Chapter 356.
Paternity Test (1)

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Translator: Aura / Editor: SaWarren

Emperor Sovieshu’s letter was quickly sent via carrier pigeon.

Heinley frowned at the letter, but acknowledged it with a bitter smile once he read it.

“I know that too.”

Puzzled, McKenna asked,

“What does it say?”

“That I always covet what is his.
His wife, his jewels, everything he owns.”

While not ‘everything’, Emperor Sovieshu had much of what Heinley desired.

An army of mages, a system that attracted new mages through the magical academy, many talented people, a vast ocean, ports, geographical advantages, and even Navier, the perfect wife who was now by his side.

“Huh? Don’t we have more jewels?”

McKenna asked in bewilderment, he didn’t know about the ‘Fairy Tear’.
The Western Empire had more jewels than any other country.
Emperor Sovieshu was in no position to talk about jewels.

“Emperor Sovieshu sent my wife a jewel as a gift.
I wore it as a necklace at my birthday party to show it off to everyone.
I guess he sent this letter because someone informed him.”

McKenna opened his mouth in surprise, but Heinley’s expression seemed so sad that he made no joke.
Instead, he encouraged him,

“Your child with the empress will be very smart and brave.
The Western Empire could have a port of its own in the next generation.
No, I’m absolutely sure.
Your child already has two ships before birth.”

Heinley laughed at McKenna’s words,

“It’s true.
I never received a ship as a gift.”

“You see.”

“I should read war stories to my baby as part of prenatal education.”

“No, that’s not prenatal education.”

“This is how a brave child is born.”

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“I have heard that the Empress reads fairy tales full of dreams and hopes to the baby every day as prenatal education.
Will the Empress allow you to read war stories to the baby?”

“I can do it while My Queen is asleep.”

‘He’s likely to have another marital problem and ask me, a single man, for advice.’

McKenna, who guessed what would happen, clicked his tongue and suddenly changed the subject.

“This is not the time for this.
Princess Charlotte of Whitemond is here to meet with you.”

After Navier told Heinley about the conversation she had with Whitemond’s special ambassador, and her opinion that it would not be wise to start a war because it had recently become an empire.
Heinley discussed it with McKenna and his trusted men.

He then called Whitemond’s special ambassador along with the rest of the delegation to his office and discussed the problem between the two countries for several hours.

In the end, Heinley proposed a rapprochement on the basis that both countries would sign a non-invasion pact.

And now, Princess Charlotte had come from Whitemond with the answer to that proposal.

Heinley was indifferent.

“Of course we agree, thank you.
That will be the answer, what other choice does Whitemond have?”

“Even so, the King of Whitemond sent the princess as a member of the delegation.
Since we have decided to maintain good relations between the two countries, we must be polite.”

Heinley muttered that he knew, got up from the armchair and headed for the Hall of Stars.

Several officials, nobles, and the Whitemond’s delegation were already gathered there.

When Heinley appeared, everyone greeted him at the same time.

Heinley erased his earlier expression of displeasure, stood at the emperor’s throne with a faint smile and welcomed the Whitemond’s delegation.

I see the King of Whitemond sent the princess, so I imagine the response will be positive.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Although she must have felt offended that she had waited for Emperor Heinley for half an hour after she arrived at the Hall of Stars, Princess Charlotte smiled gently and expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you for your leniency in the face of the mistake Whitemond made.
The team members were released and treated as distinguished guests.
Whitemond’s special goods were added to the trade team’s commercial products..”

“That is good news.”

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“Also, once the trade team finishes their business in Rwibt, a Whitemond merchant ship will wait for them there.”

It was an unexpected decision to have a Whitemond merchant ship wait on that continent, where there was little trade.

No one knew how much time the trade team would stay, so that meant Whitemond was prepared to endure the inconvenience.

The nobles sighed in astonishment.
At that very moment, Marquis Ketron shouted loudly,

“The exceptional Empress Navier has been a godsend for the Western Empire!”

Marquis Ketron praised Navier, but the atmosphere instantly turned cold.

The nobles and officials looked at Marquis Ketron in silence.
They thought that Marquis Ketron was like a vampire bat.

