What about an organized crime group takeover?

(TLN: Title refers to ‘act of organizations such as organized crime groups taking over stores’)


The chef and Ryu’s masterpiece, udon noodles, was not well-received by the Landmark family at first.


The reason was that they could not eat it with a knife and fork.

The noodles were too thick to be eaten with a fork.


Since there was no time to teach them how to use chopsticks, they were forced to eat it wrapped around a fork.


“The sticky texture is delicious!”


Cecile said.


“Looks like a filling and satiating meal to me.”


Sebastian, the butler, said.


“I love this!”


Tauro, the eldest son, said.


“I like the chewy texture too.”


Jiro, the second son, said.


“You came up with this delicious food? You’re good, Ryu!”


Kamiza, his grandfather, said.


“But it’s so thick, it’s hard to eat.”


Farza, his father, gouged out a sore spot.


“Yes, it would help if they were a little thinner.”


Kay, his grandmother, followed suit.


There were pros and cons, but the taste seemed to be fine.


So they decided to solve the problem by making the noodles thinner.


After that, he came up with a backup plan, “Pasta with Tomate Sauce,” which was much more popular, because the noodles were thinner.


Udon was his first choice!


Perhaps he sensed that Ryu, who had loved udon in a previous life, was a little disappointed.


“I like udon, Ryu.”


He was encouraged by his eldest brother, Tauro.


Since it was so well received, he wanted everyone in the territory to try it.

He decided to take the dish to a popular small restaurant in town, a place he had visited many times in the past.

He figured that if he could get the restaurant’s acceptance, the rest would be easy.


“Oh my, it’s you, Ryu-chan, from the lord’s family.
We don’t owe you any money, do we?”


The landlady made her best joke with a smug look on her face.


“That’s what you said the last time you came to eat, didn’t you?”


Ryu’s debt collection had become famous because it was being carried out everywhere.


“Haha, that’s great! I can pay it back, but I won’t, and it’s a painful thing because you collected it from someone who couldn’t do it! But we don’t owe you anything, so we can’t pay you back.


Even against the son of the lord, she was bold.

She had to have this kind of guts to deal with the thugs.


Putting the joke aside, he pulled out a noodle from the magic storage and negotiated.


“This is very unusual.”


The hostess’s eyes became serious.


The cooked noodles had also been put in the magic storage in advance, so he took them out and served them on a plate.

This time it was not the udon that Ryu had recommended, but the pasta that had been a hit with the family.


“This is delicious! … Yes, I’d love to have it served at my place.”


As expected of the hostess, she was quick to make a decision.

She immediately asked how to make it.


He said they would set up a noodle production facility there, make the noodles, and distribute them to the restaurants first thing in the morning, and that the hostess would only have to learn how to make the sauce and boil the noodles.


He explained that.


“Is it really that simple?”


She was surprised.


Ryu answered yes, and told the hostess the price of the noodles, which was the most important thing,


“Is it really that cheap?”


She was concerned.


Of course, the price was profitable, but in the woman’s eyes, the noodles were like a dish for the aristocracy.


“I want everyone to try it, so please don’t charge too high a price.”


When Ryu asked her to do so, she replied,


“That’s fine.
That would be a big help to us.
Our motto is to be on the side of the common man.


She laughed again, and soon the negotiation was completed.


After that, the negotiations were easy.

After selling to other restaurants, they signed contracts one after another, saying that if that small restaurant was going to serve it, then they should also serve it.


Ryu immediately asked Farza for permission and money to build a noodle-making hut.


He hired people to teach them how to make the noodles.


However, there were some concerns since Ryu, a child, was in charge.


“Rest assured that the holders are the Landmark family.
Ah, I mean the Landmark family is the “backer”.”


He was relieved when he reminded himself that he was not a member of a gang, although he did use a few terms of the style.

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