What’s New Side Business?

The money that the Landmark family had loaned to various parties since the last collection began to be collected little by little and added to their finances.

By keeping proper accounting books, they were able to eliminate wasteful spending and stabilize their income and expenditures.

At this point, Farza felt at ease and decided to let Ryu and the butler, Sebastian, take care of it.


Wanting to turn the good trend even further upward, Ryu proposed a deal to the merchants.

The merchants would roast Coffee beans, grind them into a powder, put it in a cloth bag, pour hot water into the bag, and brew it into a drink.


The beans were found growing wild in the forests of the Landmark family’s territory, and Ryu brought them home with him.

He then asked a farmer, who was in debt and unable to make ends meet, to collect the beans, which were normally inedible.

At the same time, he also offered the farmer to grow Coffee beans.


Coffee beans, as they said in a previous life, this was going to be a new sustenance for the Landmark family, and he had a feeling it was going to be a side business.


“…At first, I was surprised at the appearance of this black liquid, but it has a nice aroma, bitterness, deep flavor, and a clean aftertaste.
It’s addictive.
I’m curious as to what the source is…, but I won’t ask about that now.”


What kind of stuff they were using was still a secret.

It had been filed with the Commerce Guild and would soon be patented, until then it was a trade secret.

And there was also the fact that they were dealing with a different merchant than the one who usually did business with the Landmark family.


The merchant they had trusted so far had been pumping out trade invoices and squeezing the Landmark family dry.

They were taking advantage of the good nature of the Landmarks.

They had just reported this to the Commerce Guild, along with the evidence, and had been introduced to this merchant so that they could do business with him on their behalf.


Trust would be built up from now on.


“As soon as we get on the production line, we will commercialize the product and sell it.
Until then, we will sell this product to the nobility and the rich.”


“Nobles and rich people?”


“Yes, the nobility and rich people who love new things will surely jump at it.
We will bring the product to tea parties, have them taste it, and offer their money for it.”


“So you’re saying you’ll get the capital there and make a big production run?”


“That’s the idea.”


The results were yet to be seen, but once the project got off the ground, it would help stabilize the finances of the Landmark Territory, which currently had no special products.

The debt-ridden farmers would also benefit from this.

If this happened, the loans could be recovered, and it would be a win-win situation for both parties.


Ryu also thought of other ways to commercialize the product.

Speaking of making a living, opening a stall was a good idea, and speaking of stalls, flour was a good idea!

So he came up with pancakes, udon, pasta, and so on.

He gave up on takoyaki because there was no ocean nearby.

But udon, pasta, and pancakes were easy and highly profitable.

Fortunately, the food culture in this world was not very developed.

He thought there was an opportunity for the Landmark family to get in on the action.


However, he was not a very good cook.

The quickest way would be to consult with the Landmark family’s chef.


“… It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.”


He was proud to be the head cook of the Landmark family, but he listened with bewilderment to the strange request of his employer’s third son, and did as he was told, kneading the flour, once, pulling the cloth over and stepping on it.

Stretched it further and layered it.

He cut it into thicker pieces.


“Is this all right?”


He was puzzled by his first time doing this, but he was surprised at the thick noodles he had made.


“Then, please boil them.”


He boiled the noodles as he was told.


Drained them and put them on a plate.

Tasting it, they were firm and smooth.


“This is…!”


The cook was surprised at the texture he had never tasted before.


“Then, please make soup, too.”


From the magic storage, he gave him a bird he had caught in the forest and some ingredients he had found in the forest, such as green onions.


“Please use these ingredients to make something that goes well with these noodles.”


From this point on, he relied on the chef’s intuition.


“Got it!”


The cook’s spirit must have been ignited, and after receiving the ingredients, he began to cook.


After that, several soups were prepared, Ryu compared them, and chose one that was similar to the ones he had tasted in his previous life.

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