However, they soon began to agree with a broad smile.


“It was Empress Navier who initiated this.”

“She has achieved great results in less than a year, I look forward to the future.”

“If all goes well, the Western Empire could become a trade power without a single port!”

Although Marquis Ketron acted like a brazen vampire bat, they had to agree with him, otherwise it would appear that they did not recognize Empress Navier’s achievements.

For this reason, the nobles and officials praised Empress Navier almost in unison.

Heinley snorted at the scene.
The corners of his mouth turned up slightly at the interesting praise.

However, the boisterous atmosphere turned heavy as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads when Princess Charlotte said,
“To seal the reconciliation between the two countries, my father wants to celebrate a royal marriage.
That is why he sent me as a member of the delegation.”

Those present fell silent and looked at Emperor Heinley at the same time.

A marriage of convenience between Emperor Heinley and Princess Charlotte would be possible.
Although it would be improper to call it a marriage because there was already an empress, it was not uncommon for a beautiful young princess from a small country to become the concubine of the emperor of a powerful country.

So now Princess Charlotte would be…

A knight who witnessed the situation, discreetly left the place and ran to the Empress’s room.

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“Princess Charlotte came because the King of Whitemond wants to celebrate a royal marriage.”

When I heard about the arrival of Whitemond’s delegation, I stayed in my room in the hope that the response would be positive.

Unexpectedly, Sir Yunim rushed into my room and spoke to me about Whitemond’s response.


When Rose asked sharply, Sir Yunim answered in kind.

“Sister, do you think I would lie about this?”

My heart raced.

I knew Heinley would one day have a concubine, but I couldn’t help but feel a pressure in my chest when that moment finally came.

‘I don’t want to.’

This was the first thought I had.

“His Majesty Heinley is not that kind of man.
Empress Navier, you need not worry.
He will refuse.”

Mastas spoke hurriedly beside me, but the only thought that came to mind was,

‘I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to…’

I got up from the couch and pretended to be calm,

“First… I would like to check the situation.”

“I will guide you.”

Sir Yunim guided me to the delegation’s location.

It was in the Hall of Stars.
The door was open, probably because there were so many people.
I tried to sneak a peek, but because of that, several people noticed my presence.

Although I felt embarrassed inside, the people who saw me began to applaud strangely.
This drew everyone’s attention to me.

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‘What’s going on here? Why do they applaud me?’

As I tried my best not to frown, a beautiful woman approached me and greeted me politely.

“I am Princess Charlotte of Whitemond, Your Majesty.
I have heard that the empress played a very important role in the reconciliation between our two countries.”

She was a very attractive woman, with a cheerful and confident voice.

I nodded with a forced smile, but it pained me.

Although I didn’t accept Heinley’s feelings because I didn’t want to get hurt when this happened, it was already too painful.

Was it just an illusion that I had not accepted Heinley’s feelings? Had I fallen in love with him before I realized it? I felt my heart melt.

If Rashta was like a slowly drawn bowstring, Princess Charlotte was like an arrow that pierced my heart suddenly.

Heinley wanted to have a port.
Princess Charlotte could give the port to Heinley without going to war.

I found it hard to even breathe.
When I looked at Heinley, I saw that he had a stiff expression.

Was he sorry? He said this would never happen, but it did.

Well, this wasn’t his fault.
Nor did I expect Whitemond to propose a royal marriage to seal the reconciliation between the two countries.

Seeing him made it more painful, so I averted my gaze and greeted the princess with a forced smile.

Welcome, Princess Charlotte.”

“I spoke to Emperor Heinley about the royal marriage.
Since Your Majesty’s approval is also necessary, I was going to discuss it alone with you later.
But since you have come here we can talk about it right now.”

My approval… to become Heinley’s concubine.
My hands trembled and my heart contracted.

Still, I smiled.

I didn’t want to suffer, so I had been mentally preparing myself for this moment.
However, how can you not suffer when it hurts so much?

It seems I wasn’t ready yet…

“Your Majesty.
I want to marry your brother, Sir Koshar.”


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