“Cheng Yu… why?”

In the broken laboratory, Bai Xiao fell to the ground.
At this time, her beautiful face, which was stained with dust, was already blue and purple.
There was red blood spreading in her eyes, which was a symptom of the infection with the modified virus.

The person she was looking at was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, with his hands casually behind him, as if he was admiring some beautiful scenery.

Outside the window, smoke and flames were everywhere.
Even a layer of bulletproof glass couldn’t separate them from people’s screams and zombies roars.

“What? Do you regret saving me?”

The cold voice made Bai Xiao tremble all over, which was no longer similar to the one she knew.
Everything was fake.
He said he wanted to live a good life with her out of here.
But he lied to her to turn on the device and steal the medicine!

Cheng Yu slowly turned around, and his tall and slender body was wrapped in white clothes, covered with black and red blood stains.
The neck was exposed, and none of his limbs were intact which is the result of the inhuman experiments he was subjected to this year.

The angular face has become more sharp because of its thinness, like a sharp sword out of the sheath, but the gloomy face couldn’t hide the handsomeness of the past.

A pair of eyes that were redder than ordinary awakeners, like the best red agate embedded in the deep eye sockets, were bleeding and tears shed down the corners of the eyes, which was the sequelae of using mental power to summon the zombie tide.

Bai Xiao didn’t dare to look directly at such eyes.
She didn’t know if it was because of fear or guilt.

The corners of Cheng Yu’s mouth twitched slightly, with a casual smile appearing on his face.
He raised one hand to wipe away the blood and tears on his cheeks, but the black beauty mark at the end of his eye had already been dyed red, and now it looked extremely strange.

“You helped me.
I won’t treat you badly.”

“I don’t want anything, I just want you to stop all this.
Outside… Those outside are all people you know.
You grew up in this base!” Bai Xiao broke down and cried, trying to arouse Cheng Yu’s conscience.
She felt that she still had weight in Cheng Yu’s heart.
Maybe if she begged, Cheng Yu would be soft-hearted.

“People I know? You mean those human beings who betrayed me, hated me, and wanted to kill me?”

Bai Xiao choked in an instant and her heart was very sad.

“They… they’re just afraid.
They didn’t mean to target you.
You…you are still alive, aren’t you? Forgive them.”

Cheng Yu suddenly laughed, and the laughter echoed in the laboratory, which made everyone present frightened.

Suddenly, not far away, an experimenter jumped up and rushed towards Cheng Yu with a scalpel.

“Go to hell!”

Cheng Yu was an elite in the mission corps, and such attacks are easily resolved by him.

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Cheng Yu grabbed the experimenter’s neck and said with a grim smile, “I remember that you once locked me in a laboratory full of zombies just to verify whether the zombies will bite the awakeners, who are also infected with the virus.”

“Damn awakeners, you are indeed demons.
We shouldn’t let you live in this world.
Like zombies, you should be destroyed…”

The experimenter scolded angrily, but Cheng Yu turned a deaf ear.
He just pinched his neck and dragged the man directly to the floor-to-ceiling window.
His scarlet eyes narrowed, and the bulletproof glass in front of him instantly broke into powder.
The wind blew his blood-stained white clothes, and blood and tears flowed down again.

Cheng Yu stepped on the edge of the window with his bare feet, and looked below with interest, as if he was looking at a group of cute little ones.

“What are you doing? What are you doing!” Finally, the experimenter panicked.
There were zombies under the window that were trying to climb up.
Their turbid grey and white eyes with only pupils stared greedily above, and the corners of their mouth seemed to drool.
The stench of rotting flesh and blood rushed up with the wind, instantly paralyzing the human brain.

Such a scene is a hell that experimenters, who have always stayed in the center of the base, have never seen in their lives.


The experimenter was mercilessly thrown out and bitten by the zombies in an instant.

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“Brother, save me.
Please don’t let them get close to me.
I’m your only sister!” A cry for help came from below.

Cheng Yu turned his head and saw that his own sister and good friend* were struggling to climb the stairs.
The chasing zombies were approaching, and they had no way to escape.

