man who once owned Rashta as a slave.
When the viscount spotted the emperor, he hurriedly gave a deep bow.

“Oh, Your Majesty the Emperor.
I never expected to see you here…”

Sovieshu narrowed his eyes.
Rashta’s hands and feet bore a history of calluses and scars.
It was evidence of her days in slavery, and the viscount was the one who inflicted all that on her, and had almost buried her in the social circles as well.
Sovieshu didn’t think it good for such a man to be visiting Rashta now.

“I see you around here too often.”

Viscount Roteschu widened his eyes while Sovieshu stared down at him and twisted his lips.

“I said I see you here too often.”




Viscount Roteschu averted his eyes as he noticed the waves of hostility coming off of Sovieshu.

“How often do you visit Rashta?”

“Not often, Your Majesty.

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“Don’t contradict Jim’s words.”

Viscount Roteschu kept his lips firmly shut at Sovieshu’s authoritative tone.
Sovieshu had been a strong prince since childhood.
It was easy to think of him as a man who was wrapped around the fingers of a former slave, but his expression now made it difficult to look at him directly.

“I beg your forgiveness, Your Majesty.”

Viscount Roteschu remained as calm as possible as he asked for forgiveness, before quickly adding,

“I caused a misunderstanding before, and now I’m doing my best to make it up Miss Rashta.
That’s why I’m here.”

“Someone like you would want help Rashta?”


Viscount Roteschu reddened at Sovieshu’s question, his pride injured.
At the same time, he feared the emperor’s sharpness towards him.
Rashta was right—it was uncertain if Sovieshu would turn against Rashta even if he learned about her past.

“Rashta will be taken care of by Jim, and nothing is required of you.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

Sovieshu cast Viscount Roteschu a final dirty look before passing by him.
Viscount Roteschu’s skin was covered in a cold sweat, and it was only when Sovieshu disappeared completely that he finally managed to gather himself together.
Even with Rashta’s help, he couldn’t make a name for himself in high society if the Emperor hated him.
Sovieshu’s icy glare worried him.

While Viscount Roteschu’s mind was stuck on the Emperor, the Emperor himself, however, forgot all thoughts of Viscount Roteschu as soon as they parted ways.

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Sovieshu opened the door to Rashta’s room and entered.
Rashta was relaxing comfortably in an armchair and reading a small notebook.
His chest tightened at the sight of her round belly, which was starting to show.
He was thrilled to think that his child was growing there.

‘I wish it was with the Empress, but…’

He shook his head.
Despite his reluctance to admit it, he half believed that the Empress was indeed infertile.

“Your Majesty?”

Rashta noticed Sovieshu approaching and lifted her head to smile at him.


“How are you feeling?”

Rashta set her notebook on the table, while Sovieshu knelt down to hold her waist and lean his cheek against her belly.

“I’m well.
It’s a pleasure just to have you.”

“…Did you change your way of speaking?”

“I’m learning manners.
I still have to improve more, Your Majesty.”

“I don’t know.
The way you used to speak was cute.”

“Even if I change my way of speaking, Rashta is still Rashta, right?”

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“Is that so?”

He chuckled, and asked that she stay in her armchair while he sat opposite of her.

“How are your studies?”


“I’ve only just started.
But it’s very fun.”

She smiled and pointed to the desk.
It was stacked with open books and piles of papers, evidence of someone hard at work.

“Rashta will be your lover you will boast of.”

“You are already lovable, Rashta.”

“I want you to be proud.”

Sovieshu gave a light chuckle.

“As the emperor, of course I would want to show you off.”


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Rashta hesitated and blinked.
She almost wanted him to say “I just want you to be lovely.” But it was hard to say out loud.

She looked at him cutely, when she noticed something that Sovieshu’s expression was darker than usual.

“Your Majesty?”


Although Rashta called him to carefully, he did not immediately respond.

“Your Majesty? Is something wrong?”

What if he met Viscount Roteschu on the way here? Did he say anything?

Uneasy, Rashta forced a smile.
After a long moment, Sovieshu finally spoke.

“Someone is trying to look into you and Viscount Roteschu.”


“I don’t know.
Anyway, don’t have him visit so much.”

She didn’t ask that damnable viscount to come here.
Rashta’s mouth twitched with resentment, but she couldn’t say anything.
Sovieshu looked at her earnestly.

“And Rashta.
If someone is threatening you, please tell me.
I may be able to charge them so they can be expelled or executed.”

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