(*In Chinese they call a good friend, brother.
I decided to write friend because for some that are new to Chinese novels it can be confusing.
Please tell me in the comments if you want me to change it back to brother)

“Cheng Yu, let me go.
I already know I’m wrong.
Please… Ah…”

In the face of the miserable request for help, it was clear that as long as he glanced at them, the group of zombies besieging them would leave, but Cheng Yu just sneered, and then ignored their desperate eyes.

“Cheng Yu!” Looking at such a cruel Cheng Yu, Bai Xiao couldn’t bear it any longer.
Her resilient body rushed to him, but was easily stopped by Cheng Yu.
The scissors in her hand were taken away in an instant, and he didn’t even look at her.
With a twist of his wrist, the scissors flew out in the wind and just plunged into the back of the head of another experimenter who wanted to escape.
In an instant, there was a scream and the brain burst out with blood.

Bai Xiao’s heart suddenly stopped, her face turned pale, and her whole body was full of despair.

Cheng Yu raised Bai Xiao’s chin and meeting her eyes that finally turned scarlet made him a little happy.

“Are you happy? You have finally become an awakener, don’t you like research?”

“Cheng Yu! I’m going to kill you.
I released you, a demon.
I’m going to die with you!” Bai Xiao struggled and roared, but for Cheng Yu it was like tickling.

“Good, don’t you love me? Then be my woman, and I will take you to build a beautiful new home.”

The tears stained her beautiful eyes full of hatred, and she could only stare weakly.

Cheng Yu pinched her chin and forced her to look outside, which was the White Wolf Base she once fought for and loved.
All the people she knew, family and friends, were affected in this catastrophe.

“Only the surviving awakeners are our kind.
From here on, I will give you a world without low-level human beings, only awakeners.
Human beings should disappear from the history of the Earth.”


“He’s worthy of being a villain hero! Is the goal actually to destroy mankind? Awesome!”

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Shi Qin couldn’t help gasping as soon as he finished reading the chapter.
The male protagonist, Cheng Yu, became a powerful blackened man and left his only sister in the zombie tide and forced his white moonlight* to see the destruction of her home.
Although he could no longer be regarded as a good person, he really looked so cool!

(*white moonlight= this term refers to a spotless woman a man cherishes in his memory whom he loved)

“The King’s End of the World” is the novel that Shi Qin is following.
It tells the story of the male protagonist, Cheng Yu, who was accidentally infected with the virus while saving people, but did not become a zombie.
On the contrary, he activated his abilities with a very small probability and became a rare awakener.
It is rumoured that the awakeners lacks human feelings, are paranoid and crazy.
They can control zombies, but it is easy to get out of control.
Several tragedies have been caused by them, which aggravated the living condition of human beings.
Obviously, the existence of awakeners is a greater threat to mankind than zombies.

According to the belief that the hearts of the awakeners must be different, those who are awakeners are hunted down and killed.
No matter how many good things Cheng Yu does, humans can’t resist the fear brought by those red eyes.

Betrayal, pursuit, deception, Cheng Yu has experienced the ugliness of all human nature.
It erased his conscience little by little.
He gave everyone a chance, showing that he was not the kind of out-of-control awakener, but no one was willing to give him a chance.

He was lured and arrested by his close friends, tortured in the laboratory, his remaining humanity and hope extinguished, finally he completely blackened.

Since everyone hates awakeners and zombies, let them become what they hate most.

Since everyone wants him to die, let everyone disappear.

Since everyone is not sorry for him, does he still need to care about anyone?

Since then, Chengyu has unswervingly moved on the road of blackening.

Although Shi Qin has not seen the ending, he can already see the details of Cheng Yu’s gradual loss of humanity, and the chapter has already revealed the ending.

Cheng Yu no longer believes in anyone, he has become cruel, ruthless and cold-blooded.
He will do anything to achieve his goals.
There are countless people who died in his hands.
He can drink tea with you one second, and in next he can let you be killed by zombies.
If you dare to try to kill him, he will destroy everyone in your base.

Shi Qin couldn’t help trembling when he saw these behaviors.

Cheng Yu’s harem is even more spectacular.
Shi Qin was certain that three girls had relations with the protagonist.
But Bai Xiao, who was in the chapter he just read, should be regarded as the first heroine strictly speaking.
She was talented and beautiful, and she also had the most emotional dramas with Cheng Yu.
From childhood sweethearts, to deception and exploitation.
Even if Bai Xiao led the rebels to resist Cheng Yu’s tyranny, she was finally overwhelmed in bed and fell in love with each other.

None of the subordinates gathered around him are related to truth, kindness and beauty.
Accompanying him to stir up the wind and clouds, set off a bloody storm on the whole continent, play with power and human hearts, annex the territories of survivors little by little, those who obey live, those who disobey die, and only leaving those who are awakeners, not humans.

There is no ‘villain’ who is his opponent, because he himself is the biggest villain boss.

With his own strength, he changed the Earth and became the only master of a race.

Since then, there are no more primitive humans, only awakeners who have been genetically modified by the virus.

And he is the King of the awakeners.

At first, Shi Qin didn’t disdain this kind of doomsday stallion, but he didn’t expect that the hero would not play cards according to common sense and directly become the biggest villain.
In the later stage, he pretended to be a pig and eat tigers, or crushing everyone at the full level, which is very cool to see.
If you accidentally entered the pit, you would never be able to come out again.

He especially wants to know, did Cheng Yu really lose all his humanity? Is it because of the characteristics of the virus like the humans said? By the way, he also wanted to count how many wives he collected in the end, which was a major hobby for readers of this kind of novel.

Excited he planned to continue reading.

[Next Chapter]——404


Refresh – 404


Shi Qin was stunned and quickly clicked the back button.
But the original chapter was also showing 404.

Shi Qin quickly opened the readers’ group to find out the reason, only to find that the readers’ group was already noisy.

He didn’t understand until he read several messages that exuded anger.

Three views of the unjust villain hero + harem = strict crackdown

“The King’s End of the World” has been blocked!

“Ah, ah, ah, I haven’t caught up to the latest chapter yet! Why is it gone!”

“I wonder.
Although it’s a harem, it’s not written below the neck!”

“Where are the three values wrong? It’s already the end of the world.
Is it appropriate to use the three values of peacetime? Brother Cheng just returned what others had done to him, this is called evil retribution!”

“Do you want to block this?! Dark novels can also make people reflect.”

Shi Qin fingers trembled and he was also very angry, but he didn’t have such a netizen’s mouth.
If he wanted to scold, he was caught by others before he could type it out, so he could only obediently watch others help him vent.

The chat record flew up like a fly, and finally called the author out.

“I’m changing the text, and I’ll see you later.”

“Revision? I can already imagine that it is completely wrong!”

“You’re kidding me.
Cheng Yu will change so if there is hatred, you can’t have revenge, and grievances will be swallowed into his stomach.
Is this Chen Yu still my Brother? What else does this mean!”

“Where are the girls? Don’t you want it? Have they all been changed to brother-sisterhood? How many good sisters do you have?”

The author said again, “My child will undergo chemical castration, and I’m also very sad.
Please stop talking.”

From this sentence, they could feel the author’s powerlessness.
Writing a non-routine novel has already taken the risk of being a cold subject, and now it will be chemically castrated…

Not to mention the author, Shi Qin’s heart was desperate.
It was not easy to find a good novel!

Shi Qin covered his face with the tablet he used for reading the novel, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and finally cursed out elegantly.

“Renovation your sister! Can you change my live broadcast to chrysanthemum*!”

(*I believe it means to change the novel to a BL, because in Chinese, chrysanthemum is slang for ‘anus’, which is connected with the ‘flag’ mentioned in the last sentence)

[Ding! The text modification system has been launched!]

Shi Qin: ?

Where did the sound come from?

[Congratulations to the host for triggering the text modification system.
In order to respond to the call for strict crackdown, this system will assist the host in transforming the banned text, repairing the setting, modifying the plot, and strive to get out of the scope of the strict crackdown as soon as possible; re-write the novel, and turn it into a literary work full of positive energy…]

Shi Qin *frighted*: Huh? What…

[Please prepare for the transfer, the transfer begins…]

Shi Qin: Shit*

(*not really sure what is said here, but I believe that the meaning was this lol)

If Shi Qin knew that a casual scolding would not only be targeted by the rogue system, but also set up a flag, he would definitely choose to be a quiet and handsome man.

Translator: Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter.
I read this novel recently and I loved it, but of course everyone has their preferences. Here is the link for the Table of Contents which is also available at the beginning of the page when you click on the novel’s title.

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